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World’s most remote oceans are polluted with microplastics: study
First Nations history recognised with dual name for Tasmanian air pollution station
Report highlights impact of changes in Antarctica
Antarctica: coming to postcode near you
Krill seekers: how Nuyina is revolutionising Antarctic research 20 May 2022
Deep-sea ‘ears’ map migration of fin whales 18 May 2022
Sea ice can control Antarctic ice sheet stability, new research finds
Ice shards in Antarctic clouds let more solar energy reach Earth’s surface
Protecting abalone from deadly threat
Crown Princess visited R/V Skagerak
Shark nets remain deadly obstacle as humpback whales begin their east coast migration
Protecting species for good of global climate
Lesser known ozone layer’s outsized role in planet warming
Antarctic sea-ice expansion in warming climate
Oceanography-led study predicts climate change accelerates ocean currents
Ice shards in Antarctic clouds let more solar energy reach Earth’s surface
Australia sets sight on new world of Antarctic discovery
Turning plastic lids into household items
Why some models exaggerate future warming
Ozone may be heating planet more than we realize
Greater Hobart priorities in election spotlight
Tasmania left out in cold by Federal Budget
Solar energy explains fast yearly retreat of Antarctica’s sea ice
Don’t forget nails: Macquarie Island makeover begins 28 March 2022
Blue-eyed shags survive Ice Age in New Zealand
Warming oceans are getting louder
NASA reveals 2022 Arctic winter sea ice 10th-lowest on record
Wings over ice: Australia lands successful Antarctic aviation season 22 March 2022
Whale’s tale: story hidden in their mouths
Story hidden in their mouths
Wreck of Endurance is a bridge to a bygone age, and a reminder of Antarctica’s uncertain future
In dark, freezing ocean under Antarctica’s largest ice shelf, we discovered a thriving microbial jungle
Scientists reveal growth limits of Antarctic fish
Life in freezer – study provides first evidence of growth limitations in Antarctic fish
East coast rain seems endless. Where on Earth is all water coming from?
Antarctic Arts Fellowship canvasses for creatives 7 March 2022
Study exposes role of sea ice in protecting Antarctic coast 4 March 2022
Regional policies critical linchpin for marine protection – new report
Antarctic research links warming to fish decline
Antarctic funding welcomed
$800 Million to strengthen our leadership in Antarctica 22 February 2022
Science funding for Antarctica yet again put on ice
$800 million to strengthen our leadership in Antarctica
Kangaroo Island tourism icons hop to strong start for 2022
Sediment cores from ocean floor could contain 23-million-year-old climate change clues
Producing electricity while protecting vulnerable coastlines
Research finds link between warming and fish abundance
Tracing impact of toxic metals