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Great Southern Reef Troubles Outweigh Great Barrier Reef’s
Second Poseidon Arrives in NZ
Urgent Climate Action Needed: IPCC Report
Climate Scientists Burn Graphs in Protest
Underwater Giant Waves Impact Ocean Carbon Storage
Giant Waves Impact Ocean Carbon Storage
Oregon State Art Show Features Antarctic Paintings by OSU Scientist
Southern Ocean Unlocks Secrets of Ancient Carbon Tipping Points
Life in smoke of underwater volcanoes
Macquarie Island Warrants Larger Marine Park Status
Skykraft, Airways team up for space air traffic service test
Whale skin samples reveal new ocean feeding grounds
Report supports plan to expand marine protection for Macquarie Island
Antarctic sea ice hits new low for second year
Southern Right Whales’ Feeding Sites Discovered via Skin Samples
Southern Right Whales’ Feeding Grounds Found in Skin Samples
Seabirds Adapt Differently to Extreme Storms: Tracking Data Shows
NERC update on polar research planning
UNM Biologists Contribute to Major Whale Study
Satellites reveal speed-up of Antarctic glaciers
Satellites Spot Acceleration of Antarctic Glaciers
Satellites Spot Acceleration of Antarctic Glaciers
Record low sea ice levels mixed bag for Antarctic voyage
Offshore Wind Jobs: Consultation Opens for Hunter Region
More Protection for Macquarie Island World Heritage Site
Stanford Study Warns of Human-Whale Conflict in Changing Ocean
Best National Parks in South Australia
Interactive Antarctic Sea-Ice Tool Launched Feb 21, 2023
Feathered ‘Fingerprints’ Uncover Reasons for Seabird Migration
Feathered Fingerprints Uncover Seabird Migration Patterns
Environmental DNA Testing Guidelines Adopted Feb 2023
Adventuring Antarctica via Career Path
Antarctic Sea Ice Hits Record Low
Tag team: tale of two Antarctic blue whales 9 February 2023
Antarctica’s ocean brightens clouds
Tag Team: Antarctic Blue Whales United
Scientists begin flying campaign to improve climate modelling
New Study to Uncover Deep Ocean Currents
RRS Sir David Attenborough begins polar science trials
AAD Director announces retirement 31 January 2023
They say you can’t go back. They’re wrong
DNA detector exposes hidden Antarctic krill 24 January 2023
New reports highlight Albany’s potential to ride ocean energy wave
Antarctic robotics accelerate delivery of climate science
Robots to enhance Australia’s Antarctic activities 12 January 2023
What does climate change mean for extreme waves?
Southern Hemisphere is stormier than Northern, and we finally know why
Researchers to unveil Antarctic secrets