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UK Gov Unveils Package to Boost Opportunities for Disadvantaged Pupils
CU Boulder Center Teaches Grown-Ups to Help Amid Youth Mental Health Crisis
Cook in classroom
Care Leavers Face Acute Challenges in Transition to Adulthood
Impact of Anti-Trans Laws on Transgender Youth Mental Health
Healthy Relationships: Biggest Impact on Health
Henbury School launches workplace training venue
School Sports Boost Level Playing Field for Future Lionesses
New partnership to make school safe space for all students
Cindy McCain Appointed New Head of WFP: Board Welcomes News
Lipid nanoparticles highly effective in gene therapy
Transformational reform begins for children and young people with SEND
Religious Education Re-Examined in Aussie Schools
Religious Ed Reassessed in Aus Gov Schools
Australian Gov’t Schools Review Religious Education Role
Cambodia Praised for Child Education, Queried on Land Access and Child Labour
Art Should Be Essential Part of School Education
Record international student enrolments in Bendigo
Funding Changes for SEND Tribunal Appeals
Thousands of Families to Receive Local Support via Family Hubs
New state-of-the art primary school opens in Landsdale
English learners will get boost from College of Education grant
Exploring Children’s Alternative Provision: New Visits Announced
New schools open as students return for 2023
English Schools to Get Boost from Citizens Panel for Children with SEN
Mauritius Praised for New Child Laws, Queried on Teen Pregnancies, Climate Ed
Amanda Spielman Addresses Oxford Education Dept
Taste Lessons again rated as effective
Emergency remote teaching during COVID-19 lockdown brought families closer together, but also required lot from parents
Nonimmigrant Visas: Interview Waiver Extended for Some Applicants
Culture-Informed Mental Health Screenings Enhance Schools, Communities
Further Analysis of 2021 Nat’l Ref Tests
Thousands of Kids to Benefit from Upgraded Schools
Researchers using $2.1 million grant to identify differences in preschoolers’ math skills
Investment to shield schools from high energy bills and boost to budgets
Major boost for North East tourism as region is chosen for initiative to increase visitor numbers
Equalities analysis: further insights from 2022
Ian Bauckham CBE at Schools and Academies Show 2022
In-person learning helped narrow reading gaps during pandemic
Indoor & outdoor wayfinding technology for vision-impaired people
Schools need more specialist help for primary age children with additional needs
SLCC + U = STEM success
Likelihood of receiving autism diagnosis may depend on where you live
Researchers help disadvantaged local families make their voices heard through power of art
Does bias exist in online learning?
£180 million to improve children’s development in early years
Remarks as Prepared for Delivery by First Lady Jill Biden at Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association Representative Assembly
Autistic children left behind during pandemic school closures