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Concussions and Impact on Athletes
UConn Women’s Basketball: Research & Performance
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NFL Retirees Show Lasting Cognitive Impairment from Concussions
1 in 10 Deaths Avoided with Half Recommended Exercise Weekly
11 min brisk walk daily reduces early death risk:Cambridge Res
Daily 11 minute brisk walk enough to reduce risk of early death
UNM’s High Altitude Chamber: Trip to Past
Exercise Beats Meds for Mental Health Management
Carbon Fiber Plate Footwear Linked to Bone Stress Injuries
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Heartbreak in Tokyo: Muscle-Tendon Injuries at Olympics
UPMC to Acquire Leading Clinic in Dublin
Rx for Prolonged Sitting: Five-Minute Stroll Every Half Hour
Laughable ‘Silly Walk’ Provides Surprisingly Serious Workout
FEMA Grant Funds $1.1M Study into Firefighter Injuries
Exercising Linked to Milder COVID Outcomes
Some of ‘new’ sports linked to highest athlete injury rates at 2020 Tokyo Olympics
Fewer, but more serious, injuries at Tokyo 2020 Paralympics than at previous Games
Highest Injury Rates at Tokyo Olympics Linked to ‘New’ Sports
Tokyo 2020 Paralympics Sees Fewer, But More Serious Injuries
Victoria’s top pharmacists honoured
Certain age-related diseases may arise earlier in professional football players, according to new
Do ex-football players age faster?
Doubling in proportion of male professional footballers’ hamstring injuries and lay-off days over past
Doubling of hamstring injuries and layoff days in male professional soccer players over past
Chalmers takes place in GoCo Arena
UC Davis Health orthopaedics first in region to offer weight-bearing CT scan technology
Running tips from sports medicine physician
Research seeks to protect athletes from brain injuries
Breast cancer survivors prove dragon boat paddling is best medicine
Quarter of former Olympians suffer from osteoarthritis
Elite sport linked with osteoarthritis risk
How to Prevent Most Common Injuries in Soccer
Five questions: FSU exercise physiologist works to help individuals achieve optimal performance
UNSW Medicine & Health claims third Rhodes Scholar in three years
Why big, strong bum muscles matter for your overall health
UK SMRI researchers protecting jockey livelihoods with ‘the Graham Test’
Health experts target ambitious Olympic goals
Regular physical activity may boost effectiveness of Covid jab
Fast Five with Kegan Moneghetti
Activity ‘snacks’ following meals may help maintain muscle mass: Study
Child’s unbearable leg pain signaled rare problem many couldn’t solve
Treatment for back pain: 84 percent increase in success rate
Marijuana-dependent patients at higher risk for infection after knee or shoulder arthroscopy procedures
Sports like soccer, basketball better for young athletes’ bone health than running alone