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Ashurst advises Armada Credit Partners on financing acquisition of inopla GmbH by Rigeto
Foreign Secretary warns Russian incursion into Ukraine would be strategic mistake
Focus on sustainable development for new Sida course in Africa and Lund
Major research initiative on materials science
Major new research programme on materials of future
Analysis reveals impact of poverty and family adversity on adolescent health
Analysis finds impact of poverty and family adversity on adolescent health
Minister Joly to attend NATO and OSCE meetings
Secretary Blinken’s Travel to Latvia and Sweden
Nairobi Convention COP10 agrees to new actions to protect critical habitats, improve climate preparedness
New lignin based material to replace fossil plastics and adhesives
ReNEW call for panel proposals
Likely lower risks of adverse pregnancy outcomes from SARS-CoV-2 than previously feared
Equitable future cities hold answers to pollution, climate and nature breakdown
Sweden to host World Environment Day 2022
Warmer soil stores less carbon
Functional precision medicine using drug sensitivity testing enables tailoring of therapy for leukemia patients
New group of antibacterial molecules identified
Shirin Ahlbäck Öberg unfazed by inconvenient truths
Cooling community announces steps to beat global warming with GBP 12 million boost from UK
New Robotics Institute Director Ready To Shape Future of Robotics
In Dialogue with Sweden, Experts of Committee against Torture Commend Implementation of Human Rights Standards and Ask about
Mosaic brain evolution in guppies helps to explain vertebrate cognitive evolution
UNEP, Government of India sign Host Country Agreement, aiming to enhance collaborative environmental action
50 years of Management at Chalmers
Electron family creates previously unknown state of matter
Carbon emissions of richest 1% set to be 30 times 1.5°C limit in 2030
Conserve and restore peatlands to slash global emissions – new report
Australian young people learning to push back against online bullies
Alliance for Clean Air Launches Today, Showing Private Sector Commitment to Reducing Air Pollution
Insomnia may be risk factor for highly fatal brain aneurysm rupture
Minamata Convention COP-4 focuses on global commitment to end mercury pollution
Research inspires glacier names to mark COP26
Australia leads world in helping kids stand up to online bullies
‘Trade-offs’ between wellbeing and resilience
Algorithm makes it easier to detect sepsis
Over 1,000 universities and colleges make net-zero pledges as new nature initiative is unveiled
How to Persevere When Career Success Comes Slow
Secretary General stresses strength of NATO’s partnership with Sweden
Covid immunity in young Swedish adults investigated
Secretary General: NATO, Finland and Sweden share same security interests
Assistant Secretary Donfried’s Trip to Sweden, Estonia, Norway, and Rome
Decade delay in investing in steel industry technology could double sector’s contribution to global carbon output
NZ study finds airborne microplastics directly impact climate change
Mitochondria of diabetic patients can’t keep track of time
UK supports integration of women in armed forces and OSCE Code of Conduct
Fossil fuel production ‘dangerously out of sync’ with climate change targets
AI helping to quantify enzyme activity