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Experts call on governments to start including animal welfare in sustainable development governance
MRNA booster vaccines may be good investment in developing countries
More gender segregation in jobs means more harassment, lower pay
45 million to research on sustainable landscapes
Mapping people of past by means of their bones
Canada-Sweden statement on bilateral cooperation
Astronomers discover rare ‘black widow’ binary, with shortest orbit yet
Risk of lower groundwater levels in northern Sweden with warmer climate
Differences That Make Difference
NATO maritime groups train with Finland and Sweden
FairSTREAM updates
Findings open way for personalised MS treatment
Findings open way for personalized MS treatment
Kenneth Roth to Step Down at Human Rights Watch
Time to get social: tracking animals with deep learning
5 ways we’re working to repair damage to our planet
Earth champion Sir David bestowed Lifetime Achievement award
Japan and Aotearoa New Zealand: Strategic Cooperative Partnership for Common Peace, Security and Prosperit
Children with migration backgrounds less likely to receive recommended psychiatric treatment
David Attenborough receives UN’s most distinguished environment award
Air pollution linked to higher risk of Covid in young adults
New understanding of how immune system deals with malaria
Structure of active ingredient bismuth in Pepto-Bismol revealed
Statement of US and Sweden on Cooperation in Quantum Information Science and Technology
Study finds high energy use provides little benefit for health and well-being in richer nations
Faced with rising challenges for sustainable development, UNECE Regional Forum concludes with renewed commitment to deliver on SDGs
School outcomes among children following death of parent
Sustainable concept for wood-based textile fibres
Men’s greater reluctance to seek mental healthcare
Research finds extent of labor abuse and illegal fishing risks among fishing fleets
Extent of labour abuse and illegal fishing risks among fishing fleets
People around world like same kinds of smell
Innovation flows across regions and sectors in complex ways, study shows
Change of Governor of St Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha Mr Nigel Phillips CBE
Advice on how to use digital devices to detect and manage arrhythmias published today
Warmer autumns could spell bad news for butterflies, suggests study
Periodic volcanism triggered multiple Jurassic extinctions
With new industry, new era for cities
Research assesses health impacts of 2020 lockdowns in three European cities
Expectations ramp up ahead of Stockholm+50 International Meeting
Flame-retardants and plasticizers in oceans
An ultrafast X-ray glance into photoacid electronic structure
Model reveals how antibodies navigate pathogen surfaces like child at play
Permafrost thawing faster than expected due to extreme summer rainfall
Start spreading news – Air New Zealand is off to Big Apple
Engineer honored with ‘Nobel Prize of Water’
How do migrations shape cities?
Australia appoints new ambassador to Lebanon