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Grants, sponsorships and donations reviewed
Researchers print, tune graphene sensors to monitor food freshness, safety
Our future homes: Visions from energy and digital tech industries
Lincoln Lab transfers integrated circuit process to industry
Asia EDGE holds Virtual Workshop: “Supporting Indo-Pacific Industry Engagement through Asia EDGE”
How conspiracy theories emerge – and how their storylines fall apart
How Trump Administration is Advancing Efficient Federal Operations
FIFA Council unanimously approves COVID-19 Relief Plan
Quantum Entanglement Demonstrated Aboard Orbiting CubeSat
Speaking Citizens: New research project aims to put speech back at heart of British education
New radar allows cars to spot hazards around corners
Canada and Ontario invest in public transit and active transportation infrastructure for residents of Niagara
Yale Labor Survey tracks U.S. labor markets in real time
Lab technologies help fight COVID-19
Response to article published in FT on Wednesday 24 June on ventilators
When culture clashes with Covid-19
World class fisheries management at Corner Inlet
A new material for light-matter interactions
Global pollution estimates reveal surprises, opportunity
Economic analysis shows how ISU soybean trials generate value for farmers
Wireless sensors for N95 masks could enable easier, more accurate decontamination
AI call centre supports isolated households during COVID-19 pandemic
New ‘hybrid engine’ for biodegradable nanomotors that transport drugs to diseased tissue
Experts raise concerns over UK government’s “game-changing” antibody testing strategy
Tackling COVID-19: Dr Sharath Srinivasan
Myanmar’s Economy Severely Impacted by COVID-19: Report
Work commences on Phillip Street ‘Smart Street’ transformation
Forestry scholarships grow diversity
Police make arrest over Phyllis Harrison murder
3D printed Damascus steel
Defence ‘the worst way’ to spend $200 billion
Toowoomba to be home to world class ag tech hub
Working together at border to stop wildlife tracking
MRI patients put at ease with new tropical skylight
Ultra-rapid testing a game changer for children in intensive care
Australian cyber startup raises US$10 million to power US growth as former Prime Minister joins board
Australian Energy Council backs net zero emissions by 2050
Minister Ng speaks with Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation of Netherlands
Researchers develop a compact 28-GHz transceiver supporting dual-polarized MIMO Study contributes to driving
Investing in agritech to enhance sustainable farming practices
New era as Victoria Police Centre opens doors
RMIT, Siemens and Festo partner to create a new Industrial Digital Innovation Hub
Regional Skills Leadership Groups Supported
UNSW, Ebusco to accelerate development of zero emissions transport
Blockchain property investment proposal needs reboot
CSLBehring Gene Therapy Agreement with uniQure
Technology and innovation drive path to lower emissions
How Australia helped NASAs latest discovery