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Penn Medicine: Employee Telemed Visits 25% Less Costly
Telemedicine Visits Reduce Health System Employee Care Costs by Almost 25%
Rep. Matsui Commends UC Davis Health for Digital Care Access
Drones Make Difference in First Aid
Illegal Ketamine Seizures Spike, Raising Concerns Over Recreational Use
Primary Care Clinicians Report Benefits, Challenges in Using Telemedicine During COVID-19
COVID Reforms in Cancer Care and Research Could Yield Long-Term Benefits
Patients Prefer Telehealth for Medication Abortion Consults
Telemedicine Outperforms In-Person Visits for Cancer Care, Says JNCCN Study
Medicare Beneficiaries Show Unequal Telehealth Usage
Research Shows Virtual Consulting Cuts Health Care Carbon Footprint
Health Systems Display First Major Signs of Post-COVID-19 Recovery
Survey Shows Health Systems Recovering from Pandemic
US Vice President Speaks at Reception for Democratic National Committee
Ashurst advises Jefferies on takeover of Medica Group
Non-Fungible Tokens Used for Secure Health Data Management in Post-Pandemic World
Blood Tests Could Aid Alzheimer’s Diagnosis in Low-Resource Areas
Sex after menopause doesn’t need to hurt
Research Reveals Factors Affecting Self-Managed Abortion Knowledge in Abortion Clinic Patients
Smartwatches Could Unlock New Parkinson’s Treatments
Meta-Analysis Shows Success of Hybrid-Closed Loop Control-IQ Tech
Barry Beck 90 Shares Life Advice as Cornells Entrepreneur of Year
Alcohol Screening Rates Dropped During First COVID Surge
STI and HIV Screenings Decreased, Positive Test Results Increased Amid COVID-19
Narrowing Health Care Digital Divide
UNRWA Appeals for $16M to Help Quake-Hit Palestine Refugees
Partnership To Boost Medtech Innovation And Healthcare
New KIT Center of Health Technologies Starts Work
Transgender Telemedicine Use in Covid Pandemic
Telemedicine Maintains Quality of Care for Depression During Pandemic
Rural vs Urban VA Beneficiaries’ Telemedicine Use Pre & Post COVID-19
Vice President Unveils Plan for Widespread High-Speed Web Access
Low-Income, Race Increase Telemedicine Literacy Risk
Fund for Health Invests in Twentyeight Health
Nearly Half of Medicaid Kids Miss Mental Health Outpatient Care
Research helps identify vulnerable populations
Increasing cyber and ethical risks to safety means care homes need for insurance protection is greater than ever
New sensor enables ‘smart diapers,’ range of other health monitors
Telemedicine Reduces Carbon Emissions in Cancer Patients
West Health Issues 1st Telehealth Guidelines for Seniors
UNRWA Warns of Palestinian Refugee ‘Rock Bottom’ Amid $1.6B Appeal
Telemedicine Improves Quality of Opioid Treatment During Pandemic
Program Delivers Quick Skin Condition Diagnoses to Underserved Areas
Telemedicine Effective in Shared Decision-Making as In-Person Appts
Researchers Study Telemedicine for Cats
Telehealth Reduces Costs and Carbon Emissions During Pandemic
Telehealth cuts health care’s carbon footprint and patient’s costs during pandemic
Hopkins AITC Awards Pilot Grants for AI-Assisted Aging Research