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What would happen if someone moved at twice speed of light?
UT Supercomputer Helps Unveil Black Hole at Our Galaxy’s Heart
Quantum one-way street in topological insulator nanowires
An image of Milky Way’s black hole
Scientists describe gravity telescope that could image exoplanets
Invisible helium atoms provide exquisitely sensitive test of fundamental theory
NASA’s Kepler telescope delivers new planetary discovery from grave
Hubble spots most distant single star ever seen, at record distance of 28 billion lightyears
Random numbers and shape of universe in new mathematical projects
NASA’s Roman mission will test competing cosmic acceleration theories
Mathematical discovery could shed light on secrets of Universe
New way to control atomic interactions
University of Southern California Dornsife researchers examine mysteries of universe
Einstein’s Relativity Theory Passes Strict Test Based on LHAASO Observation
Einstein’s photoelectric effect: time it takes for an electron to be released
Einstein’s theory passes rigorous 16-year tests
We counted 20 billion ticks of an extreme galactic clock to give Einstein’s theory of gravity its toughest test yet
Scientists become first to observe an inhomogeneous electron charge distribution on an atom
LLNL-led team uses machine learning to derive black hole motion from gravitational waves
With support from Heising-Simons Foundation, theoretical physicists take new approach to search for quantum gravity
Scientists introduce theoretical method to produce light in vacuum
Astronomers spot same supernova three times – and predict fourth sighting in 16 years
New theory ‘detects’ light in darkness of vacuum
Teukolsky awarded 2021 Dirac Medal
First detection of light echoes from behind black hole
Astroophysicists report first detection of light from behind black hole
Making sense of cosmos
Albert Einstein at 50
Nominations of EPFL professors 16 July
Hawking’s black hole theorem observationally confirmed
Kepler telescope glimpses population of free-floating planets
Kepler telescope glimpses a free-floating planet population
Leading astrophysicist takes out top prize in Australian Space Awards
How to retard time for cells
Priceless Astronomy Data Saved After Collapse of Arecibo Telescope
Research Snapshot: Vanderbilt astronomers lead preparation for supermassive black hole analysis
Search for ‘dark energy’ could illuminate origin, evolution, fate of universe
Funding NEMO: case for a gravitational wave detection observatory in Australia
Young women and engineering: bridging gap
AEgIS on track to test free fall of antimatter
History In Making – What Happens Next? podcast, Series Four, Episode 3
£4.3m for Nottingham quantum projects to solve universe’s mysteries
Arecibo Observatory and PPPL – A Noble, and Nobel, History
First NWO Communication Award goes to wall formula project by physicists from Amsterdam and Leiden
Researchers have developed a new theory for observing a quantum vacuum that could lead to new insights into
Gravity of dreams
Seeing dark matter in a new light
Bumper crop of black holes in new gravitational wave paper