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Dark order in universe
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75 Years Max Planck Society
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Light Bending Observed Around Isolated White Dwarf
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Star’s unexpected survival
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Three Dimensions in Time and Space
Nobel laureates with MIT ties feted in Sweden
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Bent spacetime in lab
MIT researchers use quantum computing to observe entanglement
Physicists observe wormhole dynamics using quantum computer
True connoisseur of geometric shapes
Largest potentially hazardous asteroid detected in eight years
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Completing Einstein’s homework on special relativity in electromagnetism
How philosophy turned into physics – and reality turned into information
Periodic table of shapes to give new dimension to maths
Black holes are central phenomenon of astrophysics
Why should we trust science? Because it doesn’t trust itself
UWA’s Einstein-First project boosted by partnership with Albermale
New gravitational wave telescope developed in collaboration with Sheffield scientists
Falling stardust, wobbly jets explain blinking gamma ray bursts
In new Disney Pixar movie Lightyear, time gets bendy
Einstein’s theory of relativity reveals lonely black hole
Radio astronomy to foster Swiss research and industry
What would happen if someone moved at twice speed of light?
UT Supercomputer Helps Unveil Black Hole at Our Galaxy’s Heart
Quantum one-way street in topological insulator nanowires
An image of Milky Way’s black hole
Scientists describe gravity telescope that could image exoplanets
Invisible helium atoms provide exquisitely sensitive test of fundamental theory
NASA’s Kepler telescope delivers new planetary discovery from grave
Hubble spots most distant single star ever seen, at record distance of 28 billion lightyears
Random numbers and shape of universe in new mathematical projects
NASA’s Roman mission will test competing cosmic acceleration theories
Mathematical discovery could shed light on secrets of Universe