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Thermo-chemical power generation integrated with forced convection cooling to create
Efficient bottom-up synthesis of new perovskite material for production of ammonia
Small, fast, and highly energy-efficient memory device inspired by lithium-ion batteries
Not so selfish after all ― Key role of transposable elements in mammalian evolution
Nitrous oxide emissions set to rise in western North Pacific Ocean
DNA is only one among millions of possible genetic molecules Scientists computed a zoo of millions
Japan’s MMX Martian Moon Probe is Unlikely to Bring Back Dangerous Martian Microbes A Japanese research team
Creating a nanospace like no other Scientists build a nanocage with antiaromatic walls
Hydrogen boride nanosheets: A promising material for hydrogen carrier
Pinpointing biomolecules with nanometer accuracy
How perovskite in solar cells recrystallizes and why modified carbon nanotubes can help overcome
Breaking water molecules apart to generate clean fuel: Investigating a promising material
Single-particle spectroscopy of CsPbBr3 perovskite nanocrystals reveals origin
Story of thalidomide continues Molecular basis of drug’s effects on limb and ear development
Histone modifications are influencers of zygotic genome awakening
Eco-friendly electrochemical catalysts using solar cells to harvest energy from sun
Scientists develop DNA microcapsules with built-in ion channels
Scientists Find Biology’s Optimal “Molecular Alphabet” May Be Preordained amino acids
Discovery of periodic tables for molecules
Measuring changes in magnetic order to find ways to transcend conventional electronics
Can’t get thinner than this: synthesis of atomically flat boron sheets
Studying quantum phenomena in magnetic systems to understand exotic states of matter
Gene regulation behind choice of correct receptor for olfaction
New design strategy brightens up future of perovskite-based light-emitting diodes
Scientists identify protein factors increasing yield of a biofuel precursor
New synthesis method opens up possibilities for organic electronics
Electricity-Driven Undersea Reactions May have Been Important for Emergence of Life Tokyo Tech team
ELSI Scientists Discover New Chemistry That May Help Explain Origins of Cellular Life Chemists find
Succeed in sensitivity increase and noise reduction of accelerometer
Bridging nanoscale gap: A deep look inside atomic switches
Successful application of machine learning in discovery of new polymers
Could heat of Earth’s crust become ultimate energy source?
It’s not an antibody, it’s a frankenbody: A new tool for live-cell imaging
Asteroid Vesta originates from a cosmic “hit-and-run” collision
Drone transmits uncompressed 4K video in real time using millimeter wave tech SECOM
SimBlock: A simulator for testing improvements to real-world blockchain networks
Observation of Topologically Protected Magnetic Quasiparticles
Tokyo Tech-led study shows how icy outer solar system satellites may have formed Scientists
Shaken and stirred: Scientists capture deformation effect of shock waves on a material
Press seminar held on new functional multimetallic clusters created through precise
A metal-free, sustainable approach to CO2 reduction
A novel group of glycosidic enzymes Scientists discover a candidate for a potential
Origins of a new developmental mechanism called “interdigital cell death”
Uncovering hidden history of a giant asteroid
A more accurate, low-cost 39 GHz beamforming transceiver for 5G communications
DNA origami to scale-up molecular motors
Finding a needle in a haystack: Discovery of Ti2InB2 for synthesizing layered TiB
A simple, yet versatile