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2021 Tokyo Tech Challenging Research Award Winners Announced
Tokyo Tech Academy for Leadership welcomes 18 new students
Kazuya Masu’s reappointment as Tokyo Tech president authorized
Japanese Section celebrates Star Festival in hybrid format
New Student Ambassadors share latest Tokyo Tech vibes through blogs
New evidence of an anomalous phase of matter brings energy-efficient technologies closer
TSUBAME supercomputer predicts cell-membrane permeability of cyclic peptides
Second online photo contest unites students, staff online
Suzukake Science Day 2021 successfully completed online
ASUNARO Grant established, 5 researchers awarded in first call
Tokyo Tech Philippines Office hosted Workshop on Utilization of Waste Materials
Hearing held before potential reappointment of incumbent Tokyo Tech president
Just Mix It Up: New Synthetic Method for Making Amphiphilic Molecules without Additives
Lunchtime English Café launches online
In a Supramolecular Realm: Advances in Intracellular Spaces with De Novo Designed Peptide
Striking Gold: Synthesizing Green Gold Nanoparticles for Cancer Therapy with Biomolecules
Just mix it up: New synthetic method for making amphiphilic molecules without additives
One “Ring” to Rule Them All: Curious Interlocked Molecules Show Dual Response
Unique portraits take shape at Art with an Artist seminar
Wakaba Festival welcomes students to Taki Plaza
President Masu speaks at Tsinghua University 110th anniversary event
No Space Wasted: Embedding Capacitors into Interposers to Increase Miniaturization
Ceremony marks grand opening of Hisao & Hiroko Taki Plaza
Mind Nanogap: Fast and Sensitive Oxygen Gas Sensors
Best of Both Worlds: High Entropy Meets Low Dimensions, Opens Up Infinite Possibilities
Turning Heat on: A Flexible Device for Localized Heat Treatment of Living Tissues
Lean and mean: Maximizing 5G communications with an energy-efficient relay network
English version of Introduction to Computer Science and Programming MOOC launched
Shedding New Light: A New Type of Immunosensor for Immunoassay Tests
New Nondestructive Broadband Imager Is Next Step Towards Advanced Technology
Life May Have Become Cellular by Using Unusual Molecules
Novel fast-beam-switching transceiver takes 5G to next level
New family of atomic-thin electride materials discovered
Tokyo Tech students only Japan-based finalists in Imagine Cup 2021
Talking Points: Role of Computer Voice in Future of Speech-Based Human-Computer Interaction
Bipolar Order: A Straightforward Technique to Have More Control Over Organic Thin Films
Tokyo Tech and Rakuten Mobile sign 5G network agreement
Student Survey 2020 proposal presented to president
In-cell Nano-3D Printer: Synthesizing Stable Filaments from In-cell Protein Crystals
Touched by Light: Photoexcited Stannyl Anions Are Great for Producing Organotin Compounds
Scientists find molecular patterns that may help identify extraterrestrial life
Under Pressure: Manipulating Protein-mimicking Molecules with Hydrostatic Pressure
RIES: Contributing to advancement of life and energy sciences through an interdisciplinary approach
Unusual Semimetal Shows Evidence of Unique Surface Conduction States
Research on Lake Victoria Cichlids Uncovers Processes of Rapid Species Adaptation
Ice core data show why, despite lower sulfur emissions in U.S. and Western Europe, air pollution is dropping more slowly
Touched by light: Photoexcited stannyl anions are great for producing organotin compounds
Towards in vivo Detection of Cancer Progression Using Circularly Polarized LEDs