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Team Tokyo Tech second at 2022 iGEM competition in Paris
Tokyo Tech Academy for Leadership welcomes eleven new students 6 February
TISA Autumn Welcome Party attracts 160 participants
Mapping Singlet Oxygen on DNA: Winding Road
Tokyo Tech third at 8th Underwater Robotics Competition in Okinawa
Material Transforms Visible Light to UV, Revolutionizing Sunlight Use
Kenichi Iga Wins 2022 Wiley-IEEE Book Award
Tokyo Tech Hosts 4th Int’l Forum on Materials & Informatics
Translation Snapshots Could Uncover Cellular Protein Mysteries
Students Win 2nd E×S Challenge for Cataract Treatment Proposal
Tokyo Tech rowers rule at 45th East Japan Rookie Competition
Synthetic Clock Imitates Circadian Rhythms’ Mysterious Behavior
Gardening for International Friendship
Non-Linear Dynamics Boost Edge Sensor Performance
Non-Linear Dynamics Boosts Edge Sensor Performance
Artificial Clock Mimics Mysterious Circadian Rhythm Property
Workshop on Advanced Materials at Dalian Univ. in 2022
TAIST-Tokyo Tech Student Exchange Program in Japan 2022
Mapping Singlet Oxygen’s DNA Journey
Tokyo Tech Bulletin No. 68 is launched
Student-led project deepens local knowledge and love for Ookayama area
Institute of Science Tokyo Submitted to Ministry Council
Graphene Sensors Smell Odor Molecules with Self-Assembled Peptides
Exploring Polymer Gels Using Mechanochemistry & Solvent Swelling
Full house at second TECH Cooking Studio
Art with Artist Fall 2022
International students take mock Japanese Language Proficiency Test
Tokyo Tech Orch Starts Crowdfunding for Centennial Celebration
UB and IBEC Grow Mature Neurons to Study Neurodegeneration
New Tech: Digital Twin of Laser-Repair System
Novel Organometallic Junction Powers Nanoscale Thermoelectrics
Polymer Gels Examined with Mechanochemistry, Solvent Swelling
Japan Sees Growing Demand for Eco-Friendly Meat, Alternatives
Open-Source Library for Polymer Property Database Creation
Wiley Signs Open Access Deal in Japan
Tokyo Tech performs well at 45th ICPC World Finals
Risky Amino Acids Halt Protein Synthesis
High Schoolers Win Merit Award in S’pore Math Comp. 2.0
Lost Amino Acids Block Protein Synthesis: Risky Translation
Japan Sees Increased Demand for Sustainable Meat, Alternatives
Novel Organometallic Junction Achieves Nanoscale Thermoelectrics
5G New Radio: Updated Multi-Band Receiver Unveiled
Tokyo Tech team third at Kibo Robot Programming Challenge
Improved Multi-Band 5G Receiver Unveiled
Software Simulates Polymer Properties to Create World Map
Developing Materials for Clean Energy Sources via Proton Conductivity Research
Working Puzzle: Role of Sulfides in Aerobic/Anaerobic Switching in Bacteria
Promise for Clean Energy Seen in Proton Conductors Research