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Researchers model regional impacts of specific anthropogenic activities and their influence on extreme fire weather risk
Physicists get closer to examining symmetries underlying our universe
Researchers offer approaches to sustainable expansion of U
Researchers propose a framework for evaluating impacts of climate change on California’s water and energy systems
A new technique promises deeper insights into polymer degradation in high-shear conditions
A woman who defied a genetic mutation that guarantees early-onset Alzheimer’s donates her brain to research
Researchers dive into biogeochemistry of ocean anoxic zones
Using remote sensing to keep an eye on trees offers an effective way to monitor groundwater along river corridors
Institute for Energy Efficiency settles into its state-of-the-art new home, donor-funded Henley Hall
Animals are back at Gorongosa National Park after civil war, but savanna community doesn’t look quite look like how it used to
Success in Amazon
Symbiotic relationship between California oaks and mutualist fungi appears to provide a buffer for climate change
Biophysicist Paul Hansma joins National Academy of Inventors
Tresa Pollock’s research group has made a defect-resistant superalloy that can be 3D-printed
Researchers investigate how marine protected areas affect impacts of heatwaves on ocean ecosystems
Researchers receive Google grant to build better conversational recommender systems
Researchers announce debut of a superfast exoplanet camera
Scientists unravel how tissue geometry influences movement of cells through body
Clarivate Analytics names 14 UC Santa Barbara scientists and social scientists to its 2020 list of highly cited
UC Santa Barbara will soon require multi-factor authentication to access certain accounts and services
Novel analytic approach enhances nuclear magnetic resonance signal detection
Novel insights on cellular suicide could provide new avenues for cancer therapies
Ecological theory provides insights on pesticide use in agriculture
To limit global warming, global food system must be reimagined
Eradicating black rats on Palmyra Atoll uncovers eye-opening indirect effects
Researchers develop a method for tuning biomolecular receptors for affinity and cooperativity
Researchers examine decline in average body temperature among healthy adults over past two decades
Researchers outline how marine reserves can benefit fisheries across globe
A new analysis reveals that accessible and affordable healthcare could be a key tool for addressing climate crisis
Closing Plastic Loop
Thanks to a bit of ingenuity, collaboration continues unabated
Researchers at UC Santa Barbara are developing new techniques to address vulnerabilities of smart devices
American Chemical Society honors Craig Hawker with 2020 Kathryn C
Researchers look into effects of repeated droughts on different kinds of forests
Moving toward more plant-based foods can help UC system advance toward its carbon emission reduction goals
Economist tallies up healthcare costs associated with wildfire smoke
UCSB scholars use messaging campaign to reduce household water use in field experiment
Team of materials researchers explores new domains of compositionally complex metals
Researchers gain new insights on river dynamics, which suggest that rivers may begin jumping course much farther
Geologists glean insights about how Earth went from a hothouse to an ice age, and what that may mean for future
A minuscule spacecraft from UC Santa Barbara joins a pilot’s epic journey to fly from pole to pole
Anthropologists compare a composite measure of physiological dysregulation among humans and other primates
Researchers uncover early results about an existing tuberculosis vaccine that has been hypothesized to help against
Online tool allows users to detect whales and ships in Santa Barbara Channel in near real-time
New report reveals for first time level of terrestrial synthetic microfiber emission on a global scale
Surveillance study reveals how COVID-19 can travel silently through a community via asymptomatic carriers
UCLA ranked No. 1 public university by U.S. News & World Report for fourth straight year
Scientists predict heavy flood events over Sierra Nevadas will become more extreme under future climate warming