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UC Santa Barbara Opens Aging and Longevity Research Center
NASA Funds Research to Measure Climate More Accurately
Physics researchers inch closer to ambitious goal
Parents’ Phone Use May Hurt Kids’ Emotional Intelligence: Study
Tough lignin broken down in anaerobic environment, researchers find
Platform Holly Records Show Impact of Petroleum Production on Natural Gas Seeps
Immunity, Metabolism Genes Evolve in Tsimane and Moseten Populations
Researchers uncover physical limitation in haptic holography
Gary Horowitz Awarded 2023 Einstein Prize by APS
ROTC team records historic finish
New antibiotic cures superbugs without bacterial resistance
Two Caltech Faculty Members Named Sloan Fellows
Electrical Method Unlocks Brain Protein Dynamics in Neurodegenerative Diseases
Chicken & Farmed Salmon Have Similar Environmental Footprints
Researchers document animal communities of rare habitat
Intermediate Solution?
Single Parameter Key to Reducing Drag on Superhydrophobic Surfaces
John Perlin to Show Link Between Civilization & Forests at UCSB
Gathering Enough Info Key to Proper Resource Mgmt
Red Sea Urchins’ Climate Change Vulnerability Depends on Location
Moody Lab develops new method for on-chip generation of single photon
Machine Learning Used to Identify Shark Risks from Longline Fishing
Ecologists, Scientists Prioritize Research to Tackle Issues
Incorporating Human Factors in Nature Conservation
Researchers reveal added layer of nuance in our sense of smell
Researchers Uncover Evidence of ‘Hidden State’ Involving Common Ion
Scientists Find How Cells Respond to Mechanical Forces for Tissue Formation
Researchers assess danger that marine heatwaves pose to young sea snails
Argentine ants will do anything for sugar, but they won’t do this
UC Santa Barbara’s National Center for Ecological Analysis & Synthesis releases its 2022 Ocean Health Index score
Researchers create visible-to-near-infrared-light lasers on silicon chips, paving way for scientific and consumer applications
Researchers connect human Lyme disease infections with ecological factors across California
Offshore wind farms may harm seabirds, but scientists see potential for net positive impact
Long-term changes to kelp forests from ‘the blob’
Changing sea floor
Researchers assemble first reference genome for Nile rat
Researchers develop way to predict failure of crystalline metallic materials from earliest stages of stress cycling
Tiny species known only from fossils is found alive in tidepools of Santa Barbara
Researchers investigate how microbes that can both eat and photosynthesize might evolve in changing environment
With scanning ultrafast electron microscopy, researchers unveil promising hot photocarrier transport properties of cubic boron
Researchers map environmental pressures of global production for all foods on land and ocean
Researchers convene at UC Santa Barbara to collaborate on matters of environmental justice
Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology researchers demonstrate improved performance of transition metal oxide based organic
New insights into ocean’s oldest carbon
Researchers demonstrate human cognitive system designed to enable moral tradeoff decisions
Bioplastics made of bacteria to reduce plastic waste in oceans
Collaboration to develop biodegradable oceangoing bioplastics receives Convergence Accelerator Phase 2 funding from NSF
Researchers find that pumping draws young groundwater to new depths, potentially with contaminants in tow