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Sophisticated models provide roadmap for Southern Africa’s clean energy future
Researchers trace source of nitrogen pollution affecting world’s second largest barrier reef
Deep dive into relationship between cohesion and erosion
Many versions of female scientist
How charred detritus dispersed from Goleta Beach in wake of 2018 Montecito, California, debris flow
After debris flow
Impact of climate change on abandoned prehistoric city
Climate change impacted on abandonment of prehistoric city
Interdisciplinary program will train next generation of quantum scientists
Climate change and civil unrest among ancient Maya
Urchins emerge to forage on living kelp when they can’t catch kelp scraps, mowing down swaths of underwater forest
Powerful, extremely sensitive LUX-ZEPLIN experiment is poised to search for dark matter
Balancing Protein in Your Diet Could Improve Water Quality
Importance of elders
UCLA will expand its worker justice programs thanks to new annual state budget increase
Keeping energy in room
An FDA-approved bone quality diagnostic tool is poised to provide better insights into bone hardness
New material holds promise for next generation of organic electronics
Tenacious star validates revised model of supernovae
Collaborative research published in Nature Electronics shows promise of probabilistic computers
Reading between lines to model our galaxy’s central black hole
Researchers discover and characterize novel membraneless organelle that could play role in Alzheimer’s treatment
Researchers survey landscape of rare mutations behind neurodegenerative diseases in Colombia
Emily Williams and Mark Turiansky receive 2021-2022 Winifred and Louis Lancaster Dissertation Awards
Researchers examine role of low-carb/low-sugar diets in warding off polycystic kidney disease
Discovering how species share parasites provides ecological insights and practical information
Studying animal evolution to advance women’s health
First global dataset of river avulsions validates decade of modeling and theory
Unique catalyst paves way for plastic upcycling
Researchers propose global initiative to study female health across species
Massive eruption of Tongan volcano provides an explosion of data on atmospheric waves
Biologists investigate what happens when traits jump between branches of tree of life
Device developed in Hawkes Lab achieves tallest height of any known jumper, engineered or biological
New NASA research campaign at UCSB Natural Reserves links plant biodiversity and health with remote sensing technology
Engineers describe how fluid suspensions exhibit different behaviors at different scales
Living legacy of names
Global research team will seek to understand microchimerism
UC Santa Barbara geologists lead effort to describe devastating eruption in Tonga
New test predicts sepsis before blood clots cause permanent organ damage, markedly increasing survival
Dolphins can bond from distance, and that means more dolphin babies
Researchers seek to understand why some Parkinson’s patients’ symptoms briefly vanish
Antabuse may help revive vision in people with progressive blinding disorders
Stem cell-derived retinal patch is shown to survive two years post-implantation
Visionary progress
Climate scientists reconsider meaning and implications of drought in light of changing world
Longest drought
Scientists reconsider meaning, implications of drought in light of changing world
Researchers find that beach hoppers can constitute significant portion of island fox diet