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Can Lymph Nodes Boost Success of Cancer Immunotherapy?
Scientists Uncover Secrets of Malaria’s Longevity
California’s Anti-Smoking Push Saves Millions on Health Costs
California Savings Soar From Anti-Smoking Push
Deciphering Our Sense of Smell: Making Sense of Scents
Rise in Anorexia Distress with More Calories?
Research Reveals How Excess Oxygen Harms Cells and Tissues
High Altitude Shifts Body’s Metabolism
Active Surveillance for Low-Risk Prostate Cancer: Examining Use Trends
Paid Sick Leave Means More People Get Screened for Cancer
Higher Risk of Heart Disease in Black Women Linked to Racism
Improve Vaccination Rates: ER Messaging May Help
UCSF Tops NIH Funding for Public Institutions in 2022
Alzheimer’s Protein Impact Varies by Brain Cell Type
Management of Spina Bifida Advances from Autism to Zoom
Does living along US-Mexico border affect chances of survival among children with leukemia?
Tablets Double Detection of Psychosis in Youth
Mice Watching Movie May Unlock Alzheimer’s, AI Solutions
Can Lab-Grown Beta Cells Revolutionize Diabetes Care?
Why Stem Cell Therapy Might Not Work for Older Patients
Grants awarded to better understand No. 1 birth defect
Bacteria Whisperer Wins Top Science Award, Sets New Goals
Out of Adderall? Tips and Advice During ADHD Medication Shortage
Brain Injuries Drop 20% for Babies with Heart Defects
Do Sleep Medications Increase Your Chances of Dementia?
Sleep Meds Linked to Increased Dementia Risk
Scientists Document Two Separate Reservoirs of Latent HIV in Patients
Fresh Questions About Oxytocin as ‘Love Hormone’ Behind Pair Bonding
Prairie Voles Bond Despite Lacking Oxytocin Receptors
Oxytocin’s Role in Pair Bonding Questioned
AI Technology Generates Original Proteins from Scratch
AI Generates Proteins Without Template: Breakthrough
Death Toll From COVID-Related CVD Surges, Especially Among Certain Groups
No Survival Benefit for Nab-Paclitaxel in Biliary Tract Cancer
Stroke Risk Linked to Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity
Research: Gender-Affirming Hormones Boost Mental Health in Youth
Research: Uniquely Human DNA Evolved Through Balance
Scientists Trace Stem Cell Fate: Death or Regeneration
Heart-healthy life begins with good prenatal care
Aggressive Surgery Increases Survival with Low-Grade Brain Tumors
Aggressive Surgery Boosts Survival for Low-Grade Tumors
30 Years On, Are We Winning Fight Against Alzheimer’s?
Researchers Block Transplant Rejection with Decoy Antibodies
Researchers Aim to Prevent Rejection of Transplanted Cells with Decoy Antibodies
COVID-19 Vaccines, Prior Infection Cut Omicron Transmission
Breakthrough in Genetics: Infant Gene Therapy for Artemis-SCID Patients
Researchers Uncover New Pathway for Molecular Cancer Drug Therapies
During Sleep, Brain Regions Synchronize to Create Motor Memory