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Ongwen Case: ICC Trial Chamber IX to deliver sentence on 6 May 2021- Practical information
Imposing Visa Restrictions on Ugandans for Undermining Democratic Process
Exeter academics awarded grants for pioneering fungal research
Port Arthur had survivors: world’s other victims of gun violence
New U.S. Humanitarian Assistance for South Sudan Crisis Response
UN experts extremely concerned at serious rights violations linked to general elections: Uganda
Great Lakes Region ‘on right track’ to tackling political and other challenges
Improving prospects, social cohesion and peaceful coexistence for forcibly displaced persons and host communities
G20 Collateral IRENA event – Resilient cities: renewable energy policies and technology solutions
Highlands hunt for climate answers
Study reveals hidden meaning of mountain gorillas’ chest beats
New modelling provides greater scrutiny for supply chains
New approach to blood-based tuberculosis diagnosis
‘Staggering’ scale of acute hunger in Democratic Republic of Congo
How can we vaccinate world? Five challenges facing UN-backed COVAX programme
‘An invisible crisis’: Seven million people at risk of starvation in East Africa
OPCW Member States in Africa Review Approach to Online Capacity Building at Peaceful Uses of Chemistry Forum
Man in Mirror: seeing your true self
Fighting transphobia and violence one social media post at a time
Solidarity fund helping transgender people during COVID-19 pandemic
EU-IOM Joint Initiative Marks 4 Years of Supporting Thousands of Migrants Across Horn of Africa
Positive Women with Disabilities in Uganda puts people at centre during COVID-19 pandemic
Early warnings protect lives on Africa’s Lake Victoria
Representatives of people living with HIV, key populations and other affected communities selected to join multistakeholder task
African genomics research is improving health of Africans
‘No daughter of mine will be cut’
‘Creating possibilities and giving hope’: on GCRF frontline
‘Creating possibilities and giving hope’ – on GCRF frontline
‘Creating possibilities and giving hope’ – view from GCRF frontline
Office of Prosecutor publishes Draft Policy on Situation Completion for consultation
Coronavirus vaccine uses EMBL’s earliest virus research
Transforming lives by providing safe drinking water
China supports WFP’s lifesaving assistance to vulnerable people in four African countries
Australia is sending 8,000 vaccine doses to PNG – but without reliable electricity, how will they be kept cold?
Strengthening Role of Regional Public Health Institutions to Improve Cross-Border Disease Surveillance and Response
Flipflopi arrives in Uganda
South Sudanese ‘one step away from famine’, as UN launches humanitarian response plan
Giving Day brings Cornellians together, shatters records
Vulnerable newborns being separated from their mothers in COVID-19 pandemic
Early experiences shape aggression in young chimpanzees
UNITAR and Mount Kenya University are joining forces to empower people and transform lives
FAO and JR Farms join forces to support youth-led initiatives in agribusiness in Rwanda
Marketers Move Needle for Entrepreneurs
FAO and Ireland celebrate collaboration and renew commitment to partnership
Impact of COVID-19 ‘heavily felt’ by prisoners globally: UN expert
Empowering women and girls is crucial to ensure sustainable food security
Virtual Roundtables Kick Off 2021 Regional Climate Weeks
Future priorities and strategic transformation of UNESCO at heart of 7th Interregional Meeting of National Commissions for UNESCO