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UN High Commissioner for Refugees calls on states to lift remaining pandemic-related asylum restrictions
Preliminary Study Shows Minimally Invasive Diagnostic Biomarker Strategy Successful
Member States in Southern Africa increase chemical emergency preparedness
Severe malnutrition or wasting, ‘excruciatingly painful’ threat to child survival
Chemical safety and security management bolstered in OPCW Member States in Africa
Armed Forces Minister visits East Africa to coordinate security support for Somalia
MRC/UVRI and LSHTM Uganda Research Unit unveils new facility to research infectious and non-communicable diseases
Biden- Harris Administration Global Health Worker Initiative
What benefits nutrition in Africa most?
Bendigo graduates celebrate success
USF tech helping combat malaria and other tropical diseases across world
IFAD Launches Response to Global Food Security Impacts of War in Ukraine
UNHCR and partners seek urgent funds to help thousands of refugees fleeing to Uganda
Sustainable Mountains: FAO calls for transformative response to climate threat
Multidimensional challenges facing Great Lakes region require multidimensional response UK Statement
Climate warming alters glacier-fed stream ecosystems worldwide
ERC grant to improve post-vaccination protection in low-income countries
Ukraine refugees need urgent, ongoing health care
WHO congratulates Sudan on adopting “High burden to high impact” approach
Impact of innovative game at heart of None In Three forum
Automated analysis of animal behaviour
Wild Dozen: Prized as ingredients, vulnerable wild plants face surging demand
New guidelines from WHO recommend simpler, safer treatment for cryptococcal disease in people living with HIV
Social entrepreneurship-a tool of self-empowerment for LGBTI community
Team awarded funding for research project to improve post-surgical outcomes in Africa
UK PM speech on action to tackle illegal migration 14 April 2022
Adaptation Fund re-accredits WMO
Crypto, blockchain and NFTs: Andreas Veneris explains fast-moving digital assets space
FAO launches new phase of agriculture policy initiative with $11 million grant from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
New Agreements Foster Regional Cooperation on Migration for Sustainable Development and Migrant Workers Rights
Young people’s monitoring of progress towards 2025 targets begins second phase
Thousands escape to Uganda following violent clashes in DR Congo
Monkeys routinely consume fruit containing alcohol, shedding light on our own taste for booze
Thousands flee into Uganda following clashes in DR Congo
Monkeys often eat fruit containing alcohol, shedding light on our taste for booze
Understanding human-animal interplay of Covid and other diseases
Canada announces funding for education projects
Education risks becoming ‘greatest divider’
Expressing our hopes for more stable and peaceful environment for people of DRC UK at UN Security Council
UN envoy calls for strategy to address root causes of conflict
UK backs Africa’s ambitious continental free trade initiative
European Union provides additional support for refugees in Uganda
UN analysis shows link between lack of vaccine equity and widening inequalities
Nuclear Power Human Resources Emerges as Key Topic at Annual IAEA Gathering
Human Rights Watch Submission to Uganda Parliament’s Committee on Human Rights Inquiry
Hundreds ‘Disappeared,’ Tortured in Uganda
Most African countries have enough groundwater reserves to face
UNHCR and partners seek US$1.2 billion to address Africa’s largest refugee crisis