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UBC team deploys pollution-sniffing mobile lab
Novel Catalyst Developed for Electrochemically Selective C=O Hydrogenation of Cinnamaldehyde
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Climate Research: Ultrafine Dust Might Cause Weather Extremes
Role of genes in prenatal responses to air pollution
Investigating ‘skunk’ smell and other emissions caused by cannabis production
Ultrafine particle sensors for drastic improvement of air quality
Low-temperature DeNOx catalyst for reducing ultrafine particle emission
New WHO Global Air Quality Guidelines aim to save millions of lives from air pollution
Air pollution exposure during pregnancy has long-term impact on children’s health, development
In Utero Exposure to Tiny Pollution Particles in Air Is Linked to Asthma in Preschoolers, Study Shows
Air quality linked to increased risk of Alzheimer’s
Simulations show how city building configurations affect pedestrians’ air quality
Air Filters Can Scrub Out Air Pollutants Near Highways, Reduce Blood Pressure
Invisible smallest particles matter for air we breathe
Use of face masks during MRI examinations
Urban Land and Aerosols Amplify Hazardous Weather, Steer Storms Toward Cities
Study measures effectiveness of different face mask materials when coughing
Breaking Down EV Myths in India: EVs and emissions
Nuclear engineer receives $3.6 million in grants to improve reactors
Up in smoke: story of Medio Fire
Toxic metal air pollution nanoparticles found inside ‘powerhouses’ of heart cells of city dwellers
Shutdown gives scientists unique opportunity to study Hobart air quality
No, it’s Not Your Imagination, Air in Boston is Cleaner
Air quality, inclusive education and horse disease treatment focus of new research projects
Coal-fired power stations ‘disrupt rainfall patterns’