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Microneedling device cancelled in Australia
New Polymer Releases Molecular Cargo in Response to Force
Ohio State Study Finds Oral Health, Diet May Improve Psoriasis
Frostier flower, more potent cannabis
Hydrogen boride nanosheets: A promising material for hydrogen carrier
New way to wrap liquid drops could improve drug delivery
Protein Movement in Cells Hints at Greater Mysteries
‘Flamenco dancing’ molecule could lead to better protecting sunscreen
Highest-throughput 3D printer is future of manufacturing
Scientists discover skin keeps time independent of brain
Shining a spotlight on bike theft, South Australia
Modified quantum dots capture more energy from light and lose less to heat
New metasurface design can control optical fields in three dimensions
Researchers reveal deepest layers of Bruegel drawings
A sustainable solution for safer drinking water
Life’s building blocks may have formed in interstellar clouds
Chemists clarify a chiral conundrum
Tiny, biocompatible nanolaser could function inside living tissues
SunSmart Shade Creation Initiative grant now open
Lab scholar makes impact on new diagnostic
Inspired by natural signals in living cells, researchers design artificial gas detector
Yearly snapshot of Saturn helps astronomers monitor ringed world
One-atom switch supercharges fluorescent dyes
Nanowires replace Newton’s famous glass prism
Cape Breton residents to benefit from wastewater treatment infrastructure
Brighter Future for LEDs: NIST Introduces New Lamp Calibration Lab
NASA Selects Proposals to Advance Understanding of Space Weather
Study Reveals ‘Radical’ Wrinkle in Forming Complex Carbon Molecules in Space
Out with old, in with new
Macinley Butson From Australia Wins Stockholm Junior Water Prize 2019
Watching electrons using extreme ultraviolet light
Worker injured by collapsed roof
Fluorescent glow may reveal hidden life in cosmos
Why even a small change in Earth’s carbon dioxide makes a big difference
Building healthy habits and reducing cancer risk this Tradies Health Month
Upgrades to Wolfville’s wastewater treatment facility will better protect residents and environment
Lockeport residents to benefit from cleaner, safer water with upgraded wastewater system
Commercial Space Ride Secured for NASA’s New Air Pollution Sensor
NIST Physicists Create Record-Setting Quantum Motion
Canadian imaging technology takes key role in science satellite mission
Top three tips to prevent early signs of aging
First-ever visualisations of electrical gating effects on electronic structure could lead
Moon dust is not to be sneezed at
What happens when you explode a chemical bond?
Caught in act: Images capture molecular motions in real time
OSU researchers develop eco-friendly, commercially viable pressure-sensitive adhesives
Four surprising ways to get a sunburn, and six ways to treat it
Researchers Explain Visible Light from 2D Lead Halide Perovskites