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RUDN University chemist proposed eco-friendly synthesis of fluorescent compounds for medicine
Funding for research collaborations with external parties
CIBER-2 Takes Its First Flight
Lighting Hydrogels Via Nanomaterials
NASA Selects 2 Missions to Study ‘Lost Habitable’ World of Venus
Major advance in fabrication of low-cost solar cells also locks up greenhouse gases
Ancient volcanic eruption destroyed ozone layer
Friday before Memorial Day declared ‘Don’t Fry Day’ as reminder to be sun safe
A Bright Flare from Star Proxima Centauri
Soft X-ray method promises nanocarrier breakthroughs for smart medicine
Canada and Newfoundland and Labrador invest in drinking water and wastewater infrastructure to protect public health and environment
What Causes Tropospheric Ozone Pollution over Northern Tibetan Plateau?
Western Space scientist set to explore massive stars with NASA’s Webb Telescope
Skin Cancer, When Found and Treated Early is Highly Curable
Ozone-depleting chemicals may spend less time in atmosphere than previously thought
Edmonton startup’s simulated sunlight aims to help producers grow more food with less energy
A Massive Star Forming Galaxy in Early Universe
Mutation profile of acral nevi differs from acral melanoma, Moffitt researchers say
Staph infection turf study yields insight in coronavirus survivability on fields
Ultrasensitive antigen test detects SARS-CoV-2 and influenza viruses
James Webb Space Telescope/MIRI
Roads pose significant threat to bee movement and flower pollination, U-M study shows
Researchers Find Sympathetic Standard and Blowout Coronal Jets in Polar Coronal Hole
Researchers Reveal Thermodynamics of Supra-arcade Fans above Solar Flares
Debunking Skin Cancer Myths
Phonon imaging in 3D with a fiber probe
A SciFi moment for LHCb experiment
Dalian Coherent Light Source Reveals Oxygen Production from Three-body Photodissociation of Water
Scroll’n’roll — nanomaterials towards effective photocatalytic pollution treatment
With a zap of light, system switches objects’ colors and patterns
Applying UV light to common disinfectants makes them safer to use
Search for ‘dark energy’ could illuminate origin, evolution, fate of universe
Exoplanet is Gobbling Up Gas and Dust as it Continues to Build Mass
Researchers have devised a new sampling method for elusive hazel dormouse
Reducing blue light with a new type of LED that won’t keep you up all night
Norovirus clusters are resistant to environmental stresses and UV disinfection, new study finds
UV-detecting ‘Sunwatch’ a step closer to saving lives
Uniquely sharp X-ray view
SMART breakthrough in materials discovery enables twistronics for bulk systems
Scientists capture first ever image of an electron’s orbit within an exciton
MantiSpectra: Seeing more with invisible light
Humongous flare from sun’s nearest neighbor breaks records
Record-breaking flare from Sun’s nearest neighbor
Laser researcher to build mini synchrotron system
NIST Study Finds Ideal Doping Concentration and 3D/2D Structure to Prevent Degradation of Potential Solar Power Material
New imaging system allows us to see UV and visible light simultaneously
First 3D-printed Proton-conductive Membrane Paves Way for Tailored Energy Storage Devices
New method measures super-fast, free electron laser pulses