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New Origami Technique Folds Glass into Shapes
Australia’s Albino Rats and Mice: Ghost Rodents
Research Reveals: Shining Light on Aging Hearts
Lithuanian Researchers Create Dental Equipment That Destroys Viruses
How football-shaped molecules occur in universe
Can Cosmic Collisions Be Predicted Before They Happen?
Research Finds Tsunami in Venus’s Clouds
Researchers Measure White Dwarf Pulsar AR Scorpii with VLBI
Fusion Ignition Achieved at NIF with Power and Finesse
Early Farmers Adopted Genes to Combat Disease
Water Fleas Adapt to Sunscreen Ingredients: Study
Newman Lab Pushes Limits at 75 with Accelerator Physics
Nanomaterial Inkable Launches Bendable Electronics Revolution
Galaxy Reclassified as Jet Changes Direction
Nanomaterial Inkable to Revolutionize Bendable Electronics
Super Seaweed Harvests Health Compounds from Sea for Medicine
AI Could Help Find Life on Mars: Study
Revheads without hats
Astronomers: Distant Planets Could Harbor Life
Postech Develops Multifunctional Vortex Beam for UV-Visible Spectra
Little Dusty – but Alive
Can Cosmic Collisions Be Predicted Before They Happen?
Vat Photopolymerisation for 3D Printing in Dentistry
Jewel Beetles Duplicate Genes to See New Colors
Bushfire Smoke Eating Up Ozone, Worsening Climate Change
Experimental Platform Measures Ion-Acoustic Wave Bursts in Magnetic Reconnection
Micromelo undatus Finalist for Mollusc of Year
Researchers report first visible-light cleavage of C-C and C-N bonds with silver photocatalyst
UCLA Engineers Create Solar Roofs for Greenhouses
Femtosecond Laser Boosts Photodetection with Bismuth Film Quality
Solved: Mystery of Cloudy Filters
DNA Repair Discovery Boosts Biotech: MSU Study
Scientists Fish for Proteins with Optical Tweezers
Solar Filament Formation Observed by Chinese Academy of Sciences
Designing for Ignition: Precise changes yield historic results
Ancient Proteins Shed Light on Earth’s Origins
Efficient Extreme UV Laser Pulses via Electron Beam ‘Wakesurfing’
Tiny new climbing robot was inspired by geckos and inchworms
Robot Climbs Walls, Inspired by Geckos and Inchworms
Giant Baby Galaxies Challenge Early Universe Understanding
Color coding aids evaluation of new solar tech materials
Biomolecule Chirality Detected with Reinforcement Learning
NASA to Launch Israel’s First Space Telescope Mission, ULTRASAT
Researchers Reveal Molecular Mechanism of Crown Ether Microsolvation Effect on Gas-phase Native-like Protein Structure
Protecting Hydroponics from Electrochemical Hypochlorination Damage
NC Researchers Create Hydrogen from Water and Light
Light-Controlled Drugs for Precision Cancers Treatments
Astrophysicists discover perfect explosion in space