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Global leaders meet on Antimicrobial Resistance in Barbados
WWQA: Urgent Action Needed for Damaged Lakes
UNEP names Leyla Fathallah as West Asia Food Waste Advocate
Lebanese Chef Leila Fathallah Appointed UNEP Food Waste Advocate for West Asia
UNDP signs agreement to buy tanker to prevent Red Sea oil spill
IAEA Board Approves Iran and Ukraine’s Peaceful Nuclear Pursuits
World Seagrass Day Highlights Conservation Efforts
Seafood Sector to Address Nature Risks with Investor Support
18 Million in Ukraine Need Aid as War Hits 2nd Year
UNECE Forms Group to Assess Ukraine’s Environmental Damage
UN Debates Nord Stream Pipeline Incidents in Security Council
UN Tackles Mercury Pollution from Gold Mining Industry
UN Aims to End Mercury Use in Skin Lightening Products
Countries Join Forces to Ban Mercury in Skin Lighteners
Supporting Caribbean SIDS to implement MARPOL in full
Statement by heads of FAO, IMF, World Bank, WFP and WTO
Curb Pollution to Combat Superbugs: UNEP
Fight ‘Superbugs’: Cut Pollution to Reduce Anti-Microbial Resistance
Restore Wetlands to Protect 40% of Biodiversity
Latin America, Caribbean Act on Nature, Climate and Pollution – New Guide
Quadripartite Orgs Launch Group to Monitor Antibiotic Use, Resistance
Announcement: New Institute to Improve Mining Safety Worldwide
UN Introduces Environment Sim Game for Teens with New Tech
UNEP, S&P Global unveil Nature Risk Profile Methodology
Partners Aim for Sustainable Cooling at COP28
Ozone Layer Recovery Averting Global Warming by 0.5C
Ozone layer recovery is on track, helping avoid global warming by 0.5°C
Microplastics flow into Gulf waters
G20 Nations Embrace One Health Approach
FAO at COP15: What comes now?
UN Deal Aims to Protect 1/3 of World’s Biodiversity
Partnership to Speed Up Global Bio Framework Implementation
UN Recognises Efforts to Revive Ecosystems Globally
UN recognizes 10 pioneering initiatives that restoring natural world
Cities call for increased investment to halt and reverse nature loss
‘Just Transition’ policies needed to create 20 million green jobs: UN report
Assessing Fate and Environmental Impact of Plastics in Soil and Crop Ecosystems Using Isotopic Techniques
New UNEP report provides actions to minimize adverse impacts on health and environment from pesticides and fertilizers
Higher education sector commits to reverse biodiversity decline through worldwide Nature Positive Universities Alliance
Global study weighs up environmental risks and economic benefits of major transport projects
Nature-based Solutions can generate 20 million new jobs, but ‘just transition’ policies are needed
Europe and North America must step up to make COP-15 historic push for biodiversity
Quadripartite welcomes new political commitments in fight against antimicrobial resistance
Quadripartite launches new platform to tackle antimicrobial resistance threat to human and animal health and ecosystems
Antimicrobial resistance: Now is time for collective action
Global Methane Pledge: From Moment to Momentum
Cambodia announces its National Cooling Action Plan
COP26 President Alok Sharma speech at COP27 Delivering on Ambitious Climate Commitments