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2021: International Year for Elimination of Child Labour
Early childhood development in conflict-affected countries is key to life-long health, wellbeing and prosperity
UNAIDS calls for LGBT community in Uganda to be treated with respect and dignity at all times
UNICEF chief: Closing schools should be ‘measure of last resort’
UN agencies, partners establish global Ebola vaccine stockpile
Living with menstruation is more than pads and toilets
UNICEF, WHO, IFRC and MSF announce establishment of a global Ebola vaccine stockpile
Why faith leaders are crucial to global COVID-19 vaccine roll-out
Food for Mozambicans struggling amidst violence and COVID-19, ‘will be compromised’ without more funding: WFP
Stark receives $290,000 UNICEF grant
UN health agency clears COVID-19 vaccine for emergency use
New Year’s Babies: Over 370,000 children will be born worldwide on New Year’s Day – UNICEF
WHO issues its first emergency use validation for a COVID-19 vaccine and emphasizes need for equitable global access
Virus that shut down world: path to a vaccine
First Person: Vietnamese man finds ‘true voice’ in gay community
An estimated 10.4 million children in Democratic Republic of Congo, northeast Nigeria, Central Sahel
Millions of children in crisis hotspots ‘on brink of famine’, warns UNICEF
Bias, racism and lies: facing up to unwanted consequences of AI
Virus that shut down world: Education in crisis
Virus that shut down world: yawning gulf between rich and poor
UNAIDS Board concludes with key decisions taken related to colliding epidemics of HIV and COVID-19
Malnutrition and deadly diseases threaten 250,000 displaced children
Mozambique: 250,000 displaced children facing deadly disease threat
UN chief commends ‘swift action’ by Nigerian authorities as more than 300 boys are reunited with their families
Two billion COVID vaccine doses secured, WHO says end of pandemic is in sight
Conflict, floods and COVID-19 push South Sudanese into extreme hunger
COVAX Announces additional deals to access promising COVID-19 vaccine candidates; plans global rollout starting Q1 2021
Migrants in Asia and Pacific at higher risk of COVID-19 and its socioeconomic fallout
Hospitals swamped with malnutrition, disease in Ethiopian conflict zone as World Vision humanitarian response
UNICEF supporting emergency food aid for UK children over holidays
New ITU publication to help policy-makers to extend Internet access and use to unconnected communities
Tigray crisis: Humanitarian aid for children must be a priority, UNICEF says
United Nations Warns about Increased Risk of Violence in Home against Children and Adolescents Amid COVID-19 and Issues
World Vision commits $660 million to fight global malnutrition
Canada announces additional support for equitable access to COVID-19 tests, treatments and vaccines
UK provides COVID-19 humanitarian and remittance relief fund to Africa
Almost 2 billion people depend on health care facilities without basic water services – WHO, UNICEF
Almost 2 billion people depend on health care facilities without basic water services – WHO
Child poverty will remain above pre-COVID levels for at least five years in high-income countries – UNICEF
New checklist supports schools to reopen and prepare for COVID-19 resurgences
New surveys track economic and social impact of COVID-19 on families
UNICEF warns of continued damage to learning and well-being as number of children affected by school closures soars
Window to prevent famine in Yemen is narrowing, UN agencies warn
UNICEF issues record US$6.4 billion emergency funding appeal to reach more than 190 million children impacted by humanitarian crises and COVID-19 pandemic
New United Nations report reveals inequality in geographical distribution of malnutrition in Latin America
UNICEF and Microsoft launch improved, scalable technology to protect vulnerable children and women amid rise
Global Coalition for Social Protection Floors, ILO and UNICEF join forces to expand social protection for
Norway commits more than $163 million to UNICEF education