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You likely won’t get COVID-19 from your pets-but you could give it to them
DIY diabetics create artificial pancreas, push health-care industry, regulators to develop better treatments
Two paths better than one for treating patients with heart stents, study shows
University of Alberta spinoff company developing simple blood test to predict severity of COVID-19
Researchers aim to find out whether COVID-19 can spread through ventilation systems
App promises to improve pain management for dementia patients
Researcher creates science-based guide to making your own protective mask
Incoming University of Alberta president-elect unveils major transformation proposal
Mathematicians reveal science behind figure skating
2018 Ebola outbreak in Congo provides public health lessons for COVID-19, say researchers
Why COVID-19 could make overdose epidemic worse
How to save your summer vacation from COVID-19
Standard surgical masks as good as N95 respirators for family doctors, evidence suggests
How physiotherapy can help people recover from COVID-19
Study yields new insight in hunt for rare, valuable yellow diamonds
Replacements for banned CFCs are polluting Canadian Arctic, study shows
Ancient reptile had mammal-like tooth enamel, study shows
Why everyone is baking all of a sudden
Researchers aim to find out whether wastewater gives early warning of COVID-19 cases in communities
How to manage your finances in time of COVID-19
Chernobyl’s legacy led to fall of Soviet Union, improved safety
University of Alberta to deliver most classes online this fall
Study: Multiscale crop modeling effort required to assess climate change adaptation
Three ways to keep kids connected to sports when they can’t play during COVID-19
Scientists develop tool to sequence circular DNA
Researchers and Tonix Pharmaceuticals race to develop and test candidate vaccines for COVID-19
COVID-19 contact tracing reveals ethical tradeoffs between public health and privacy
Dogs can sniff out traces of gasoline down to a billionth of a teaspoon
‘Do no harm’ in rush to fill global ventilator shortage, urges University of Alberta surgeon
Why public health measures to stem COVID-19 are most ethical thing to do
Alaskan rainforests are a global lichen hotspot, new study shows
University of Alberta pharmaceutical institute leads effort to fill looming hospital drug shortage
Power of partnership propels community network that helps get healthy food to families in need
Deena Hinshaw: making of an unlikely folk hero
WISEST wins recognition for breaking barriers
Video seminars a healthy source of information for seniors during COVID-19 pandemic
Ancient reptile had mammal-like tooth enamel, study shows
Cancer drug developed at University of Alberta funded for human trials
Experiences in early adolescence determine how birds build their first nest: study
Climate change could cause decline of some alpine butterfly species
Why COVID-19 loneliness can be especially hard on teens
Researchers aim to find out whether AI-enhanced robots can ease pain for kids in hospital
Nest-building style reflects birds’ early experience
Cancer researchers find more effective way to deliver promising breast cancer treatment
Six things you need to know about science behind wearing a homemade mask
Impacts of research shut-down to be felt long after pandemic ends scientists warn
What you need to know about managing chronic medical conditions during COVID-19 pandemic
Labelling farmed animals ‘workers’ unlikely to improve their prospects for justice