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New laser imaging could precisely guide doctors during brain surgery
University of Alberta launches free online course on science literacy
Twenty per cent increase in flu vaccinations an ambitious but attainable goal: pharmacy researcher
New study shows which medical procedures pose COVID-19 risk to health-care providers
Scientists develop new tools to study immune system
Hitmaking sound engineer for Prince to illuminate a brilliant creative partnership
FDA approves new drug to treat common form of muscular dystrophy based on research from University of Alberta
Paleontologists identify new species of mosasaur
Diamonds found with gold in Canada’s Far North offer clues to Earth’s early history
Ketones buy time for a failing heart but are just more fuel for a healthy one: study
Nobel Prize for hepatitis C discovery
Nobel Prize Awarded to Power Trio of ASM Contributors
Alumnus Charles M. Rice Wins 2020 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine
Nobel awarded to Charles Rice for hepatitis C discoveries at School of Medicine
University of Alberta virologist awarded Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine
How competitive athletes can stay motivated when they can’t compete
Caesarean birth, prolonged labour influence infant gut bacteria, risk of childhood obesity and allergies
Lack of online access a barrier for athletes with disabilities: study
2020 Nutrition Report Card evaluates influences on children’s healthy food choices
New research sheds light on why tumour cells become resistant to chemotherapy
Researchers receive $1.4M in provincial funding to fight COVID-19
Exercise bloggers offer dubious advice, study suggests
Exercise bloggers offer dubious advice, study suggests
New ‘atlas’ of human heart cells first step toward precision treatments for heart disease
Digital mental health treatment just as effective as in-person therapy: study
Little evidence taking vitamin D prevents severe COVID-19
Wildfires, logging affect fungi pine forests depend on for survival, studies show
University of Alberta group designs better CPR board for resuscitating COVID-19 patients
Chemists develop ‘smart cells’ with potential to treat illness at cellular level
Forensic anthropologist helps police identify unknown victims
Clean-tech entrepreneurs get provincial funding to bring bright ideas to reality
Butterflies are ‘sentinels’ of climate change in mountain ecosystems, say researchers
Bill Flanagan officially installed as University of Alberta’s 14th president
Research on risk of metal contamination in inactive mine could help reclamation efforts
Survivors of neonatal heart repair surgery face lifelong risk of kidney disease, high blood pressure
How parents can help their kids succeed at online learning
Caregiving can last for decades, new research shows
New research reveals what makes condos sell
Back-to-school for UBCO students and its new principal alike
Researcher studying how well COVID-19 safety measures are protecting Canada’s health workers
Researchers lead study testing for COVID-19 antibodies in Edmonton children
University of Alberta’s newest Schulich Leaders share entrepreneurial drive, passion for solving world’s problems
Researchers use ‘superdeep’ diamonds to shed light on Earth’s inner workings
Worse birth outcomes, higher maternal risk factors for pregnancies in Alberta’s poorest rural regions
Protein causes mutations that lead to breast cancer cell aggression: study
WSU Vancouver’s Electronic Literature Lab hosts two international scholars
Multiple factors will influence pricing for COVID-19 vaccine in Canada: health economist
Common sunscreen ingredients dangerous for freshwater ecosystems: study