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Uptick in avian flu cases poses little threat to humans
New research approach using species traits could be critical for conservation efforts
How common is readmission after hospitalization for Covid?
Discovery offers new clues to lichens’ evolutionary advantage
In good hands: examining everyday nursing ethics through touch and technology
University of Toronto sues Easy EDU tutoring company
Put on your thinking cap: mild electrical stimulation could boost cognitive ability
Best medicine? Humour can be double-edged part of grieving
‘Think of whole child, not just their ears’
Research reveals new targets for diagnosing and treating aggressive cancers
Resistance to Covid drug detected in lab study
Researcher working to build better, cheaper battery for power grids
Combination of drugs for obesity and Type 2 diabetes may be more effective than single therapy
Federal funding to revitalize community infrastructure in Edmonton
Five ways to keep your smile healthy
Making health care more equitable one ultrasound image at time
Water wash cleanses barns between broiler chicken flocks, without need for disinfection
Reading program helps young learners bounce back from COVID disruptions
Leading sustained impact toward climate action in Canada
Electric and hydrogen vehicles will offer green bargain for Alberta’s transportation sector
Hydrogen could be next big thing in Alberta energy
University of Alberta has best-ever showing in global ranking of top universities
Indigenous perspectives bring ‘feeling and caring’ into conservation planning
New evidence shows cancer is not as heritable as once thought
Perennial rye crop shows potential for greener agriculture
Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada announces judicial appointments in province of Alberta
Metabolic ‘fingerprint’ predicts impairment from medical cannabis
Accessible developmental screening tools needed to ensure children from diverse backgrounds have proper support
Hydrogen research heats up
Made-in-Alberta sanitizing device kills SARS-CoV-2 virus in 60 seconds
University of Toronto ranked first in Canada across all five categories
How much, how fast: Research on carbon storage
Children older than 5 at higher risk of Covid-related multisystem inflammatory syndrome
Iran’s past legal system shows benefits of mediation over offence-based judgment
New basal ichthyosauromorph from Lower Triassic of Zhebao
Day in my life
Research finds how reducing sodium intake can help patients with heart failure
Ammolite is Alberta gemstone 75 million years in making
Funding boost builds capacity for kidney research through expanded education and training
Researcher part of team that proves Mercury has magnetic storms
Brain overgrowth seen in babies who later develop autism
Helping transgender people see themselves in health-care system
New marking method gives biologists better way to identify individual animals at night
Leading Medical Research Reveals Real Patient Benefits from Pharmacist Prescribing
How University of Alberta program has helped thousands of women see themselves in STEM careers
Why HIV remains in human tissue even after antiretroviral therapy
‘A whole world under our feet’: How bugs and worms could help restore land after industrial use
How accurate is smartwatch heart data? It depends on your skin tone