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Researcher part of team that proves Mercury has magnetic storms
Brain overgrowth seen in babies who later develop autism
Helping transgender people see themselves in health-care system
New marking method gives biologists better way to identify individual animals at night
Leading Medical Research Reveals Real Patient Benefits from Pharmacist Prescribing
How University of Alberta program has helped thousands of women see themselves in STEM careers
Why HIV remains in human tissue even after antiretroviral therapy
‘A whole world under our feet’: How bugs and worms could help restore land after industrial use
How accurate is smartwatch heart data? It depends on your skin tone
Edmonton-based study aims to help cities improve planning for natural disasters
Environmentally conscious consumers more likely to buy chicken raised on insects or algae
‘I participate in entire human experience’
Concordia launches Applied AI Institute
University of Alberta anthropologist uncovers oldest human DNA ever found in Africa
Regular exercise, healthy diet could improve odds of surviving cancer and reduce risk of recurrence
Cattle manure biochar offset earthworm greenhouse gas emissions in forest soil
Excess sugar costs Canada $5 billion each year: study
Excess sugar consumption costs Canada’s health-care system $5 billion each year
In-depth analysis of existing and robust databases guides new thinking around cancer and cardiovascular disease
Clues to how antibodies get fine-tuned to fight infection
Rethinking may be better than resigning when your job shifts under your feet
Minister Khera and Minister Duclos announce appointment of new member to National Seniors Council
Why an old idea could breathe new life into rural Alberta economies
New Canadians Health Centre aims to help refugees thrive
Research aims to help women with Type 1 diabetes live longer, healthier lives
When you’ve gotta go … you may need help
Emerging Covid Research Gaps and Priorities
Making parasport more accessible at all levels is essential to equity in sport and society, says former Paralympian
Containment, not eradication, key to managing invasive species in Alberta lake: study
Discovery may explain why more females than males get knee osteoarthritis
Five ways women can champion their own health
Public health researcher lead author on latest global report on climate change
On move: Ancient DNA illuminates early Stone Age social networks
Ancient DNA finds surprises about how early Africans lived, traveled and interacted
New treatment could benefit up to 45 per cent of patients with Duchenne muscular dystrophy
Teaching computer to read doctors’ notes will capture valuable data for cancer registries
Exercise reduces anxiety during active surveillance for prostate cancer
Grazing technique that mirrors natural patterns helps protect grasslands from drought
Indigenous Services Canada Covid update – Week of February 17, 2022
Creating universal blood-type organs for transplant
VR technology could reveal how brain forms memories in real world
New report sheds light on future of mobility in Canada’s big cities
Weight loss points to better surgical outcomes for women with obesity and uterine cancer
Five things all women should know about their hearts
Animal-based protein recommended for people being treated for cancer
Policy changes needed to better support pregnant elite female athletes, say researchers
Income inequality in secondary schools contributes to higher rates of adolescent depression
Spinal anesthesia no better than general anesthesia for hip fracture patients: study