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Inspired by power of women’s resistance
Alberta Post-Secondary Gender-Based Violence Survey
Hydrogen-Natural Gas Blend Could Power Energy Shift
Canada’s Climate Strategy to Incorporate Natural Carbon Sinks
Solving machine-learning mystery
Are some cows better at weathering climate change?
Indigenous Autoimmune Liver Disease Patients Face Worse Outcomes: Study
Beating back winter blues: tips for managing seasonal depression
CanNor Invests to Boost NWT Innovation, Diversification
Research explores how fungi become drug-resistant
Humans Not Colonized by Bacteria Before Birth: Study
Enterprise Square renewal heralds Edmonton’s downtown revitalization
Researcher Closer to Uncovering MS-Stopping Brain Molecule
Key Alzheimer’s risk factors affect men more than women, study shows
Squirrels that gamble win big when it comes to evolutionary fitness
Media False Balance on Covid Vaccine Mandate for Transplants
In-Person School: ADHD Edition
Researcher Aids Autonomous Vehicles in Quick, Safe Decisions
Minister Vandal Invests in Alberta’s Hydrogen Economy
Researchers Develop Virus-Killing Clothing for Production Line
Astronomers Unveil Detailed Radio Image of Milky Way Plane
Best astronomy image yet of supernova remnants
COVID Long-Haulers Face Stigma: Study
Maintaining Gut Enzyme Prevents Diabetic Blindness
Old antipsychotic drugs may offer new option to treat Type 2 diabetes
Fossil offers new evidence of dinosaur eating mammal
‘Superdeep’ diamond deepens our understanding of plate tectonics
UA, India Join Forces to Solve Energy & Climate Issues
Calculating Soil Carbon Credits Made Easier by Research
British scientist describes rare discovery of dinosaur eating mammal
Five things savvy shoppers need to know this holiday season
New online reporting system tracks worldwide efforts to cut down on tobacco-related deaths and disease
Why local getaway could be best gift this holiday season
National hotline provides effective virtual supervision for substance users: study
Self-care during finals season
‘Unexpected’ space traveller defies long-held theories about origin of Solar System
‘Unexpected’ space traveller defies theories about origin of Solar System
10 stories that inspired us in 2022
Sport can connect us with higher purpose in life
New agreement builds on successful partnership between University of Alberta, Edmonton International Airport
Machine learning predicts risk of opioid use disorder for individual patients
Hospital parking charges contribute to financial toxicity for cancer patients
New research-backed tools ready to support parents in navigating Covid pandemic
New clue discovered for how and why cancer cells spread
Researchers to map health effects of climate change across Alberta
Ebola may hit children harder and longer than adults, study suggests
New cancer ‘tracer’ promises to detect more tumours earlier
New minerals discovered in massive meteorite may reveal clues to asteroid formation