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Chemists create high-quality memory devices using non-toxic liquid metals
Research reveals why kids often don’t stick with physiotherapy exercises
University of Alberta and TELUS partner on a 5G ‘living lab’
University of Alberta biologists study how changing boreal forests could affect caribou
Researchers warn of unintended poisonings from hand sanitizer, cleaning products during COVID-19
Nanotechnology innovation in water recycling could significantly reduce industrial use of freshwater
Ultrasound may have potential for treating pain after chemotherapy: study
‘Germ hunters’ discover rare lung disease in rural Alberta
Researchers study spread of mountain pine beetle in hopes of containing it
Stashing our stuff is little better than tossing it in trash, says marketing researcher
Grazing livestock could reduce greenhouse gases in atmosphere, study shows
Study examines how SARS-CoV-2 affects body’s vital organs
New clubroot strains show genetic resistance isn’t enough to protect canola, say researchers
University of Alberta spinoff company partners with Alberta Health Services to produce reagents for COVID-19 tests
Regular exercise may help new and expecting moms stave off depression during pandemic
Protective masks found to be safe for both moderate and heavy exercise
Little words, big impact: How adjusting pronouns and other language can improve health of LGBTQ+ patients
Made-in-Alberta COVID-19 vaccine candidate goes to clinical trials
Researchers push scientific boundaries, overcome stigma so women don’t have to ‘suffer in silence’
Alberta takes lead role in Canada-wide initiative to raise awareness, funds for women’s health research
New research may be key to making safe, durable COVID-19 vaccines
Researchers aim to end chronic pain in MS patients by finding its starting point
Exercising in morning might make it harder to remember things that evening, study suggests
University of Alberta lab reveals how flu drug works in hopes it can be tweaked enough to outsmart resistant variants
Canadian scientist briefs U.S. policy-makers on technology to remove carbon dioxide from atmosphere
New equipment will help University of Alberta scientists create compounds that could power future
Team receives new funding to advance understanding of misfolded proteins linked with dementia
New funding could help Alberta scientists unlock quantum internet
UBC Okanagan collaboration supports seniors nationally
Eating fruits and vegetables reduces carcinogenic effects of red and processed meats: study
Limiting invasive species may be a better goal than eliminating them, new research suggests
COVID-19 will lead to more child marriages, unintended pregnancies and sexual violence for teens
Researchers discover better measure of future risk for heart disease, diabetes in youth living with obesity
Monday morning fireball was a comet fragment burning up in Earth’s atmosphere
University of Alberta spinoff company merges with U.S. firm to commercialize breakthrough organ transplant technology
High-tech remote rehabilitation platform connects rural Albertans with specialized care
Abducted women’s resistance against Boko Haram offers lessons in refusing indoctrination into terrorism
Zebra finches choose nest materials based on past experience, new research shows
Researcher aims to find out which insects are best at eating pests
Fat cells may influence how body reacts to heart failure, study shows
Researchers launch program to diagnose genetic diseases in children
Stents or bypass surgery more effective for stable patients with high-risk cardiac anatomy: study
Walking patterns could predict type of cognitive decline
University of Alberta dentistry school partners with Métis Nation of Alberta to improve access to oral health care
University of Alberta satellite team pulls off space rescue mission in nick of time
Half of Canadians don’t even know what palliative care is, so why is it so important?
Scientists test wastewater as early warning system for COVID-19 outbreaks
Alberta dialysis patients to be surveyed on their mental health during COVID-19