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Magic of mentorship: How an after-school program is building brighter futures for Indigenous youth
Salmon camps show youth Indigenous science at work
Arrival of James Webb Space Telescope is next chapter for ‘mega-science’
Short-term exposure to smoke from 2016 Fort McMurray wildfires affected lung function of RCMP officers
Beads made from ostrich eggshells reveal oldest known social network
Researchers developing bioengineered ‘bridge’ to help heal spinal cord injuries
Free program helps Edmonton-area small businesses succeed in digital economy
New study shows why remdesivir works against SARS-CoV-2 but not on other viruses like flu
Time to upgrade from cloth and surgical masks to respirators?
Understanding interactions between drugs and viruses key to being ready for variants and next pandemic
Pandemic, stigma double barrier to health care for people who use substances, says public health expert
Lab’s ACT-UP awards focus on collaborative university research
UBC researchers lead $24 million project to treat spinal cord injury
Research project aims to curb decline of biodiversity and improve health of Indigenous peoples worldwide
Canada backs over 5,500 trailblazing Canadian researchers
Insulin-producing cells grown from patient’s own blood are safe for transplant: study
‘Male menopause’ is real and treatable, say pharmacy researchers
Childhood vaccination: benefits spread beyond children
Study shows most efficient ways to capture invasive lionfish
Correcting fossil record: Researchers say four-legged ‘snake’ is different ancient animal
Why things we take for granted could be keys to innovation
Findings open way to more precise diagnoses and treatments of Alzheimer’s disease
Rewilding Arctic mammals unlikely to slow climate change impacts
How to Manage an ADHD Diagnosis
My First Year After Being Diagnosed with ADHD
Words I Have Been Meaning to Say
Neuroprotective mechanism altered by Alzheimer’s risk genes
Safer, newer blood thinners are under-prescribed for elderly and at-risk patients
Carbon-capturing material invented in Alberta could help industry reduce emissions and costs
Agreement aims to train more Indigenous physicians, improve health care for six northeastern Alberta First Nations
New tools will yield better estimates of methane emissions from northern permafrost
Climate change record in clam shells
Groundbreaking research could help ranchers optimize free-range grazing
Natural environment linked with quality of life for people with COPD
India, U.S. account for quarter of Covid misinformation: study
Success in Visualizing Propagation Path of Electromagnetic Waves from Space to Ground
Ancient DNA in soil samples finds mammoths, Yukon wild horses survived thousands of years longer than believed
Grief over death of animal companions needs to be taken more seriously, says researcher
Want happy relationship? Put ‘we’ before ‘me’
Study links overactive bladder to increased falling risk in older adults
Covid vaccine for kids ages five to 11: What families need to know
Startup co-founded by University of Toronto researcher can create hydrogen without producing CO2
Fossils dug up 100 years ago rediscovered wrapped in old newspaper
Engineering grad earns memorial scholarship from Polytechnique Montréal
No clear answer to whether prescribed opioid use in children leads to later drug misuse: study
New provincial research funding for University of Alberta aims to create made-in-Alberta vaccine and drug development pipeline
Circuit breakthrough: How University of Alberta spinoff company is ushering in future of electronics
University of Alberta’s newest Rhodes Scholar headed to Oxford with goal of transforming health care in Canada