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Anchors cause “extensive, persistent” damage to seafloor
What Spotify and Tinder aren’t telling us
Community healthcare workers were left feeling isolated and under-appreciated during pandemic
New research detects pre-eruption warning signals at Whakaari White Island and other active volcanoes
Proud to be backing mātauranga Māori scientific research
Should we worry about XE variant?
Mobile apps to help with problem gambling
Supreme Court judge among three senior appointments
Lost bioscapes window into Polynesian settlement circa 12th century
Stabilizing low blood sugar in infancy prevents long-term brain damage
Recognition for Liggins Institute research into newborns with low blood sugars
As New Zealand relaxes restrictions, here’s what we can still do to limit COVID infections
Association of neonatal hypoglycemia with academic performance in mid-childhood
Most COVID patients in New Zealand’s Omicron outbreak are vaccinated, but that’s no reason to doubt vaccine benefits
No, catching Omicron is not ‘inevitable’ – here’s why we should all still avoid virus
Teri O’Meara: Making splash with coastal ecology
Trust in government linked to work attitudes
This decade is critical for adapting to inevitable climate change impacts and rising costs
Two years on from first COVID case, New Zealand’s successful pandemic response still faces major challenges
New Zealand’s confirmed COVID case numbers are rising fast, but total infections are likely much higher – here’s why
Curious Kids: what is most important thing a scientist needs?
As New Zealand’s Omicron infections rise rapidly, genome surveillance is shifting gears
Mental disorders may increase risk for subsequent dementia
Exploring Antarctica’s hidden under-ice rivers and their role in future sea-level rise
Communication spillover processes in families
Carter Awarded $1.5 million for Origin of Life Research
‘Bionic’ pacemaker reverses heart failure
New Zealand’s border quarantine has intercepted thousands of COVID cases, but is it time to retire flawed system?
Most challenging phase of Omicron outbreak is yet to come, but New Zealand may be better prepared than other countries
Sweet pressure – scientists discover link between high blood pressure and diabetes
Despite Omicron arriving, keeping schools open as safely as possible should be goal
Kiwi scientists develop method to disinfect PPE for potential reuse in pandemic
Disinfecting PPE for reuse, recycling
Disinfecting PPE for reuse, recylcing
Heart Research Institute awards grants for NZ collaborations
Why volcanic eruption in Tonga was so violent, and what to expect next
Why Hunga-Tonga-Hunga-Ha’apai eruption was so violent, and what to expect next
Stress associated with an increased risk of getting Covid, study finds
Focus on childhood vision tests
New Zealand summers are getting hotter – and humans aren’t only ones feeling effects
New research on magnetite in salmon noses illuminates understanding of sensory mechanisms enabling magnetic perception across life
Why New Zealand’s move towards greater urban density should see a rooftop revolution
Stomach moves to a rhythm of gentle contractions
Endowment Established in Honor of Outgoing Director Charles Alcock
Testing embryos before IVF doesn’t increase chance of a baby
ANSTO scientist and technical specialist recognised at Users Meeting
Verification will be essential as New Zealanders start using vaccine passes — to stop fraud and spread of COVID
As Aucklanders anticipate holiday trips, Māori leaders ask people to stay away from regions with lower vaccination rates