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Aggressive marketing has driven rise of double-cab ute on New Zealand streets – time to hit brakes?
Study discovers microplastics in New Zealand’s seabed
Sustainable onshore lobster aquaculture hub launched
ARC Research Hub for Sustainable Onshore Lobster Aquaculture opens
Is when you lose your virginity and have your first kid really written in your genes?
Castration delays DNA aging
Acoustic research sheds new light on whale sounds
At least four in five New Zealanders will have to be vaccinated before border controls can be fully relaxed
Researchers awarded £4m to improve adolescent mental health
Appointment of Queen’s Counsel
Super-sensing offers food safety breakthrough for food processing industry
How a virtual placenta could help with early detection of at-risk babies
Join trans-Tasman webinar on hate speech laws in Australia & New Zealand
CEFC makes first hydrogen-related investment, alongside lead investor IP Group
Research now backs routinely offering pregnant women mRNA COVID-19 vaccine
Appointment of Judge of High Court 9 June
Why Indigenous knowledge should be an essential part of how we govern world’s oceans
Eating out accounts for over a third of young people’s diets
Can we use bio-fouling organisms to help extract energy from waves?
Air New Zealand appoints Chief Digital Officer
Joint Declaration on Strategic Partnership between Government of New Zealand and Government of Kingdom of Spain
Babies’ balance tested in new research
Steering Group assembled to select Māori Health Authority interim board
Climate policy that relies on a shift to electric cars risks entrenching existing inequities
Thousands of young New Zealanders missing out on investment returns
Best evidence suggests antidepressants aren’t very effective in kids and teens
Prime Minister welcomes Dame Cindy Kiro as next Governor-General
New study finds no link between mobile phone use and salivary gland tumours
New antimicrobial surface reduces bacteria build-up on medical instruments
Flights have resumed between New Zealand and NSW, but temporary travel pause may not be last
Getting crafty about sharing joy of maths
Could COVID vaccines affect your period?
How crowdfunding campaigners market illness to capture attention of potential donors
More people die in winter than summer, but climate change may see this reverse
No one is mourning end of district health boards, but rebuilding trust in system won’t be easy
New Zealand’s first official space mission announces ‘mission control’
If we want to improve New Zealand’s freshwater quality, first we need to improve quality of our democracy
Why animal culture matters for conservation: a roadmap
Why strict border control remains crucial if we want to keep travel bubble safe
Tinkering around edges won’t cut it for families struggling to survive
Research breakthrough in understanding how neural systems process and store information
NZ police engages experts to better understand facial recognition technology
E-cigarettes with cigarette-like nicotine delivery reduce exposure to carcinogen
Vaccination alone will not provide full protection
Marine life is fleeing equator to cooler waters
Latest child wellbeing research showcased at University of Canterbury event
Marine species fleeing equator, study confirms
UNE researchers examine kelp farming’s benefits to ecosystem