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New Festival to support survivors of childhood sexual abuse
Study shows children’s physical activity levels fell below national guidelines in wake of pandemic
Inhaled antibiotics could help reduce antimicrobial resistance
University of Bristol ranked fifth for research in UK
People were hesitant rather than opposed to Covid vaccine, study finds
International siblings study sheds new light on nature of genetics of disease
Innovative ‘smart socks’ could help millions living with dementia
Research shows future super cyclones would expose vastly greater numbers of people
Research reveals future super cyclones would expose vastly greater numbers of people
Just three per cent of adults with recording of overweight or obesity in primary care
Children could find it easier to reach healthier weight if their parents are addressing their own weight
Researchers Create Flat Magic Window with Liquid Crystals
Scientists create flat magic window with liquid crystals
Scientists identify most extreme heatwaves ever recorded globally
Researchers identify most extreme heatwaves ever recorded globally
Prison must not be ‘default option’ to cover up lack of support in care system and community
GW4 Generator Award: Seven collaborative research communities awarded £125k funding
Beetle iridescence deceptive form of warning colouration, study finds
Researchers discover overlooked Jurassic Park of lizards
Autism, ADHD and school absence are risk factors for self-harm, according to new study
‘Bycatch’ dolphin capture in WA not sustainable, study finds
Dolphin bycatch from fishing practices unsustainable, study finds
Dolphin bycatch from fishing practices unsustainable
Large bodies helped extinct marine reptiles with long necks swim, study finds
Childhood obesity increases risk of Type 1 diabetes
Made at Uni – Climate Action
Bristol set to supercharge growth of next generation zero carbon emission technology
Boost for National Infrastructure Commission with new appointments
New research shows humans possess surprising nutritional intelligence
World’s most powerful particle accelerator comes back to life
ESCWA and partners call for social protection reform in Arab region
Amounts of aerosol from vigorous exercise and conversational speaking are similar
Excess weight almost doubles risk of womb cancer
Submission to Committee on Rights of Child Review of Somalia
Research aims to reduce strokes caused by tiny air bubbles entering blood stream during heart surgery
Few UK online sexually transmitted infection test services meet national standards
Insomnia could increase people’s risk of type 2 diabetes, study finds
Touchy subject: 3D printed fingertip ‘feels’ like human skin
Identification of 75 genetic risk factors brings new insights for Alzheimer’s
How accelerated biological aging may cause bowel cancer
Bioengineering – one key to solving global challenges
£1.25m initiative to build diverse energy research community
New TV series co-designed by GW4 experts aims to find out
Dolphins can bond from distance, and that means more dolphin babies
Male dolphins whistle to maintain key social relationships, study finds
Living longer, living better relies on affordable energy: QUT research
Scientists discover when beetles became prolific
Aspirin may improve 3-month survival for patients critically ill with Covid