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Research reveals first plants on Earth were likely branched
Research reveals early plants were branched
New festival about love and loss starts in May 2023
Risk Factors Differ for Dementia-Related Depression
Research finds free meals for secondary students feasible, acceptable
UoB Hosts Cybersecurity Research Centre
30 Honorary Doctorates Awarded in Conferment Jubilee
Genes Linked to 3 Rare Diseases Discovered
Genetic Origins of 3 Unsolved Rare Diseases Discovered
Scientists Ask: What’s Next for Plant Science?
Survey Uncovers Censorship of Climate Crisis in Global Stories
High Caffeine Levels May Reduce Fat, Diabetes Risk
Recovery of Tropical Forests Offsets Only 25% of Carbon Emissions
Recovering Tropical Forests Offset 25% of Deforestation Carbon Emissions
Brain Regions Failing to Sync May Lead to Memory Loss: Study
UK Scientists Research Shockwaves for Injured Soldiers
First Transfusion of Lab-Grown Blood Cells: Why Wouldn’t You Do It?
Ancient Biodiversity Crises: Extinction Vulnerability Unpredictable
Caffeine Linked to Lower Diabetes Risk, Weight Loss
Predicting overheating in Thoroughbred racehorses
People Have Right to Decide Marine Environment Fate
Quantum Breakthrough Opens Door to Wormhole Experiments
Research Uses Philosophy to Empower Patient Voices in Healthcare
Research: Cow Dung Could Be Sustainable Material of Future
Prostate cancer treatment delay doesn’t raise death risk: trial
Trial Shows Delaying Treatment for Localised Prostate Cancer Doesn’t Increase Mortality Risk
Promising method for finding critical metal deposits
European marine fish distribution linked to sea temperatures
Research seeks participants to investigate bovine TB in farm workers
£5.5m Technical Institute to Boost UK’s Innovation Bid
£5.5M Institute to Boost UK’s Global Research Bid
Genetic variation shields from Black Death, ups autoimmune risk
Global carbon cuts can significantly reduce flood risk, says study
Global Carbon Promises Key to Reduce Flood Risks
Guidance to improve hip fracture recovery
New tool to value health of urban developments
Thousands to Benefit from AI Diagnosis Tech Advancements
Animals Should Suppress Personalities for Group Success
Animals Suppress Personalities for Group Efficiency
New gut calming innovation to bring relief to IBS sufferers
Early-Life Factors Key to Lung Health: Study
UK Data: Obesity, Age Rising Among NHS Surgical Patients
Pre-teens’ Mental Health Boosted by Exercise
Depression linked to immune response in some people
Covid Vaccine May Reduce Impact of Long COVID
Study to look at separation anxiety in dogs
London falcons ate fewer pigeons during lockdowns
Human Activity Impacts Peregrine Falcon Diets: Study