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Neuropilin-1 drives SARS-CoV-2 infectivity, finds breakthrough study
Lancaster University takes lead role in fight against online child sexual exploitation and abuse
Deep sea coral time machines reveal ancient CO2 burps
Ground-breaking discovery finally proves rain really can move mountains
World’s greatest mass extinction triggered switch to warm-bloodedness
Coral time machines reveal ancient CO2 burps
Historic signing is major boost to region’s digital future
How to debunk misinformation
Handbook helps explain how best to combat misinformation
New multi-million-pound centre to protect citizens online
Cameras that can learn
Researchers launch first study into COVID bereavement among BAME people
Ancient tiny teeth reveal first mammals lived more like reptiles
Research suggests significantly less risk of COVID-19 transmission from anaesthesia procedures
Risk of self-harm increases for boys and girls who experience earlier puberty
Battling with neighbours could make animals smarter
Bristol part of new £4m FDA study to advance understanding of severe coronavirus infection
Mud-slurping chinless ancestors had all moves
British Ambassador hosts departure event for Chevening scholars
Foreign Secretary visits South Korea and Vietnam pledging to work together in virus fight
New study reveals how reptiles divided up spoils in ancient seas
Young adults needed to take part in digital technology study
Dinosaurs, dodos, and future of life on Earth
Scientists shine light on tiny crystals behind unexpected violent eruptions
Glass molecules can act like sand when jammed, study finds
Ex-BT boss leads task force to attract new vendors to UK telecoms
Researchers present first global analysis of how effective and topographic catchment areas differ
Discovery of a druggable pocket in SARS-CoV-2 Spike protein could stop virus in its tracks
Do rats like to be tickled?
Modelling of ancient fossil movement reveals step in evolution of posture
Discovery of a new mass extinction
World’s largest ever DNA sequencing of Viking skeletons reveals they weren’t all Scandinavian
Positive reaction to Somerset study into best way to prevent domestic abuse
AI-based brain monitoring and robotic muscles projects win £11.5m EPSRC boost
Slower growing chickens experience higher welfare, commercial scale study finds
Did our early ancestors boil their food in hot springs?
Stopping spread of coronavirus in universities
New £4m study to advance understanding of severe coronavirus infection
To recreate ancient recipes, check out vestiges of clay pots
Study to identify transmission risk of COVID-19 aerosols during medical procedures
25 Argentine students return from studying in UK with Chevening
Study analyses impact of carbon dioxide on Earth’s climate 30 million years ago
Genetic study of proteins is a breakthrough in drug development for complex diseases
Manuscript leaf from thirteenth century ‘Glastonbury Bible’ returns to South West
Walk-through cancer diagnoses and robotics muscles among groundbreaking projects backed by government
Near-Optimal Chip-Based Photon Source Developed for Quantum Computing
Contribute to apple database and identify what type of tree is growing in your garden
Analysis of seven trials finds that corticosteroids reduce risk of death by 20 per cent