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Research finds gene targets of stress hormones in brain
Early adulthood education and employment experiences play independent role cardiovascular health
Research powerhouses join forces to maximise global potential of 6G next generation mobile technology
King’s co-launches centre for 6G research
Skull of 340 million year old predatory amphibian digitally recreated
Giraffes are as socially complex as elephants, study finds
Giraffes are as socially complex as elephants
Decline in CO2 cooled earth’s climate over 30 million years ago, scientists find
New multi-million-pound research consortium will provide world-leading data on violence and aims to reduce harms caused by violence
Excess body fat increases risk of digestive system cancers
Does testosterone influence success? Not much, research suggests
Superconductivity in cuprates: ‘from maximal to minimal dissipation’ – new model?
Lancaster University part of major research consortium on violence, health and society
King’s to partner on new Consortium to reduce harmful consequences of violence
Newly hatched pterosaurs may have been able to fly
Newly-hatched pterosaurs may have been able to fly
New university project examines role home plays in supporting military
UK ‘meat tax’ would cost economy almost £250 million year
New research could help clear backlog of surgery since it shows use of airway device
Long COVID in children poorly understood by doctors
Trailblazing artist channels creative talents to raise awareness of potential answers to climate change
Researchers to study link between physical and mental health
Women’s Aid and University of Bristol launch research into gendered experiences of justice and domestic abuse
Major grant for research into nature of time and life itself
£3.6M funding for research into link between physical and mental health problems
Robot A-Team vital to future of offshore wind and Net Zero
Bioengineering discovery paves way for improved production of bio-based goods using Baker’s yeast
Rat’s whiskers: Multidisciplinary research reveals how we sense texture
Highlighting effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines could hold key to converting doubters
Making innovations in surgery safer
Five ways to strike a happy, healthy, and safe balance as England team shoots for Euro 2020 glory amidst COVID-19 pandemic
Covid-19: Risks of severe illness in children shown to be very low in largest study yet
Study shows aspirin can reduce risk of heart attacks and strokes in patients with pneumonia
Interleukin-6 antagonists improve outcomes in hospitalised COVID-19 patients
Sharp size reduction in dinosaurs that changed diet to termites
New guidance published to help GPs interpret Lateral Flow Device test results
Global climate dynamics drove decline of mastodonts and elephants, new study suggests
Public trust in science remains strong during pandemic, but study suggests some decrease in late 2020
IOP Publishing joins DIMPACT to help track and manage its digital carbon impact
Pregnant women in Bristol have doubts about new COVID-19 vaccines, study reveals
Major research project to study chronic pain
Scientists reveal how plants become good neighbours in times of stress
How plants become good neighbours in times of stress
Dinosaurs were in decline before end, according to new study
Friends and family found creative ways to support women experiencing domestic abuse during COVID-19
Microbes feast on crushed rock in subglacial lakes beneath Antarctica
Playing wind instruments generates less aerosol than vocalisation, COVID-19 study finds
New £2.8m research project to explore mental health outcomes for young people in care