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Mask-wearing reduces COVID-19 transmission, study finds
Newly discovered sperm movement could help diagnose, treat male infertility
Major £2.8 million UKRI research programme to explore mental health outcomes for care-experienced young people
Teachers want to encourage children to take a public stand against climate change
Protocells spring into action
Bristol Robotics Laboratory hosts virtual conference to showcase cutting-edge research
Longest known SARS-CoV-2 infection of nearly 300 days successfully treated with new therapy
How does one-humped Arabian camel survive without drinking?
Humidity of flowers acts as an invisible attractor for bumblebees
Scientists develop energy saving technique which could help pave way for a carbon neutral society
Validating digital tools for remote clinical research
GW4 takes a world leading One Health approach to tackling antimicrobial resistance pandemic
How have vaccines helped to protect world and how can they continue to do so?
New research suggests UK faces post-pandemic bereavement crisis and lasting legacy of grief
HIV has detrimental effect on children’s growth and bone strength, landmark study finds
UK faces post-pandemic bereavement crisis and lasting legacy of grief
HIV therapy has detrimental effect on children’s growth and bone strength, landmark study finds
Ethnic diversity in research identifies more genomic regions linked to diabetes-related traits
Dental procedures are very low risk in aerosol spread of COVID-19, study finds
Half who said they definitely wouldn’t get Covid vaccine have since had one
Young infants produce strong immune response to SARS-CoV-2, study finds
Analysis of child deaths in England shows importance of care for premature and young babies
Understanding hidden causes of delays in discharging frail older people from hospital
Opioid Agonist Therapy reduces mortality risk among people with opioid dependence
Blue Abyss brings world’s biggest and deepest pool to Cornwall with £150m project
European Virtual Institute to study neural basis of emotion
Study launched to investigate whether paramedics can ease GP workload
Researchers create a camera that knows exactly where it is
Arctic climate change to be tracked in new £13m research project
Scientific evidence that informed UK Government’s response to COVID-19 including first lockdown is published
Many of us could carry up to 17kg of fat due to a change in a single gene
Many of us could carry extra fat due to a change in a single gene
Smoking during pregnancy associated with child’s risk of having congenital heart disease
Large amounts of mercury released under southwest Greenland ice sheet
Pfizer’s Vaccine Centre of Excellence launches at University of Bristol
Researchers find Greenland glacial meltwaters rich in mercury
£30 million official backing for Oxford-led greenhouse gas removal programme
Researchers use airborne radar to detect groundwater beneath Greenland glacier
New study shows flies mutant for schizophrenia-associated genes respond well to anti-psychotics
Study reveals huge pressures on anaesthesia and critical care workforce and hospitals during winter wave of COVID-19 pandemic
Fascination of Plants Day: What are important questions for plant science research?
Ozone-depleting chemicals may spend less time in atmosphere than previously thought
Study finds increased emotional difficulties in children during pandemic
Study shows online gambling soared during lockdown, especially among regular gamblers
Keen, Concerned, Content: three groups anticipating return of normal life post-Covid
Herbivores developed powerful jaws to digest tougher plants following Mass Extinctions
Antarctic ice sheet retreat could trigger chain reaction
Childhood abdominal pain may be linked to disordered eating in teenagers