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Research finds new genes contributing to severe childhood obesity
For Each Day’s Delay in Social Distancing, a COVID-19 Outbreak Lasts Days Longer
Codecheck confirms reproducibility of COVID-19 model results
A good egg: robot chef trained to make omelettes
Antarctic ice sheets capable of retreating up to 50 metres per day
BBC Contagion experiment offers insights into COVID-19 control strategies
Tackling COVID-19: Professor James Wood
Professor Andrew Fabian awarded Kavli Prize
New non-executive directors appointed to UKSA
School segregation by wealth is creating unequal learning outcomes for children in Global South
BBC Contagion experiment offers insights into Covid-19 control
Antibody designed to recognise pathogens of Alzheimer’s disease
Healthcare rationing could see ‘unlawful deaths’ from COVID-19, researchers claim
Surging numbers of first-generation learners at risk of being left behind in education systems worldwide
National trial launched to test re-purposing existing drugs to treat COVID-19 patients
Climate change will turn coastal Antarctica green
Project aims to create first 4D maps of Earth’s mantle
Most young people with increased suicide risk only display ‘mild to moderate’ mental distress – study
Rolling 50/30 day cycle of lockdown and relaxation could be a useful option for managing COVID-19, model suggests
Walking or cycling to work associated with reduced risk of early death
Bringing ancient Sparta back to life during lockdown
AI successfully used to identify different types of brain injuries
Dame Ottoline Leyser appointed new CEO of UK Research And Innovation
Tackling COVID-19: Dr Sander van der Linden
Opinion: Employers should cut hours not people during pandemic
Why COVID-19 is a breeding ground for conspiracy theories
Testing suggests 3% of NHS hospital staff may be unknowingly infected with coronavirus
Strange hollow ball-like structures found in 80-million-year-old fossils
Social media influencers could encourage adolescents to follow social distancing guidelines, say researchers
Researchers to track impact of lockdown on alcohol, gambling and pornography use
New Insights into Early Embryonic Development
Citizen-science project measures impact of coronavirus pandemic on mental health
Ministers told children must be free to play with friends to ease stress of life in lockdown
Moderate exercise in middle and older age cuts time spent in hospital
Repurposing existing drugs a more rapid alternative to a vaccine for COVID-19, say researchers
Repurposing existing drugs for COVID-19 a more rapid alternative to a vaccine, say researchers
UK public ‘most concerned’ about coronavirus – more than Spain or Italy, study suggests
‘Terrible twos’ not inevitable: with engaged parenting, happy babies can become happy toddlers
People more likely to choose a non-alcoholic drink when availability is greater
Green COVID-19 recovery packages will boost economic growth and stop climate change
Green COVID-19 recovery packages can boost economic growth and tackle climate change, researchers say
Bolsonaro’s attitude to coronavirus increases ‘risky behaviour’ in Brazil
New Report Sheds Light on Financing Options for Off-Grid Solar Electricity to Accelerate Progress Toward Universal
Scientists take a step closer to heat-tolerant wheat
Tackling COVID-19: Professor Ian Goodfellow
Royal Society announces election of new Fellows 2020
Simple ‘sniff test’ reliably predicts recovery of severely brain injured patients
Weizmann Institute Scientists Develop “Sniff Test” that Predicts Recovery of Consciousness in Brain-Injured