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Switching to ‘green’ inhalers could reduce carbon emissions and cut costs, study suggests
Genetic variants for autism linked to higher rates of self-harm and childhood maltreatment
Extent of human encroachment into world’s protected areas revealed
Women in STEM: Stepheni Uh
Childhood obesity linked to structural differences in key brain regions
Revealing nanostructure of wood could help raise height limits for wooden skyscrapers
Virtual investment experiment indicates informed consumers choose sustainable funds even with
‘Artificial leaf’ successfully produces clean gas
Cambridge joins new transatlantic research alliance to detect cancer at its earliest stage
Prevention better than cure at keeping young users from getting involved in cybercrime
Prevention better than cure at preventing young users from getting involved in cybercrime
Women in STEM: Emma Glennon
Menu labelling linked to less fat and salt in food at major UK restaurant chains
Risk of Ebola outbreaks could be reduced by understanding how ecosystems influence human health
Vice-Chancellor’s awards showcase University’s societal impact and public engagement
Women in STEM: Amelia Drew
Electronic solid could reduce carbon emissions in fridges and air conditioners
Professor Didier Queloz wins 2019 Nobel Prize in Physics for first discovery of an exoplanet
Professor Didier Queloz wins 2019 Nobel Prize in Physics for discovery of an exoplanet
Cambridge alumnus Sir Peter Ratcliffe awarded 2019 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine
Antidepressant use more than doubles among over 65s in two decades
Women in STEM: Dr Helen WIlliams
Mild-to-moderate hearing loss in children leads to changes in how brain processes sound
Mechanisms of real-time speech interpretation in human brain revealed
Study highlights potential of whole genome sequencing to enable personalised cancer treatment
Type 2 diabetes remission possible with ‘achievable’ weight loss, say researchers
Women in STEM: Dr Alexis Braun
New augmented reality head-mounted display offers unrivalled viewing experience
University Enterprise Zone aims to drive innovation across Cambridge
Women in STEM: Sheen Gurrib
Cambridge appoints first DeepMind Professor of Machine Learning
Shakespeare’s mystery annotator identified as John Milton
Nanoparticles used to transport anti-cancer agent to cells
Harnessing tomato jumping genes could help speed-breed drought-resistant crops
Women in STEM: Dr Cohl Furey
Nanowires replace Newton’s famous glass prism
Cambridge University Library unveils rich histories, struggles and hidden labours of Women
Women in STEM: Dr Anna-Maria Pappa
Eight Cambridge researchers awarded major European starter grants
Vintage film reveals Antarctic glacier melting
Unhappy mothers talk more to their baby boys, study finds
Lost Irish words rediscovered, including word for ‘oozes pus’
Exercise in pregnancy improves health of obese mothers by restoring their tissues, mouse study finds
‘Mental rigidity’ at root of intense political partisanship on both left and right – study
Women in STEM: Verity Allan
Women in STEM: Dr Cecilia Brassett
Colour-changing artificial ‘chameleon skin’ powered by nanomachines
Opinion: Plants can tell time even without a brain