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Autistic adults have a higher rate of physical health conditions
Punctured lung affects almost one in a hundred hospitalised COVID-19 patients
Living Planet Report reveals 68% decline in global wildlife populations since 1970
AI shows how hydrogen becomes a metal inside giant planets
Artificial intelligence explains hydrogen’s behavior on giant planets
Canada announces judicial appointments in province of British Columbia 10 September
New model predicts oesophageal cancer eight years early for half of all patients
‘Wild West’ mentality lingers in US mountain regions
Antiretroviral therapy fails to treat one-third of HIV patients in Malawi hospital
New molecule repairs cartilage and relieves symptoms of osteoarthritis
Indigenous scientist looks through weeds to a bigger picture
Combining PCR and antibody tests at point of care dramatically increases COVID-19 detection in hospitalised
Scriptures rarely a significant motivating factor behind violence, say researchers
Cambridge to lead national consortium examining immune response to SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus
JMU Secures Top Places in Shanghai Ranking
University of Würzburg secures top places in Shanghai Ranking
Sheffield immunologists part of unprecedented national effort to search for answers on Covid-19
Microbes working together multiply biomass conversion possibilities
Cambridge-developed SARS-CoV-2 vaccine receives £1.9million from UK government for clinical trial
Effectiveness of primate conservation measures mostly unproved
Understand what works when trying to protect monkeys and apes, say scientists
Wireless device makes clean fuel from sunlight, CO2 and water
Productivity Institute to help boost growth and level-up living standards
Synchronous timing of past abrupt climate changes
Cambridge takes major role in initiative to help solve UK ‘productivity puzzle’
Children’s fiction on terror is leading a youth ‘write-back’ against post-9/11 paranoia
Alliance Manchester Business School at University of Manchester to head up £32m productivity institute
Carbon dioxide ‘pulses’ are a common feature of carbon cycle
Tackling COVID-19: Professor Daniela De Angelis
Prevention of heart disease can start before birth
Ageing heart cells offer clues to susceptibility of older people to severe COVID-19
University ranked first in Canada, 23rd in world in latest Shanghai academic and research rankings
Cambridge engineers recognised with awards for pandemic service
University strengthens performance in ARWU rankings
New tech and policy lab to tackle biggest challenges in tech ecosystem
Tumour gene test could help to predict ovarian cancer prognosis
Adding a metre between meals boosts vegetarian appeal – study
Coffee stains inspire optimal printing technique for electronics
Meditation-relaxation therapy may offer escape from terror of sleep paralysis
Secretary of State has appointed Professor Roger Bland, OBE, and Dr Megan Gooch as Chair and Trustee of Treasure
Transgender and gender-diverse individuals are more likely to be autistic and report higher autistic traits
Metallic blue fruits use fat to produce colour and signal a treat for birds
Whiteness of AI erases people of colour from our ‘imagined futures’, researchers argue
Management gender diversity essential in adversity
Study suggests embryos could be susceptible to coronavirus as early as second week of pregnancy
New light shed on cell migration
New UK support to tackle devastating locust swarms in East Africa
Green energy and better crops: tinted solar panels could boost farm incomes