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Climate change to shrink economies of rich, poor, hot and cold countries alike unless Paris
Shelley’s Peterloo poem took inspiration from radical press, new research reveals
University of Sydney ranks among world’s top 100
Ancient faeces reveal how ‘marsh diet’ left Bronze Age Fen folk infected with parasites
Joint lubricating fluid plays key role in osteoarthritic pain, study finds
Women in STEM: Fiona Iddon
AI used to test evolution’s oldest mathematical model
Scientists reverse ageing process in rat brain stem cells
Governments are failing to understand global catastrophic risks and need to take urgent action
Women in STEM: Dr Anita Faul
Machine learning to help develop self-healing robots that ‘feel pain’
Prenatal parental stress linked to behaviour problems in toddlers
New stem cell combination could help to repair damaged hearts
Women in STEM: Valentina Ndolo
High levels of oestrogen in womb linked to autism
Women in STEM: Dr Kate Dry
Deputy Director of Penn’s Abramson Cancer Center Receives $3 Million Grant from Gray Foundation
Cleaning Our Water with Groundbreaking ‘Bioinspired’ Chemistry
Highly Protected Marine Areas review panel confirmed
Commission releases first round of evidence of extremism
‘Crystal clocks’ used to time magma storage before volcanic eruptions
Opinion: Betting on speculative geoengineering may risk an escalating ‘climate debt crisis’
Top UK organisations release annual statistics for use of animals in research
Women in STEM: Maria Skoularidou
First-ever visualisations of electrical gating effects on electronic structure could lead
Presidential honors for four Lab researchers
‘The Next Leap Forward’ – four quantum technologies hubs to lead UK’s research drive
Ancient defence strategy continues to protect plants from pathogens
Women in STEM: Holly Pacey
Cambridge Heart and Lung Research Institute receives major funding boost
Hangzhou’s Liangzhu Archaeological Site joins UNESCO World Heritage Site club
Cambridge historian and his family members announced as joint winners of one of biggest cash
Patients with an ’empathic’ GP at reduced risk of early death
Cambridge University signs San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment
Robot uses machine learning to harvest lettuce
Autistic adults experience high rates of negative life events
Problematic smartphone use linked to poorer grades, alcohol misuse and more sexual partners
Women in STEM: Josie Gaynord
Tsinghua University Amgen Scholars Program Officially Launched
Scientists identify possible source of ‘Uncanny Valley’ in brain
Space weather causes radiation damage to satellites
What makes a good excuse ? A Cambridge philosopher may have answer
Sowing seeds for timber skyscrapers can rewind carbon footprint of concrete industry
Nanjing Jiangbei New Area launches “source place plan”
General Manager and Deputy General Manager Announcements
Women in STEM: Dr Cora Uhlemann
DNA could enable repatriation of ancient Aboriginal remains
Graphene goes to space