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Academic’s 20-year quest to restore rare African forest
How New Zealand could become a world leader in decarbonisation using forestry and geothermal technology
Freshwater ecosystems under threat in warming Aotearoa
Innovative tech could generate renewable energy and capture carbon
Sea ice can control Antarctic ice sheet stability, new research finds
Canterbury astronomers spot quadruple stars which may spark supernova explosions
Smeagol ‘gravel maggot’ leaves its rare mark on remote West Coast
We can generate green hydrogen, but how will we store it?
Canterbury researchers in global effort to save Mekong Delta from drowning
Why you should start composting now
Revolutionising construction industry one panel at time
Prehistoric earthquakes and snail shells may give future insights
Tackling climate change with ‘carbon negative’ green hydrogen
Plan to transform food processing waste would boost NZ economy and environment
Te Pūheke opens pathway towards improved environmental stewardship
Technology teacher numbers boosted by new University of Canterbury entry system
Discovering Adulterer’s Guide: Aotearoa’s Wicked Bible
Researchers tackle wicked problems in shipping industry
Spinning stars shed new light on strange galactic signal
Spinning stars shed new light on strange signal coming from galactic center
Global sustainability first for UC
Mathematics maps lifecycle of melanoma in new biotech experiments
Complex model from physics observed for first time in vertebrate muscle
Warning signal for volcanic eruptions could be life-saving discovery
New research detects pre-eruption warning signals at Whakaari White Island and other active volcanoes
University opens doors in Open Christchurch
What makes amazing people do amazing things in te ao Māori
Two University of Canterbury schools stand their ground in 2022 QS subject rankings
Building a better national system requires local partnerships
Are small scale farms future of global agriculture?
Christchurch wins digi-tech conference to shape future learning
Our cities are making us fat and unhealthy – a ‘healthy location index’ can help us plan better
Wellbeing of Airbnb hosts explored in new Canterbury research
Top 24 participants announced in 2022 Food, Fibre & Agritech Supernode Challenge
Top 25 participants announced in 2022 Food, Fibre & Agritech Supernode Challenge
Party safely this weekend
As New Zealand relaxes restrictions, here’s what we can still do to limit COVID infections
Te Reo and tikanga Māori for better tertiary teaching
Immersive motion ball potential VR training tool
Partnership hits all sweet notes
Transforming our mental health through nutrition
Canterbury engineers create world-leading design for Kiwi Paralympic skier
Clown in an empty circus: How brands can tackle trolling by taking away enabling audience
Burglars busiest during university o’week
Climate leader Bronwyn Hayward named supreme Woman of Influence
New Zealand’s border quarantine has intercepted thousands of COVID cases, but is it time to retire flawed system?
Most challenging phase of Omicron outbreak is yet to come, but New Zealand may be better prepared than other countries
How long to midnight? Doomsday Clock measures more than nuclear risk – and it’s about to be reset again