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Researchers identify new genes linked to longer reproductive lifespan in women
Endurance sport can push body to its limits
Dinosaurs lived in warmer and more dynamic climate than previously thought
More complex than we thought: body’s reaction to contact allergens
Researchers: Let crop residues rot in field – it’s a climate win
A Trojan horse could help get drugs past our brain’s tough border patrol
Olympics in 60 seconds: From Greek myth to modern-day mega-event
Tokyo 2020: from euphoria to deep worry
Old dog poop provides insight into one of Alaska’s indigenous peoples and their relationship to dog
CO2 storage through dead plant material
Covid-19 clinical trials ignore gender differences
Canine faeces reveal more about 17th century working sled dogs
Studies add to concern about climate tipping
Danish invention to make computer servers worldwide more climate friendly
Climate report: Home buyers ignore flood risk
A globally important microbial process hidden on marine particles
Differences in human, mouse brain cells have important implications for disease research
First time in lab: Everything suddenly made sense
Study identifies heart block cause in athletes
Five types of passengers: How we respond to fines on bus
Researcher: Drop notion that we can protect our own data
New invention keeps qubits of light stable at room temperature
How sex trafficking trauma affects way its survivors parent
Bacteria used to clean diesel-polluted soil in Greenland
Algorithm reveals mysterious foraging habits of narwhals
Plants use a blend of external influences to evolve defense mechanisms
Air conditioning unnecessary in majority of heatwave conditions globally
Researchers’ algorithm to make CRISPR gene editing more precise
Ancient air bubbles speak to a much warmer Antarctica during ice-age than once believed
Researchers Improve Efficiency and Accessibility of CRISPR
Artificial intelligence enhances efficacy of sleep disorder treatments
Bioengineering tomorrows’ sustainable plant-based food
Five Royal Society of Chemistry prizes won by Imperial researchers and teams
10,000-year-old bones reveal earliest goat herders’ practices
From meat-production to urinary tract infections
Study tracks food’s value from farm to plate globally
Ancient sand reveals missing piece of 3.2-billion-year-old continent
Research sheds light on origins, age of massive impact crater
What could possibly go wrong with virtual reality?
Study reveals a universal travel pattern across four continents
Proteomics reveals how exercise increases efficiency of muscle energy production
Geological riddle solved: Roof of World has gotten higher
Flint stone sounds suggest a Stone Age settlement in Copenhagen’s Svanemøllen Harbour
Weight-loss treatment prevents accumulation of lipid linked to cardiac mortality
Study reveals new details on what happened in first microsecond of Big Bang
How a small fish coped with being isolated from sea
Differences between leopards are greater than between brown bears and polar bears
Migratory songbirds climb to extreme altitudes during daytime