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8 March, 8 women, 8 research results
Beauty is in brain of beholder: An AI generates personally attractive images by reading brain data
NASA’s Perseverance Rover Gives High-Definition Panoramic View of Landing Site
UCPH gathers medical anthropologists for a conference on chronic conditions
Are we alone? UCPH researchers hold their breath ahead of Mars landing
Milky Way may be swarming with planets with oceans and continents like here on Earth
Danish research institutions join leading European network of cultural heritage
Skin tissue samples from 3,000 patients to give researchers new insights into psoriasis and eczema
Climate – Permafrost lost
Clinical trial in hospitalized COVID-19 patients evaluates long-acting antibody therapy
New microscopy concept enters into force
Periodontitis increases risk of bacteria in donor blood
Computer can determine whether you’ll die from COVID
We’re more like primitive fishes than once believed
Sweden ahead of Denmark in public sector organic food race
New study: Which beverages burst with umami potential?
Virtual reality will help us in communicating social benefits of vaccination
46 mio. kr. for seven young researchers
Personalized vaccine produces long-lasting anti-tumor response in patients with melanoma, study shows
Loneliness hits young people harder during lockdown
Fair treatment with AI
Expanded PET Imaging Time Window Adds Convenience and Flexibility for Neuroendocrine Tumor Patients
Aphids suck: Invasive aphid found on Danish apple trees
ZHOU Qi’s research team publishes 3 papers regarding diversity of animal chromosomes
Your organic waste will be upcycled to fertilise fields
Unusual sex chromosomes of platypus, emu and duck
How Earth’s oddest mammal got to be so bizarre
DTU is Part of a New National Centre for Digital Technologies
We want people to choose green
Danish and Chinese tongues taste broccoli and chocolate differently
Droughts, viruses and road networks: Trends that will impact our forests
Can an abundant green mineral solve our climate crisis? Exploring power of Olivine
Three ERC Consolidator Grants to DTU researchers
New research questions myth of elderly widower: of course grandpa cooks
Ever-elusive riddle: What’s best way to cut Christmas cookies?
Statistician studies effects of weather and air pollution in transmission of COVID-19
Better diabetes treatment: New insulin molecule can self-regulate blood sugar
Prehistoric hunters from North Sea used human bones as weapons
New diagnostic model to help speed up treatment of children with cancer
New research reveals ‘megatrends’ that will affect forests in next decade
New book provides rare insights into a Mesopotamian medical practitioner’s education
DKK 25 M to develop recombinant snakebite antivenom
Greenland outlet glaciers may be melting faster than predicted
A New Species of Rare Phylum Loricifera Discovered in Deep-sea Surrounding Japan
Bed dust microorganisms may boost children’s health
New understanding of mobility paves way for tomorrow’s transport systems
Timeless, complimentary taste of oysters and champagne-explained
Skewed gut flora is one cause of asthma among children delivered by C-section