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Tree islands bring biodiversity to oil palm plantations
Washing Machine Effect Ensures Healthy Teeth
Land Abandonment Increases, Changing Nature
Soil Microbiology Research: Bridging Lab and Field Studies
Metal-poor stars are more life-friendly
Metal-Poor Stars Enhance Life Potential
Genes Read Faster and More Sloppily in Old Age
No obesity paradox: Waist-to-Height Ratio Better for Heart Failure Outcomes
Research: Waist-to-Height Ratio Better Than BMI for Heart Failure Outcomes
Plant roots fuel tropical soil animal communities
MoBIE Enables High-Speed Microscopy of Large Data Sets
Clever Orchard Design Boosts Nut Production
Soil biodiversity link to human health
Global South Strengthens Ecology, Conservation Efforts
Global Wetland Losses Overestimated, Stanford Study Shows
Coloring Samples in Shadow: Now Possible
Crops Mix for Ecosystem Benefits in Agriculture
Earth’s Cooling Recorded in Billions of Years by Chert Rock
Risk of Population Disruption from Decarbonisation
Increasing forest cover in Eifel region 11,000 years ago resulted in local loss of megafauna
Eifel Region Forest Expansion Led to Megafauna Loss 11,000 Years Ago
Research into Impacts of Human Occupation on Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest Receives Funding
Bizarrely Appearing Scorpionfly Genus Discovered
Professor Perminder Sachdev Awarded 2022 Ryman Prize
Climate change in forests of northern Germany
Course developed at Uppsala University wins ENLIGHT award
Rainer Blatt Named 2023 Herbert Walther Award Recipient
A unique place for deceleration: Goethe University’s “House of Silence”
Fluorescence finds color patterns of earliest scallops
Traveler from Edge of Solar System
Secrets of Namibia’s fairy circles demystified
Earthquake sensors warn of flooding and damage potential
Seismic sensing finds flood damage potential
Secret of swing – addressed in lab
Making and breaking of chemical bonds
Cacao: Multiple interactions in its cultivation
Building blocks of future for photovoltaics
New quantum technology combines free electrons and photons
Unexpected quantum effects in natural double-layer graphene
Bacterial cellulose could enable microbial life on Mars
Bacterial cellulose enables microbial life on Mars
Sharp X-ray images despite imperfect lenses
How tree extinction affects food web
Organic farming or flower strips – which is better for bees?
Algae reveal clues about climate changes over millions of years
Cell division in moss and animals more similar than previously thought
How equal charges in enzymes control biochemical reactions
Bringing “cultural diplomacy” to classics