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Algae reveal clues about climate changes over millions of years
Cell division in moss and animals more similar than previously thought
How equal charges in enzymes control biochemical reactions
Bringing “cultural diplomacy” to classics
German Research Foundation has approved new research unit dedicated to soil ecology
Burst of rapid cell motion in 3D tumor model
Stalagmites trace climate history and impact from volcanic eruptions
Recently identified protein group plays major role in nature
Impact of Covid social isolation measures on early development
Virtual tours make pig farming more transparent
Balanced diet can mitigate negative impact of pests for bumblebees
Branching worm discovered in Japan named after Godzilla’s nemesis
Protein molecules in mitochondria clearly assigned for first time
Omicron variant largely resistant to anti-viral medication
With right balance against Omicron
New approach to complete genetic data
Integrated photonics meet electron microscopy
Integrated photonics meets electron microscopy
Innovative X-ray imaging reveals Covid can cause vascular damage to heart
Shining new light on elusive flying bats
Ancient lineage of algae found to include five “cryptic” species
Physicists discover novel quantum effect in bilayer graphene
Secrets of quillwort photosynthesis could boost crop efficiency
Quillwort genome highlights divergences in aquatic CAM photosynthesis
How Sun’s magnetic forces arrange gas particles
Scientists identify protective role of cells in overwintering fungi
Human fingerprint in meteorological background noise
Novel quantum effect discovered in naturally occurring graphene
Climate Scientists win Nobel Prize for Physics
Scientists shed new light on mechanical regulation of epithelial tissue homeostasis
Creating order by mechanical deformation in dense active matter
More support needed for pollination services in agriculture
Some animal species can survive successfully without sexual reproduction
Dogs Tell Difference between Intentional and Unintentional Action
Bird communities threatened by urbanization
History of spread of pepper is an early example of global trade
Solar-powered microbes to feed world?
Eco-friendly plastic from cellulose and water
Inadequate protection for women and girls seeking refuge in Germany
Genome editing for food: how do people react?
Faster statistical analysis of large data sets
Bronze Age: how market began
Stronger together: how protein filaments interact
Sacred natural sites protect biodiversity in Iran
Origin of fairy circles: Euphorbia hypothesis disproved
Machine Learning Speeds up Simulations in Material Science
What does your voice say about you?
Scrap for cash before coins