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Mosquito-borne diseases could be prevented by skin cream
Rail research centre on track to boost economy
Leeds flying high for top employers
Clearing up cloudy climate predictions
Patients needed for irritable bowel syndrome trial
Children’s packed lunches lack nutritional quality
Quicker and cooler is best for clothes
Cancer Research UK delegation visits Leeds
Driving debate on UK agricultural trade policy
Leeds academic to drive debate on UK agricultural trade policy
Sweet success – sugar levels drop in UK yogurts
Deaf people at risk of being ‘excluded from astronomy’
Walking and cycling to work linked with fewer heart attacks
Using ‘synthetic worlds’ to boost business efficiency
Prize challenge to artists and scientists
Breathing new life into Earth’s oxygen debate
Greenland losing ice ‘faster than expected’
Leeds research which could revolutionise vaccine development
Developing next generation of anticoagulant
Suffragan Bishop of Doncaster 2 December 2019
Most Black Friday purchases soon end up as waste
University opens National Pig Centre in Yorkshire
“Exceedingly rare” plant species face increased chances of extinction
Drill or no drill – ‘the end of dentist’s dilemma’
Unpredictable evolution in brain tumours
Greenhouse gas nitrous oxide is on rise
Bowel cancer rates after colonoscopy vary by provider
Vitamin D dials down aggression in melanoma cells
Lecture theatre transformation enables diverse forms of teaching at Imperial
‘Wolves in sheep’s clothing’ – superbugs outsmarting lab tests
A measure of success: new Nexus partnership
Fungi could reduce reliance on fertilisers
A new approach for tackling superbugs
Recognising advancement of gender equality
‘Tricked’ bacteria open new pathways to antimicrobial treatments
Boost for cancer diagnosis health tech
‘lab-bot’ that could revolutionise hunt for cancer drugs
Research Spotlight – September 2019
‘No sudden jump in warming’ from emissions cuts
University commits to bold climate crisis action
Rare molecule weighing in on birth of planets
Improving cancer care: new data hub
Finding an effective way to reduce pressure ulcers
Scientists identify potential cause of statin-related muscle pain
Busting myth of ‘white working class’
Early education setback for summer premature births
Better tests needed for urinary tract infections
Boosting health technology innovation