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Major funding boost to support future research leaders
Next steps announced to boost road safety and close mobile phone loophole
Pioneering Leeds researchers accepted into leading programme
COVID-19 vaccine trial begins in Leeds
UK’s most promising scientists backed by over £100 million government investment to bring pioneering ideas
Faster footballs result in harder headers
Modelling temperature variation on distant stars
Using robotic assistance to make colonoscopy kinder and easier
Can wearable technology help care homes save lives?
Proglacial lakes are accelerating glacier ice loss
Meltwater lakes are accelerating glacier ice loss
New project is a breath of fresh air for Bradford school kids
Global food production poses an increasing climate threat
Understanding way proteins shapeshift
New materials will help UK achieve net-zero, say researchers
Carbon pollution particles found in placenta cells for first time
Decent living for all does not have to cost Earth
Climate: Iodic acid influences cloud formation at North Pole
Take a virtual tour from sea bed to outer space
Harnessing plant power for renewable energy
Thousands of excess deaths during pandemic peak
Universities team up against antisocial behaviour
Air pollution particles and metals found in placenta
First evidence that air pollution particles and metals are reaching placenta
Astronomers explain dying stars’ beautiful dust clouds
Ice sheets could add 39 centimetres to sea level by 2100
Working together to stay safe
Making maths targets add up
Home of ‘Asian unicorn’ becomes nature reserve in Vietnam
Novel drug could be a powerful weapon in fight against malaria and toxoplasmosis
Intricate protein architecture linked to disease
Halving risk of infection following surgery
Scientists call shots on new COVID-19 public awareness film
Trees living fast die young
New study hopes to reduce demand for colonoscopies within NHS
Digital skills courses reach more than half a million learners
25 Argentine students return from studying in UK with Chevening
Links between arthritis therapy and heart disease improvements
New method of detecting illnesses including coronavirus and cystic fibrosis
Sea level rise matches worst-case scenario
Exploring boundary between art and science
New malaria transmission patterns emerge in Africa
‘Our low-carbon future needs to be circular’
‘Design for reuse’ – reducing environmental costs of renewable energy
Research predicted anti-COVID steroid benefits
Universities in Leeds – Together for Pride 2020
Academic honoured for ‘exceptional achievements’ tackling COVID
Lianas strongly impact forests in southern Amazonia