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Native American mascots, names, chants: More offensive than previously reported
Probing genetic basis of Roundup resistance in morning glory, a noxious agricultural weed
Latest University of Michigan teach-out focuses on presidential election process
Nanospirals that form as molten metals solidify could be key to new materials-and even invisibility
New index ranks America’s 100 most disadvantaged communities
After a bone injury, shape-shifting cells rush to rescue
More than a knee injury: ACL tears cause harmful changes in our brain structure
Can a tiny invasive snail help save Latin American coffee?
Kids are all right: Housework nearly equal between boys and girls
Full influenza vaccination among children cuts hospitalization in half
Urine fertilizer: ‘Aging’ effectively protects against transfer of antibiotic resistance
Healthy commercial ads don’t change teens’ desire to eat junk food
Home-cooked meals linked to higher diet quality but lower-income Americans still fall behind
Collaboration improves odds of educating patients about HIV prevention pill
Open water in wintertime Arctic is changing its atmosphere
Strike up band: 400+ University of Michigan alums teaching ‘more than music’ in classrooms across state
Grant will allow University of Michigan researchers to study how poverty affects brain
Two in one: Fossil shells reveal both global mercury contamination and warming when dinosaurs perished
Azteca ant colonies move same way leopards’ spots form
Newly described fossil whale represents intermediate stage between foot-powered and tail-powered swimming
Fiscal health: Mixed signals for Michigan’s local governments
Study: Water births are as safe as land births for mom, baby
Parker Solar Probe: ‘We’re missing something fundamental about sun’
Migratory birds shrinking as climate warms, new analysis of four-decade record shows
Consumer confidence propels economy forward
How an AI solution can design new tuberculosis drug regimens
Study finds no discrimination in issuing same-sex marriage licenses
Beyond Moore’s Law: Taking transistor arrays into third dimension
Economic Growth Institute recognized for innovative programs that benefit Michigan businesses
New research explains how HIV avoids getting ZAPped
From Brazil to Ann Arbor: Izabel Varejão shoots high on and off court
Caring Camp: North Star Reach lets campers swap medical routines for freedom, fun
What humans want in an automated car
Voters agree with polls that favor their candidates
University of Michigan’s new collaboration could help rethink trauma care in India
Federal program that punishes hospitals may not improve patient outcomes
A laser pointer could hack your voice-controlled virtual assistant
New NIH grant helps University of Michigan collaborate in India on genetics
Racial discrimination linked to suicidal thoughts in African American men
Michigan leaders worried about possible effects of next recession
Implantable cancer traps could provide earlier diagnosis, help monitor treatment
Everyone in health care should know about opioids – and a free new online course from University of Michigan can…
US-born residents more than five times likely to use prescription opioids than new immigrants
Too many older adults readmitted to hospitals with same infections they took home
Negative news coverage empowers collective action in minorities
University of Michigan Solar Car team secures third place after tense Bridgestone World Solar Challenge
First widespread chytrid fungus infections in frogs of Peruvian Amazon rain forests reported
Don’t go chasing (gas) waterfalls-unless you’re an astronomer studying planet formation