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Hard to crack research reveals how crop roots penetrate hard soils
Global study of first impressions adds diversity
£4.3m for Nottingham quantum projects to solve universe’s mysteries
Quantum projects launched to solve universe’s mysteries
Number of people suffering extreme droughts set to double worldwide, new climate change study shows
Nottingham plays key role in getting Oxford Covid vaccine approved
Mystery of Amazon region’s rare fertile soils is unlocked
Impact of Covid-19 on forced marriage in UK is investigated by Nottingham researchers
Next frontier in engineering learning – UK’s first university module taught wholly in VR
Making a meal of it? A wartime view of pub restrictions
Research helps shape new blood donation rules for men who have sex with men
Landmark change to blood donation criteria
Better ways to manage virus explored by new trials
New study explores attitudes to putting edible insects on menu
Big iMRI Appeal: Intra-operative MRI scanner unveiled after charity appeal
Novel MRI technology for personalised ‘mapping’ of human brain connections
Research shows Black Holes can grow ‘hair’ when spinning
New aerospace support programme offers Midlands SMEs innovation grants worth up to £100K
Research could lead to step-change in NHS hearing aid provision
Peatland preservation vital to climate
New spin-out company signals quantum leap for brain imaging
People with rare autoimmune diseases are at an increased risk of dying during Covid-19 pandemic
Crisis moment as world enters next decade of fighting modern slavery
Genetic study reveals pre-eclampsia risk factors
Breaking rules of chemistry unlocks new reaction
New DNA scanning method could lead to quicker diagnosis of cancer and rare disease
Genetic study shows that risk of pre-eclampsia is related to blood pressure and BMI
Study launched to investigate nutrient intake of people switching to vegan diet
Genetic study shows that risk of pre-eclampsia is related to blood pressure and body mass index
Epic online music marathon will showcase best of Midlands’ talent
New flavour research is tasty addition to Chinese partnership
Looking to past to build food security for future
Researchers have developed a new theory for observing a quantum vacuum that could lead to new insights into
New grant to advance world’s first smart breathing tube for mechanically-ventilated patients
Plant research seals importance of microbes for survival and growth
£12.2 million boost for Covid-19 genomic surveillance
History detective reveals Civil War massacre cover-up
New protein imaging method paves ways for next generation biomaterials and tissue analysis
New tool predicts geological movement and flow of groundwater in old coalfields
A healthy lifestyle is key to prevention of type 2 diabetes, says new study
People of Black and Asian ethnicity up to twice as likely to be infected with COVID-19 as those of White ethnicity
Research supports farmers as part of new Agriculture bill
Electrical stimulation reduces swallowing problems in patients with neurological conditions, finds new study
Expanding Global Ed, Intercultural Learning at Neag School
Leading scientists call for a National Covid-19 Resilience Programme to keep older people healthy and resilient
Drones to fight fires and deliver COVID-19 supplies are first to receive share of over £33 million government
University of Nottingham supports Rolls-Royce project to accelerate future aerospace technologies
County Lines drug networks adapt to circumvent lockdown restrictions, new research