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How plants colonize base of an active stratovolcano
Two-step adaptive walk in wild
Scientists receive funding to help transition to low-carbon world
University of Sussex’s Centre for Inclusive Trade Policy launches today
Clinical trial launched for wearable device to control Tourette Syndrome
NHS Blood and Transplant launches £20m blood, organ, plasma, and stem cell research units
Research Excellence Framework 2021 – University of Nottingham Result
Personal stories of alcohol addiction could help shape future healthcare
Drax to pilot more pioneering new carbon capture technology
Ofsted rates University of Nottingham teacher training courses as ‘Outstanding’
Clean marine: £5.5m research effort to fuel ships on green ammonia
Chinese Scientists Develop Highly Robust Stretchable Electrode for E-skin Applications
Scientist receives prestigious ERC funding to unravel mystery of rapid cell division in malaria parasite
Talk therapy may alleviate depression and improve quality of life for people with dementia
Researchers discover drug-resistant environmental mould is capable of infecting people
Researchers discover drug-resistant mould is capable of infecting people
Scientists discover drug-resistant environmental mold is capable of infecting people
Scientists use machine learning to identify antibiotic resistant bacteria that can spread between animals, humans and environment
Train crash philosophy experiment to be brought to life with Virtual Reality
Engineers to develop efficient alternative to current carbon capture technology
Civilians and military to take part in major study to improve concussion prognosis
Research finds extent of labor abuse and illegal fishing risks among fishing fleets
Extent of labour abuse and illegal fishing risks among fishing fleets
Personalised testing for safety and effectiveness of common medicines must be offered throughout NHS, says new report
Local dementia carers will sing in opera based on Nottingham research
Solar: energy of freedom, or driver of modern slavery?
£1.25m initiative to build diverse energy research community
New book sheds light on start of Universe
Funding boost for research into sleep and ADHD
Rates of Crohn’s and Colitis have been vastly underestimated for decades, says new study
Spreading word on health benefits of wild swimming
Shape of bacteria can make it more effective, and useful predator, says new study
Vegetable oil emissions study reveals urgent need for greener growing solutions
Rebuilding business resilience in wake of Covid
World’s most beautiful endangered snail crowned Mollusc of Year 2022
Home care can help with recovery of people with schizophrenia in low- income countries
New research network will aim to improve muscle resilience throughout people’s lifespan
Detailed molecular map of skin layer creates pathways for treatments
Male jockeys have no more influence over performance of racehorse than female jockeys
Research sheds light on mysterious messenger RNA modifications
New antimicrobial air filters tested on trains rapidly kill Covid and other viruses
New research aims to assess needs of adults with cerebral palsy
New modelling framework developed to improve infectious disease control
East Midlands volunteers needed for study into vaccine hesitancy
Study looks at effects of single-sided deafness treatments on patients
Scientist joins mission to measure effects of climate change in Antarctica
Research finds small-scale renewable energy sources could cause power failures
Sustainable plastic packaging innovations receive boost with new funding