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Walking with atoms – chemical bond making and breaking recorded in action
Lame sheep adjust their behaviour to cope with their condition, says a new study
New E. coli-Infecting Bacteriophage Introduced in PHAGE
University of Nottingham Spin out secures major collaboration deal with Johnson and Johnson
Street art depicting modern slavery can empower community action towards ending enslavement
Exploring death and dying in UK: A call for volunteers
Science adds flavour to unique chocolate made in Nottingham
New research uncovers improvements in vaccines against meningitis
University of Nottingham ranked fourth in world for university sustainability
University of Nottingham to honour acclaimed actor Samantha Morton
Sharing is caring – is nature coming up with clever solutions to big biological problems?
Pharmacy service will save NHS £651 million
Imagery matters to anti-slavery work says new report
New study into historical connections between Nottingham’s universities and transatlantic slavery
Turning bread into beer to tackle food waste and child food poverty pint by pint
University of Nottingham sees Periodic Table comes alive for Chemistry Week
‘Solving enigma’ of Ibn Taymiyya – controversial medieval Muslim scholar
National strategy needed for adult education and lifelong learning, new report argues
New collaboration in global effort to fight modern slavery
New report shines light on challenges faced by technicians working in higher education
Classic 60’s avant garde novel to be brought to life on streets of Nottingham
New ‘bike helmet’ style brain scanner used with children for first time
Festival brings academia to life
An alternative to dry ice could revolutionise cell and tissue transportation worldwide
An alternative to dry ice could revolutionize cell and tissue transportation worldwide
University of Nottingham joins movement to address food industry productivity and workforce challenges
University’s Institute brings together researchers, policymakers and public to help shape future
Hidden histories of WW1 German prisoners of war revealed
Nottingham and Nottinghamshire call on other UK cities to become slavery-free this Anti-Slavery day
Defence investment set to transform recovery from combat trauma
Power of music to improve health and wellbeing under discussion at conference
New funding for Zimbabwe micronutrient research
Survivor narratives should inform antislavery work says new report
A father’s diet could affect long-term heart health of his offspring
Itchy skin allergies in dogs linked to problem behaviour, says new study
Government at risk of missing its own Ageing Society target, says new report
Innovative microfinance scheme is alleviating child poverty in Northern India
Stopping malaria in its tracks – new research could help prevent transmission of deadly disease
New immersive captioning tech to revolutionise theatres’ provision for deaf audiences
Angry chef brings slice of truth to Food Tales series
Male breast cancer patients do not receive same support as female patients, says a new study
You don’t have to go cold turkey on red meat to see big health benefits
Cute rabbit survey uncovers most popular bunny face
Guardians of a Colombian river granted legal rights come to Nottingham
GPs need more training to better help support victims of bullying
Sustainable solution discovered for key chemical process
Study finds Virtual Reality training could improve employee safety
Research stamps out fears of hazardous materials in a Heritage Shoe Collection