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University of Nottingham launches country’s first degree apprenticeship for veterinary professionals
Alpine ice core reveals how climate change impacted WW1 and incubated Spanish Flu
Common pelvic pain drug is ineffective, study finds
History of sound technologies brought to life online
Volunteers needed to help train next generation of pharmacists
Researchers uncover tools used by predatory bacteria to escape unharmed from prey cell
Date desert survival research receives international award
Researchers investigate personalised mechanical ventilation of COVID-19 patients using computer simulations
CSC develops sensors for micro-defects
Scientist calls for EU to enforce non-animal antibody production in research and industry
COVID-19 pandemic significantly increased anxiety and depression in UK
New treatment hope for aggressive brain tumour
University of Nottingham to develop asymptomatic testing service to help control hidden spread of COVID-19
Camera monitoring significantly improves safety of HGV driving
Study launched to reduce self-harm and suicide in autistic adults
Sticking to rules will save lives, say local leaders
New study will look at how immune system responds to COVID-19
Trent Building is in pink
Gene test can predict risk of medications causing liver injury
ARU is top for Education and Sports Science
New emergency project to help displaced people in Zimbabwe fight COVID-19
Plant protein discovery could reduce need for fertiliser
Spotlight on entire criminal justice detention system for first time in new £1.3m study
New global network will tackle challenges around ageing society and rehabilitation
UK military dog to receive PDSA Dickin Medal after tackling Al Qaeda insurgents
Birth of a crystal filmed in atomic resolution
Funding will allow advancement of Nottingham COVID-19 vaccine to clinical trials
Early cases of COVID-19 were missed in UK due to rigid case criteria and lack of testing, says new study
New UK-Indonesian research consortium launches to tackle coronavirus and climate change
Nottingham and Canadian researchers lead new vaping study for teenagers, by teenagers
International prize for University German specialist
International prize for University German specialist
International prize for University German specialist
International prize for University German specialist
New Nottingham Space projects to boost global sustainable development
Introduced seed predators are no surrogate for extinct seed-eating animals on islands
Breast screening women in their forties could save lives
Projects to heat homes through disused mines and faster offshore wind farm construction win government backing
Machine learning research may help find new tungsten deposits in SW England
Prestigious Royal Society recognition for LGBTQ+ STEM initiative
Immune response finding offers new hope in fight against COVID
Genetic tool can identify Asian women at higher risk of breast cancer
Revolutionary blood test could transform early diagnosis of lung cancer, study finds
Researchers will investigate effect of COVID-19 on UK organised crime
Nottingham’s universities and institutions unite to drive local recovery with UK’s first Civic Agreement
Medieval medicine remedy could provide new treatment for modern day infections
Fruit flies help scientists to understand how cancer spreads
Researchers join €8m project to help SMEs adopt cloud-networked manufacturing