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Nordic Summer School at Jawaharlal Nehru University
Far Right Around World: video series
Vacancies: Research assistants
Water: what are challenges for 21st century?
Reading fiction can change your life
Overfishing of Atlantic Cod Likely Did Not Cause Genetic Changes
Globetrotters spread super bacteria more than assumed
New genes discovered that regulate level of harmful fatty substances in liver
Endurance in Swamp
On cover of Clinical Oral Implant Research
A new method makes it easier to research risk factors during pregnancy
New knowledge about how immune system works
Support for development of courses in life sciences
Solving a 40-year-old mystery with odontological techniques
Resilience of a hospital-associated bacterium dates back over a century
What Norway should ask of pharmaceutical industry in Covid-19 pandemic
Concepts shape attitudes, that’s why we should improve them
Tyler Barrott skal forske på energisamarbeidet mellom Norge og Tanzania
Adam blaming Eve in Garden of Eden laid foundations for our modern-day legal system
New article and blog post: ‘Different actors in anti-Islamic movement’
Exposure to superbacteria among visitors to tropics proved much more extensive than previously thought
New method for computational analysis of sound chosen as JASA highlight
University World News: Oslo University unveils unprecedented plan for humanities
Why Do Anthropologists Need Programming?
Special issue on Gender and Far right
Left and right-brain age differently – linked to Alzheimer’s Disease
Innovation and life sciences at University of Oslo: Six new teams ready for SPARK Norway
Call for papers: Nordic visions of international migration and refugee law
Traditions are more important than violence when rebel forces govern in Middle East
Cancer emergency rations could provide basis for new treatment
Har du barn i alderen 12-17 år? Bli med på et forskningsprosjekt om foreldres syn på dataspill
Streaming has made it more difficult to succeed in music industry
2021 far right storming of United States Capitol
Some music makes it impossible to stand still
‘Politics of Pandemics’ masters stipend awarded to Eirik Bryhn Jacobsen
Funding of new interdisciplinary research groups: registration deadline is approaching
Special issue: Restraint in Terrorist Groups and Radical Milieus
New C-REX compendium: Knowing what’s right
Rare transplant aims to resolve woman’s long bout of cancer
Researcher project for Young talents grant for Kjersti Lohne
New research project funded at RITMO
Evolution is reason you want to watch internet cat videos
How Cancers Hurt Themselves to Hurt Immune Cells More
Coronavirus measures are dividing Scandinavia. What is going on with Swedish border?
New technology allows musicians to perform together in real time and across globe
What impact does UN’s Refugee Convention have in states that never signed it?
Indian authorities taking land from farmers
Equality has always been best remedy against famine