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Nordic Branding’s closing report
New Book: 30 röster om Norden
Recap of Inspiration Series with Bente Mikkelsen
We should use more of fish for human consumption
Law and Courts Autumn Immersion: Working with large databases
Three Arne Næss grant holders join Arne Næss Programme
Differences That Make Difference
Potent intracellular antiviral activity of human IgG3 hinge on hinge
SUM’s research on politics of vaccines
Recap – RELIGHT Symposium: Road to Excellence in Global Health Research
Research Assistant for SODIS project
Recap of first Inspiration Series with Kari Krogstad
Insomnia is linked with recurrent heart events in coronary patients
Good parenting evolved multiple times in moss animals
New book: Rethinking European Social Democracy and Socialism
Supergenes make cod survivors
Call for applications: Research networks Circle U
Proteins as prognostic markers for disease oral leukoplakia and oral cancer
Call for extended abstracts to “Fit for 55”-conference
Studied dizziness and developed new method for use worldwide
Alzheimer’s leads to changes in small blood vessels in brain
Both Mussolini’s and Hitler’s rise to power followed rules of democracy
Mathematical paradox demonstrates limits of AI
Mathematical paradoxes demonstrate limits of AI
Applications due 25/3: Early career researcher workshop on social policy and democracy in Nordic
Two new research assistants at SUM
Call for Applications: Two Include MA scholarships
Research project in Venezuela is garnering international attention
Deadline 14.03: Artistic relations and exchanges in Nordic-Baltic region
Machine learning helps to identify climatic thresholds that shape distribution of natural vegetation
We need to focus on cholesterol levels even in childhood
Molds and yeasts common in daycares-could cause chronic asthma and allergy
Is there genetic link between risk of schizophrenia and surface of brain?
Call for Applications: Three Arne Næss stipends in 2022
Women know little about overdiagnosis of breast cancer
PhD course on differentiated Europe
Genetically informed atlases reveal new landscapes in brain structure
Impact of Covid social isolation measures on early development
Classical concert directed by researchers is “Happening of Year” of Danish Broadcasting Corporation
Call for Papers: 5th Nordic Challenges Conference
25 million to research on democratic backsliding in Europe
Innovation and life sciences at University of Oslo: Five new teams ready for SPARK Norway
New vaccine may provide better treatment for tuberculosis
Abstracts for NCS-workshop due 12/2
Uncover hidden patterns of immune system with artificial intelligence
New online course on Motion Capture
“We need to rethink methodology of assessing and supplementing iodine to large population groups”
They can see smallest parts of cells