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TDU Launches Skin Cancer Detection Algorithms
Maximise Savings with Home Solar System: Slash Power Bills
MOD. Unveils Exhibition FLEX
Antibiotic-Resistant Superbugs Set to Be Defeated
Top space scientists to lead iLAuNCH project
Stay Safe This Summer: Beware Potent Blue-Ringed Octopus
Smart City Campaign Fails to Connect with Residents
Council Awarded $10K for Community Activity Promotion
Vertical Garden: Beat Heat this Summer
Structured School Days Keep Kids Healthy: Maintaining It Over Holidays?
AI Not Always Truly Intelligent: Here’s What to Know
MIT community members win 2023 IEEE medals and awards
Codeine Addiction Declines Rapidly with ‘Tough Love’
Social media and eating disorders: dangerous two-way street
Codeine Use Declines After Stricter Laws
Walnuts Boost Brain Power for University Students Under Stress
Considering Home Battery? Here’s What You Need to Know
Research: Walnuts May Help University Students Cope with Stress
Dawn of AI has come, and its implications for education couldn’t be more significant
$8 million awarded to UniSA researchers to tackle cancer, medicine harm, vascular disease and miscarriages
SA Public Hospital System Burdened by Cost of Child Abuse: Study
World-first study reveals true cost of child abuse on South Australia’s public hospital system
Ministerial Reference Group – Universities Accord
Mediterranean diet not only boosts health, but also improves fertility
Community gardens: Growing global citizens one child at time
Handy lesson about pain and brain in stroke survivors
UniSA shining light in $100m BRIGHT beamlines partnership
Thousands more Australians died in 2022 than expected
ANSTO shining light on Australian Synchrotron’s $100M BRIGHT beamlines
World-first project to ‘self heal’ cracked concrete using sludge could save $1.4 billion repair bill to Australia’s sewer pipes
Future university for South Australia
National plan needed to improve children’s D rating for physical activity
National plan needed to improve children’s D- grade for physical activity
Multifaceted approach to combat snails in grain crops
Financy and UniSA partnership delivers tech platform to take diversity, equity and inclusion measurement to next level
New UniSA study to boost support for early career teachers
Checking blood pressure in heartbeat, using artificial intelligence and camera
Adelaide Gaol comes alive thanks to new augmented reality app
Trouble sleeping? You could be at risk of type 2 diabetes
Why does lightning zigzag? At last, we have an answer to mystery
Finger prick device to revolutionise care for pregnant mothers and babies
SA wines take pole position
Mangroves: environmental guardians of our coastline
Exploring alternate realities to help build social skills for real world
When cyclones and fires collide…
ARC Discovery grants will explore innovations in education, self-healing concrete, machine learning and families
We’re told to ‘eat a rainbow’ of fruit and vegetables
Adelaide businesses to be born in just 54-hours