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Population-scale study highlights ongoing risk of Covid in some cancer patients despite vaccination
Scientists discover potential new marker to personalised therapy for breast cancer
Researchers discover potential new marker to personalized therapy for breast cancer
Natasha Clinical Trial offers hope that “everyday foods” could be used to treat people living with food allergies
Oestrogen treatment associated with reduced COVID deaths
Study links Estrogen treatment to reduced COVID deaths
First detailed academic study of East African maritime traditions shows changes in boatbuilding
First detailed academic study of East African maritime traditions reveals changes in boatbuilding
Shipping poses significant threat to endangered whale shark
University of Warwick once again claims esports University of Year title
Rapid method shown to detect infection in cystic fibrosis
Study reveals Stonehenge landscape before world-famous monument
Risk of risk of intense tropical cyclones will double by 2050
Climate change will more than double risk of intense tropical cyclones by 2050
Dstl careers Dr Tim Kendall, principal scientist and laser physicist
Scientists discover ancient earthquake, as powerful as biggest ever recorded
Turbulence from spawning fish keeps healthy circulation in coastal waters
Committee on Peaceful Uses of Outer Space UK Statement on Space Resources at 61st Legal Sub-committee
Britain’s butterflies are getting bigger as climate changes
Digitised museum collections reveal impact of climate change on British butterflies
Fathers’ food choices influence future health of babies
New research shows how to include more farmers in design of new environmental policies
New study exploring impact of Long Covid within ethnic minority groups
Funding boost for research into sleep and ADHD
Third Covid vaccination improves immune response in blood cancer patients
Researcher receives funding to investigate impact of long COVID within ethnic minority groups
Importance of underutilized crops for future food and nutrition security
Jazz ‘robot’ visits Turner Sims
Effects of ancient carbon releases suggest possible scenarios for future climate
Satellites and surveys help count population to fill census gaps
New research network will aim to improve muscle resilience throughout people’s lifespan
New space funding paves way for pioneering approaches to energy, communication and resources
Preventing long-term pain from shingles
Special week to mark ties with India
Southampton to lead new research network aiming to improve muscle resilience throughout people’s lifespan
Placenta plays active part in transferring vitamin D to foetus during pregnancy
Core aspects of climate models are sound – proof’s in plankton
Astronomers take heartbeat of black hole
Experience of arm pain needed for new research
Women with irregular periods may be at risk for liver disease
Powerful warm winds seen blowing from neutron star as it rips up its companion
NO GOING BACK: New report shows workers reject return to office grind
Jet stream that brought in Storm Eunice is moving northwards
Jet stream that brought storm Eunice has been getting faster over last century
World-first map exposes growing dangers along whale superhighways
Southampton-led study shows need for painkiller caution to prevent kidney damage
New map and report expose growing dangers along whale ‘superhighways’ across globe
Industry funding potentially compromising gambling addiction research, say experts