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New Sussex Innovation Forum to boost region’s sustainability, wellbeing and economy
Sussex joins consortium to create innovative Centre for Doctoral Training and help transform UK Food Systems
Keith Skeoch to be interim Chair of Financial Reporting Council
Brexit tariffs will not help poorest nations, new study finds
UK’s most promising scientists backed by over £100 million government investment to bring pioneering ideas
Clean and clear: How being more transparent over resources helps cut carbon emissions
Engineers ready to supply local business and organisations with high-quality PPE
Roche acquires Sussex-based Enterprise Therapeutics’ treatment programme for cystic fibrosis
$50,000 funding win for anti-corruption team
Feline friendly? How to build rap-paw with your cat – new psychology study
Parents, not schools, hold key to maths success
Nuclear and renewables don’t mix. Only latter can deliver truly low carbon energy says new study
Risk of coronavirus death far higher for BAME people and manual workers, research finds
British Ambassador hosts departure event for Chevening scholars
University leaders give Covid assurances to city
Voters still in dark about December’s election campaign spending – new study
New study reveals flaws in UK Coronavirus testing system after comparison with other countries
First study of impact of academisation on teachers’ pay and progression to be led by Warwick economists
Binge-drinkers’ brains have to work harder to feel empathy for others
Why Government should be using post-Brexit trade policy to deliver on promise of net zero
25 Argentine students return from studying in UK with Chevening
Busy tasks reduce thoughts about chocolate, even whilst hungry
Lockdown at home less stressful than school for children with SEND, new study finds
Majority of groundwater stores resilient to climate change
Study enables predicting computational power of early quantum computers
Working from home is more effective than keeping kids off school in tackling Covid – new study
People outside early-hit cities may be most at risk from second Covid wave
Recalling memories from a third-person perspective changes how our brain processes them
Why nanomaterial quality matters, and smart new way to check it
New study to help ease school return for children with special educational needs
New survey finds majority of LGBTQ+ community showing signs of stress and depression
Overseas voters’ decisive Brexit-fuelled shift from Conservatives casts doubt on government Votes For Life pledge
Jobs for boys: How children give voice to gender stereotyped job roles
To end King Coal’s reign, must his loyal subjects get paid
New research suggests COVID has drastically reduced most pupils’ learning and will exacerbate education inequality
Landmark case could give ‘Rights of Nature’ to endangered forests
Mathematicians warn of risk of complacency over herd immunity levels needed to halt Covid-19 pandemic
Radical overhaul required of system for asylum claims on grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity
Kids who get on best with mum and dad top class in maths
University of Sussex joins new £17m project to improve user experience at EV charging points
New collaborative Covid-19 projects get green light
Speaking Citizens: New research project aims to put speech back at heart of British education
Resource curse or resource blessing: How major oil discoveries keep autocrats in power
Sussex psychologist provides vital public information in fight against Covid-19
Role models: need for responsible modelling in age of pandemic
Help for families in turmoil, as free law advice clinic reopens
Young people’s trust in government damaged long-term by COVID-19
Mums doing lion’s share of childcare and home-learning during lockdown – even when both parents work