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Radical overhaul required of system for asylum claims on grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity
Kids who get on best with mum and dad top class in maths
University of Sussex joins new £17m project to improve user experience at EV charging points
New collaborative Covid-19 projects get green light
Speaking Citizens: New research project aims to put speech back at heart of British education
Resource curse or resource blessing: How major oil discoveries keep autocrats in power
Sussex psychologist provides vital public information in fight against Covid-19
Role models: need for responsible modelling in age of pandemic
Help for families in turmoil, as free law advice clinic reopens
Young people’s trust in government damaged long-term by COVID-19
Mums doing lion’s share of childcare and home-learning during lockdown – even when both parents work
Rooting for future: how public can help to reflower our landscapes
Simple blood test could one day diagnose motor neurone disease
How coronavirus pandemic is adding to world’s slave labour workforce
Major investors back disruptive new player in quantum computing race
Coronavirus transmission slowed in UK but epidemic may continue for months
How magnetic fields and 3D printers will create pills of tomorrow
UK pesticide standards could be slashed in new trade deals, threatening public health and environment
Risk of return to exponential growth in Coronavirus cases if UK mobility not kept below half of pre-lockdown levels
Bureaucratic nightmare facing UK exporters on New Year’s Day
Companies should prepare for increased costs, bureaucracy and border checks for their Northern Ireland business
Sensitive strain sensor that can detect weight of a feather
Sussex awarded University of Sanctuary status
‘single pixel’ vision in fish could help scientists understand how humans see tiny detail
Policymakers must resist knee-jerk changes to supply chains and global trade policy in wake of Covid-19
Want, want, want: How Boris Johnson’s choice of language failed to bring UK together
Physicist creates fifth state of matter from their living room
Parents with degrees give their children significant advantage in maths
New Queerantine survey to highlight impact of Coronavirus on LGBTQ+ community
Pretty as a peacock: gemstone for next generation of smart sensors
No place to hide: How market manipulation in age of pandemic is destroying traditional safe havens
Resumption of work commute likely to cause exponential second wave of UK Coronavirus cases
Ministers told children must be free to play with friends to ease stress of life in lockdown
An imminent lifting of Coronavirus lockdown not significantly more deadly than extending it by weeks
Ending daily work commute may not cut energy usage as much as one might hope
Understanding mathematics of a pandemic
A global agreement to end disruption of Coronavirus medical supplies
Communities could help meet demand for health supplies during Covid-19 with open access hardware and 3D printing
Government needs to subsidise UK-based pharmaceutical supply chains, academic tells parliamentary committee
Lockdown booze: How is Coronavirus affecting UK’s drinking habits?
City Nature Challenge: how to reconnect with nature from home
Road traffic noise causes bat activity to decrease by two thirds, as bats find it ‘irritating’
New paper points finger at Rubber Hand Illusion and raises difficult questions for psychologists
Epidemiologists launch new weekly forecast of coronavirus deaths
Cocky kids: New research reveals four-year-olds with same overconfidence as risk-taking bankers
Social science academics given prestigious national honour
Medical school answers hospital call for help
Working towards a common humanity with ‘Stories from a Migrant City’