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Real-time epidemic forecasting tool to support global outbreak monitoring
Thirty years of climate research funding has overlooked potential of experimental transformative technologies
University of Sussex rises even higher among world’s best for helping to deliver global sustainability
Scientists identify new molecular strategies for tackling aggressive form of leukaemia
New research into threat posed to climate change policies by rise of populist right
Treatment which ‘switches off’ cancer cells and limits tumour growth, could make aggressive brain tumour easier to
Mims Davies MP learns about quantum leaps being made at University of Sussex
Energy security strategy analysis: Huge missed opportunity not to put energy efficiency at heart of strategy
New research casts doubt on environmental benefits of hybrid working
Sun shines on richest: New study explores how to make solar PV viable for all
Journalist Gary Younge topples ideology surrounding statues at University of Sussex talk
Gaming peripherals company and personal security innovation each win prizes worth £10,000 in StartUp Sussex
First Tickets Released For Dreamachine As Spectacular Venues Announced Across UK
University of Sussex’s marathon effort to raise funds to boost local biodiversity
Sussex alum, backed by Coldplay, launching solar-powered agriculture enterprise
Research demonstrates high value ‘injurious weeds’ can bring to pollinators and biodiversity
Research demonstrates value ‘injurious weeds’ can bring to both pollinators and biodiversity
Research demonstrates high value ‘injurious weeds’ can bring to both pollinators and biodiversity
Clown in an empty circus: How brands can tackle trolling by taking away enabling audience
Dreamachine – Exploring Limitless Potential Of Human Mind
Quantum tech in space?
Why public health messaging should focus on naked self-interest to tackle vaccine hesitancy
Encourage EV manufacturers to produce low-cost models with tax breaks for fair net zero transition
More evidence needed to establish 5G’s green credentials
Under quarter of firms report that introducing AI has led to loss of jobs
National governments need to manage out-of-control energy demands of internet
Consortium bid wins prestigious Institute of Technology bid
City allotments match farming productivity per square metre
Pandemics, market incentives and politics create varying regional demand for domestic and foreign vaccine companies
Pandemic Demand Creates Growth Opportunity for Domestic Vaccine Companies
New £12m research centre for inclusive trade policy
Climate activism has gone digital and disruptive, and it’s finally facing up to racism within movement
New research shows alarming decline in small mammals in UK
Imperial Covid Response Team share new tool to assess threat of new variants
Two new additions for University of Sussex on global list of highly-cited researchers
New UKTPO analysis identifies £44 billion in lost trade in first seven months of EU-UK trade deal
SSRP director calls COP26 “almost-but-not-quite” summit and calls for greater progress at COP27
New paper exposes five wealthy countries whose fossil fuel production threatens chances of keeping 1.5ºC hope alive
University of Sussex commits to eliminate use of avoidable single-use plastics within five years
Research shines a light into “black holes” in Arabidopsis genome
Health of some ethnic minority groups in UK equivalent to White people at least 20 years older – new study
Seniors living in smart homes project wins IoT award
Rural communities most exposed to risk of energy and transport poverty, new study finds
University of Sussex spin-out led consortium awarded millions to build commercial quantum computer
Blaming large numbers of herbivores for ecosystem damage might not be wholly accurate, research suggests
Ecosystems worldwide are disrupted by lack of large wild herbivores – except in Africa
Agreement is history repeating but could lead to significant progress this time around
Economist calls on WTO to end harmful subsidies that lead to overfishing