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Scientific treasure hunt: could you discover Higgs Boson or even Dark Matter?
US is No.1 country for UK small businesses to trade with over next three years
New UKTPO report outlines impact of Brexit Withdrawal Agreement on Welsh economy
Small change for climate change: Why research funding to save world needs to be drastically stepped up
Not tonight boys; how Papal visits could leave Italian men out of luck for more than a year
Sustainable supply of minerals and metals key to a low-carbon energy future
Take part in Dry January and you’ll reap benefits for months, Sussex research shows
New Blueprint for nanomaterial development offers hope to newborns, elderly and busy doctors
University is top 50 in world for social sciences in new rankings
Banning out-of-hours email likely to be harmful to some employees, new study finds
Parties’ election promises on trade are incoherent and unachievable
Calling Princess Leia: How out-of-this-galaxy Star Wars hologram just became a step closer to reality
Dare to be kind – University of Sussex shows way
Border posts at Gretna Green? Loosening food safety legislation could put Union under serious strain
Stephen Bush joins University of Sussex as Political Writer in Residence
Innovation and project management scholar returns to his roots with prestigious SPRU role
Power of Song: Why your doctor should be prescribing choir practice
Banning out-of-hours email likely to be harmful to some employees
Sussex quantum science goes on tour
University of Sussex is leading on vegan according to animal rights’ charity
New ‘fuzzy’ dark matter research disrupts conventional thinking
Affirmative action needed to protect young carers’ human rights
University of Sussex 38th in Sunday Times league table
New £1.25million study will explore how to deliver a fair and just Net Zero transition
Small bag making a big difference to children’s lives
Unwanted duvets getting a fresh start with new university recycling scheme
Boris Johnson has a relatively clear path to watering down key food regulations in pursuit of UK/US trade deal
As light as a lemon: How right smell can help with a negative body image
New £8 million research centre to explore how digital technology will impact future of work
Exploring how innovation can protect society’s most vulnerable children
Scientists to create 3-D map of ten million galaxies in universe
Wind it up: Europe has untapped onshore capacity to meet global energy demand
Greater Brighton’s creative industries worth more than £1.5 billion
Researchers create first-ever personalised sound projector with £10 webcam
New research casts doubts on safety of world’s most popular artificial sweetener
Climate change poses greater risk to global development than climate action does
Medical school gets new licence to open doors to public
Quantum leap forward at Sussex for electric car batteries
Making sense of science
Shifting focus: energy demand in a net-zero carbon UK
Tasting words and seeing music in colour…synaesthesia comes to Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition