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Older Adults Are Happier When Space Matches Personality
Austin-Area Residential Treatment Program Improves Mental Health, Saves Taxpayers Millions
New approach to preventing human-induced earthquakes
Chaotic electrons heed ‘limit’ in strange metals
Front-line battle against Covid inspires innovative respirator project
Making clean hydrogen is hard, but researchers just solved major hurdle
Report Outlines How Public Transit Agencies Can Advance Equity
New method makes vital fertilizer element in more sustainable way
Making Vital Fertilizer Element in More Sustainable Way
Federal Tax Credit Could Incentivize Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions
New Data on February Texas Blackouts Reveals Unprecedented Impact on Energy and Financial Systems
Childhood Lead Exposure May Adversely Affect Adult Personalities
Next generation of STEM leaders
Gulf Coast Ready to Develop Carbon Storage Hub
UT/TT Poll: Texans’ Views on Vaccines, Leadership, Legislation and Future Differ
UT Austin Teams Up With City and Community to Fight Extreme Heat in Austin
Evidence Against Physically Punishing Kids Is Clear, Researchers Say
A new chapter for space sustainability
Optical Tweezer Technology Tweaked to Overcome Dangers of Heat
Songbirds and humans share some common speech patterns
Study Offers Plan to Overcome Hurdles for Hydrogen Energy
New Study on Climate Change Impacts on Plants Could Lead to Better Conservation Strategies
Blaming Pandemic for Stress Leaves Couples Happier
System Linked to Operational Hospitals, Shorter Lockdowns, Lives Saved
Texas Winter Blackout Analysis Sheds Light on ERCOT’s Summer Warnings
New Space Sustainability Rating Addresses Space Debris with Mission Certification System
UT Austin’s Inaugural Juneteenth Freedom Summit to Explore Education, Housing and Wealth
Creating “digital twins” at scale
First Glimpse of Brains Retrieving Mistaken Memories Observed
Trained viruses prove more effective at fighting antibiotic resistance
Puerto Rico is Prone to More Flooding Than Island is Prepared to Handle
Case Western Reserve biologist leads discovery of new invasive fish
Computer simulations of brain can predict language recovery in stroke survivors
DiBenedetto, mathematician who advanced knowledge on differential equations, has died
Scientists Can Predict How Well a Stroke Survivor Will Recover Language Skills Using Computer Simulations of Brain
Fight Against Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Has a Glowing New Weapon
UT Austin Ranks Highly Among U.S. Public Universities in Latest Global Ranking
‘Slow slip’ earthquakes’ hidden mechanics revealed
Advanced Technique for Developing Digital Twins Makes Tech Universally Applicable
Stunning simulation of stars being born is most realistic ever
Protecting Local Water Can Help Slow Climate Change and Provide Trillions of Dollars in Benefits
Dylan Thomas Digital Collection Launched Online
Austin Screening Initiative Strikes a Cost-Effective Balance in Colorectal Cancer Prevention Among Underserved Populations
Study: Students with disabilities show resilience that could guide post-pandemic education
Teaching Pandemic Response Through Gamesmanship
Priceless Astronomy Data Saved After Collapse of Arecibo Telescope
Millennials Commit Less Crime Than Prior Generations
New Technique Predicts Response of Brain Tumors to Chemoradiation