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UT Researchers Aim to Change Cancer Equation
Proposed improvements to SiC MOSFET power converter technology overcome existing challenges
UT Supercomputer Helps Unveil Black Hole at Our Galaxy’s Heart
Reached Your Entrepreneurial Limit? Hire Marketer, Study Suggests
Multiple diagnoses are norm with mental illness; new genetic study explains why
Newly Discovered Lake May Hold Secret to Antarctic Ice Sheet’s Rise and Fall
Team creates map for production of eco-friendly metals
Scientists at GIST uncover key to safer energy storage devices
Tropical Forests Benefit Less from Elevated Atmospheric CO2 Than Thought
UT/Texas Politics Project Poll: Texans’ Attitudes Toward Population Growth and State’s Future Sour
Awards & Accolades 5 May
Interactive tools may help people become their own big data journalists
Processing power: Research could lead to development of new superconductors
When an Internal Candidate Loses CEO Bid, Other Opportunities Arise
Bay Area storms get wetter in warming world
New report calls on bioethics to take stand against anti-black racism
Brain Imaging Shows What Happens When We Question Fake News
Plastic-eating enzyme could eliminate billions of tons of landfill waste
Most Texas women whose pregnancies were covered by public insurance suffered lack of coverage during year after delivery
University of Houston Joins Consortium to Enhance Cybersecurity
Remembering UTPD Chief of Police David Carter
Dying stars’ cocoons might explain fast blue optical transients
Multi-Purpose Moody Center Opens
Texas Institute for Electronics Would Help Restore U.S. Chipmaking Leadership
Texas Can Get to Net-Zero by 2050 and Simultaneously Bolster Economy
Team discovers novel root cause of tau-induced neurodegeneration
Semiconductor technology startup wins 2022 Rice Business Plan Competition
World’s Largest International Dark Sky Reserve Created by McDonald Observatory, Community Partners
Veronica Roberts to direct Cantor Arts Center at Stanford
UNE Center for Global Humanities presents ‘How Texas Changed Sport in America’
Delicate balance of coral reef processes creates management challenges
Energy Studies is Focus of UT Austin’s New Merger of Centers Connecting Business and Law – Kay Bailey Hutchison Energy Center
‘Flash Droughts’ Coming on Faster, Global Study Shows
U.S. Can Get Close to Deep Decarbonization by 2050, Study Finds
City planners can make smarter climate choices using new Princeton data tool
Scientists find topological phenomena at high, technologically relevant frequencies
Invading hordes of crazy ants may have finally met their kryptonite
On Jupiter’s Moon Europa, ‘Chaos Terrains’ Could be Shuttling Oxygen to Ocean
NASA, ESA Assign Astronauts to Space Station Mission on Crew Dragon
U.S. President Biden Announces Appointments to Federal Salary Council
‘Off label’ use of imaging databases could lead to bias in AI algorithms
Making quantum circuits more robust
How brain encodes social rank and ‘winning mindset’
Ancient El Niños reveal limits to future climate projections
Ancient El Niños Reveals Limits to Future Climate Projections
Essential Workers Faced Higher Risk of Infection and Hospitalization During Pandemic Lockdown
New Type of Vaccines Could Help Against More Respiratory Illnesses
UT Austin President’s Office Funds Affordable Housing Research