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Diversify To Avoid a Repeat of Blackouts, Study Suggests
First-of-Its-Kind Master’s in Design in Health Launches at UT Austin
Research shows ramping up carbon capture could be key to mitigating climate change
Tech Startups Gravitate Toward Cities with Strong Social Networks, Study Finds
Nurdle Patrol Wages War on Plastic Pellets, With Boost from Lawsuit Settlement
Texas Mental Health Creative Arts Contest Opens for Submissions
Texas Advanced Computing Center to Use Big Data to Explore Chronic Pain and Opioid Reliance
Scientists Find Eternal Nile To Be More Ancient Than Previously Thought
‘Fake News’ Isn’t Easy to Spot on Facebook, According to New Study
Historical Data Confirms Recent Increase in West Texas Earthquakes
UT/TT Poll: Texas Voters Prefer Trump in 2020, With Some Reservations
UT/TT Poll: Texas Voters Skeptical about Trump’s Actions, Support Impeachment Inquiry
New Venture Team Success Requires Collective Ownership – With Boundaries, Study Says
UT ranks No. 34 in U.S. News & World Report’s Best Global Universities
Artificial Intelligence System Gives Fashion Advice
Requests for Online Abortion Medication are Highest
Deaf Infants’ Gaze Behavior More Advanced Than That of Hearing Infants
Amid National Health Crisis, Pain Plan Reduces Opioid Use for New Moms
New Grant to Help Align Information Science Curriculum With Serving Public Good
Ancient Maya Canals and Fields Show Early and Extensive Impacts on Tropical Forests
New Test for Thyroid Cancer Could Prevent Unnecessary Surgery
Novel Nanogels Hold Promise for Improved Drug Delivery to Cancer Patients
UT Austin Automatic Admission Rate to Remain at 6%
Military and Veteran Families Get Support at New UT Austin Institute
NOAA Helps UT Marine Science Institute Rebound from Hurricane Harvey
Five Months After FDA Ban, New Study Finds Alternate Procedure Comparable to Hysterectomy
Elaborate Komodo Dragon Armor Defends Against Other Dragons
Rocks at Asteroid Impact Site Record First Day of Dinosaur Extinction
Guide Helps Police Notify Victims When Sex Assault Evidence Kits Are Processed
Texas Boosts U.S. Science with Fastest Academic Supercomputer in World
New Testosterone Nasal Spray Offers Patients an Alternative
UT Austin Boosts U.S. Science with Largest Academic Supercomputer in World
E-Cigarette Ads Increase Likelihood of Teen and Young Adult Vaping
Noninvasive Modeling Technology Aims to Better Assess Risk of Heart Attack
LBJ School of Public Affairs Launches Urban Lab Initiative
Testosterone has a Complicated Relationship with Moral Reasoning, Study Finds
Police Less Proactive After Negative Public Scrutiny, Study Says
Research Bias May Leave Some Primates at Risk
DOE Grant Aims to Improve Oil Recovery by Using Engineered Water
Greater Blood Pressure Control Linked to Better Brain Health
Rare Works From Leading Private Collection Highlight Connections Among Modernist Authors
Priority Rule for Organ Donors Could Have Unintended Consequences
Marital Infidelity and Professional Misconduct Linked, Study Shows
How to restore a coral reef
Many Dallas-Fort Worth Area Faults Have Potential to Host Earthquakes, New Study Finds
More Colorectal Cancer Cases Are Being Diagnosed in Younger Patients
Take a Warm Bath 1-2 hours Before Bedtime to Get Better Sleep, Researchers Find
When Should Banks Chase Debts? New Method Could Help Them Decide