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15 ways to reforest planet: UniSC research
Clinical trial to assess potential needle-free vaccination for Covid
World solutions could be found in Aussie bog
Health economics research puts dollar value on cancer survival
Lianas more likely to infest smaller trees in Southeast Asian forests, transforming knowledge in understudied area
Research puts dollar value on cancer survival
Transformative UQ research centres to tackle global challenges
Fighting cancer and climate change: UniSC researchers use genetic research to unlock seaweed’s hidden secrets
UniSC research program linked to reduction in Queensland baby deaths
How urban ‘heat traps’ could soon enjoy cool change
Regional and rural focus for UniSC in new ‘virtual’ mental health institute
Eye in sky plan to protect our endangered turtles
UniSC gives out $4.3 million in scholarships as need grows
Changing Minds: How teacher-turned-neuroscientist is helping teenage brains
Getting in early avoids ATAR stress on path to university
Floods in Victoria are uncommon. Here’s why they’re happening now – and how they compare to past
Wild weather of La Niña could wipe out vast stretches of Australia’s beaches and sand dunes
UniSC calls on young aspiring athletes to discover their green and gold potential
UniSC Academics Take Centre Stage at Forward Fest
Baby sling safety is under spotlight – a 5-point checklist can keep infants safe
Force of inspiration
Dugongs and turtles are starving to death in Queensland seas – and La Niña’s floods are to blame
Healthy volunteers wanted for clinical trial of potential new vaccine for dengue fever
Inside mind of a sceptic: ‘mental gymnastics’ of climate change denial
Campaign to help turtle rescue, rehabilitation and research
Discover origins of Tweed’s ancient Gondwanan rainforests
Power to make difference remains in your hands
‘yuck factor’ pushes a premier towards desalination yet again, but history suggests recycled water’s time has come
Reducing horticultural loss in South Pacific
Changing Minds: How UniSC research could help shape future of mental health
New discovery means diagnosis and support for people with rare gene anomaly
Dive into latest science that’s changing future
Comm Games campaign starts and ends with gold for UniSC
“Diagnostic odyssey” over for individuals with rare intellectual disability thanks to novel gene discovery
‘Brain fingerprinting’ of adolescents might be able to predict mental health problems down line
How man in monkey cage decided to save planet…one tree at time
Sustainability challenges and opportunities focus of Oceania congress
Race to finish line for local students at RoboRAVE Australia
Buffel grass risk to ancient trees explored in Central Australia
Medic sets sail on rewarding career
Pursuit of excellence drives UniSC athletes to Games
Nursing and midwifery research grants to drive innovation
Spider venom could be key to stopping devastating honeybee mite
After Roe v Wade, here’s how women could adopt ‘spycraft’ to avoid tracking and prosecution
Biosecurity network to protect forests in South-East Asia
Fresh faces join regional Community Strategy Leadership Group
Supercharge IT careers with built-in certifications at USC
Young midwife fulfils childhood dream