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Environmentally friendly audio systems for Electric Vehicles to be made by Warwick Acoustics and University
Genetic mutation may hold answers to controlled breathing
Natural way to boost crop yield to be explored by Warwick Scientists
Favela communities made more resilient against COVID-19 with citizen data
Aquatic robots can remove contaminant particles from water
Grasshopper jumping on Bloch sphere finds new quantum insights
Study seeks best way to meet ‘tidal wave of rehab need’ remotely
Problem gamblers report high rates of gambling legally as children
Warwick Hosts another year of Data Science for Social Good programme
Warwick Moto’s electric superbike build racing ahead despite lockdown
EUTOPIA-TRAIN initiative awarded SwafS funding
New UK science funding to support Kenya’s coronavirus response
Consumers don’t fully trust smart home technologies
Most GP trainees willing to use mindfulness to tackle burnout: new study
Novel magnetic stirrer speaks to lab equipment
New Centre for Early Life to be launched at University of Warwick
Potential preterm births in high risk women predicted to 73% accuracy, thanks to new technique
Medieval medicine remedy could provide new treatment for modern day infections
Plant-based diets shown to lower blood pressure even with limited meat and dairy
‘Lost’ world’s rediscovery is step towards finding habitable planets
Breakthrough in studying ancient DNA from Doggerland that separates UK from Europe
UK study will evaluate particular pressures of COVID on working-class women
New study will uncover links between adolescent disability and socio-economic disadvantage
Thermonuclear blast sends supernova survivor star hurtling across Milky Way
Report reveals full cost of failure to tackle youth violence effectively
International Conference of Women in Engineering postponed until 2021
Freelancers urged to get involved with new study exploring their importance to creative industries
T-ray camera speed boosted a hundred times over
White dwarfs reveal new insights into origin of carbon in universe
Study: Dying Stars Breathe Life Into Earth
New mathematical principle used to prevent AI from making unethical decisions
Warwick Moto superbike designs unveiled
First exposed planetary core discovered allows glimpse inside other worlds
Coventry Creates: local artists receive grant from city universities
An ethical eye on AI – new mathematical idea reins in AI bias towards making unethical and costly commercial
Revealing Magnetic Nature of Tornadoes in Sun’s atmosphere
‘Morning sickness’ is misleading and inaccurate, new study argues
University of Warwick joins major programme to help develop Covid-19 antibody tests to track level of infection
Global warming will cause ecosystems to produce more methane than first predicted
Government to protect UK research jobs with major support package
10 years since austerity budget – researchers explore impact on life in UK
Black history and 2D ‘wonder’ materials researched by European PhD scholars at Warwick
Research part of project investigating newly discovered prehistoric shafts near Stonehenge
Early pandemic paradox: fewer deaths in first 4 months of 2020 compared to previous 5 years
Including patients in hospital discharge communication would improve outcomes of care
Warwick University Estates Team gives Leamington school a lockdown makeover
Reforming UK tax so that richest pay their ‘fair share’ could raise £11 billion to help rebuild post-Covid-19 public
New diagnostic tool for rapid detection of Coronavirus being developed by University of Warwick and Partners