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Discovery sheds new light on how cells move
Access to Medicare increases cancer detection, reduces cancer mortality rate
Compassion training for parents may reduce their children’s stress
Inflammation predicts response to anti-depression medication
Mindfulness video game changes areas of brain associated with attention
Mimicking enzymes, chemists produce large, useful carbon rings
New coating hides temperature change from infrared cameras
Hard as a rock? Maybe not, say bacteria that help form soil
Flashing lights may provide vital first test of MS drug success
Clinical trial for Ebola vaccine developed at UW-Madison underway in Japan
New tool predicts three-dimensional organization of human chromosomes
Delirium linked to brain injury after severe surgery
AWAKE: More plasma = more acceleration
Study says “hidden overharvest” from fishing plays a role in Wisconsin walleye declines
Can ‘smart toilets’ be next health data wellspring?
Lifelike chemistry created in lab search for ways to study origin of life
Injectable, flexible electrode could replace rigid nerve-stimulating implants
Cynthia Simon presents at internship research symposium
UW-Madison chemist searches for ways to bioengineer proteins within cells
Aquatic invasive species are short-circuiting benefits from mercury reduction in Great Lakes
In Wisconsin, 3 in 5 people with Down syndrome diagnosed with dementia by age 55
Deepest look yet at brewer’s yeasts reveals diversity harnessed by humans
Researchers may have found a new way to fight skin-burrowing schistosomiasis parasite
UW-Madison center will coordinate data for cancer clinical trials
Moving beyond hype: Could one-two treatment restore damaged heart muscle?
UW-Madison, local startup testing a one-two punch against hard-to-heal wounds
Scientists connected fragments of pine savanna and new species keep showing up
Standing CT for horses, developed at UW-Madison, fills longstanding need in veterinary medicine
Detailed PICture reveals how tooth enamel is strong enough to last a lifetime
Affordable Care Act slashed uninsured rate among people with diabetes
Tiny capsules packed with gene-editing tools offer alternative to viral delivery of gene therapy
Machine learning and its radical application to severe weather prediction
Climate change impacts Wisconsin’s inland lakes
Videos, music on tablets boost moods of dementia patients and caregivers
Mysterious cloud ‘absorbers’ seen to drive Venusian albedo, climate
Health records pin broad set of health risks on genetic premutation
Making biominerals: nature’s recipe is old, evolved more than once
Single protein plays important dual shipping role in brain
‘Dr. Dirt’ worked with farmers to address water resource challenges
Bending rules: A revolutionary new way for metals to be malleable
UW study: Major surgery is associated with minor cognitive decline
Earth’s last magnetic field reversal took far longer than once thought
Fear of more dangerous second Zika, dengue infections unfounded in monkeys
Institute For Research On Poverty expands its health policy research
Thanks to science, parasite can have sex in mice, not just cats
UW scholars receive major funding to study polarization and civic renewal