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Population density and virus strains will affect how regions can resume normal life
Modern tomatoes can’t get same soil microbe boost as ancient ancestors
Storm in a cosmic teacup: A new paradigm for understanding plasma turbulence
Common microbes team up to degrade polymer composites
More management measures lead to healthier fish populations
Lactating Grizzly Bears Use Cooling Baths to Avoid Heat Stress
Rachel Slaybaugh to Lead Berkeley Lab’s Cyclotron Road
A new way to help immune system fight back against cancer
AFOSR awards 17 quantum research grants
COVID-19 Pandemic had Big Impact on Commercial Fishing in Northeast
$10 million federal grant expands research to protect against concussions
New diagnostic isotope to enhance targeted alpha therapy for cancer
Research effort driving advances to combat traumatic brain injuries
Success in Amazon
Scientists Recruit New Atomic Heavyweights in Targeted Fight Against Cancer
UW-Madison leads DoD-funded effort to restore vision to injured soldiers and people with disease
UWA telescope captures severe weather events on closest star to Earth
Space weather discovery puts ‘habitable planets’ at risk
Multiple gene edits and computer simulations could help treat rare genetic diseases
UW researchers honored as inventors
Research provides tools for achieving ‘how’ of well-being in daily life
Unmet Job Expectations Linked to a Rise in Suicide, Deaths of Despair
Prof. PONG Ting-Chuen Appointed as VP
Community conservation reserves protect fish diversity in tropical rivers
New effective and safe antifungal isolated from sea squirt microbiome
Inaugural conference on race justice to feature internationally known scholars
Gene-edited monkey embryos give researchers new way to study HIV cure
Is Zoom Increasing Demand for Plastic Surgery?
Common SARS-CoV-2 mutation may make coronavirus more susceptible to a vaccine
Early mutation in SARS-CoV-2 virus in Europe led to its domination worldwide
‘Rewiring’ metabolism in insulin-producing cells may aid Type 2 diabetes treatment
Sunlight and aircraft help scientists assess how diversity of life affects ecosystems
Ken Wallston, prominent nursing researcher and health psychology pioneer, has died
Tracking virus mutations reveals success of stay-at-home orders
$2M grant supports more sustainable path for organic farmers
Building a star in a smaller jar
New NIH-funded initiative will examine Alzheimer’s disease in people with Down syndrome
Researchers look to control organ function through new computational model
Americans with lower education levels suffer more pain than people with more education
Americans with lower education levels suffer more pain than those who are more educated
Psychological ownership improves care of public parks, lakes
Cellular networks vulnerable to wildfires across U.S
COVID-19 model quantifies impact of region-specific social distancing orders
Summer road trip finds small streams have big impacts on Great Lakes
Final presidential debate revealed less chaos, consolidated candidate support, study finds
Surprising communication between atoms could improve quantum computing
Do twist: Making two-dimensional quantum materials using curved surfaces
Pitt Awarded Over $100 Million for Alzheimer’s Research