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Large tides may have been a key factor in evolution of bony fish and tetrapods
All vessels are different – new knowledge on their building blocks can lead to better treatments
Taking shortcuts to new virus and cancer treatments
AI methods of analysing social networks find new cell types in tissue
A tiny jaw from Greenland sheds light on origin of complex teeth
Bioceramic implant induces cranial regrowth
Black Lives Matter brings sharper focus to situation in Sweden
Numerous health benefits to sauna bathing
Gabriele Messori: understanding rapid climate change
Nitric oxide a possible treatment for COVID-19
Atom-Billiards with X-Rays: a new Approach to look inside of Molecules
Soluble ligands as drug targets
New high-speed test shows how antibiotics combine to kill bacteria
Chalmers maintains highest reputation in Sweden – again
Large-scale European initiative for battery research starts up
University collaboration in global health
Increased mental ill-health during pandemic
Predicting postpartum depression
Swedish workers among Europe’s best-paid in late 1800s
Possible blood-clotting mechanism in COVID-19
A rare look at a dinosaur baby inside its egg
Siv Andersson: From curiosity to utility during pandemic
New collaboration between Uppsala and Lund in fight against COVID-19
Sharp rise in child mortality due to COVID-19 restrictions in Nepal
Nepal lockdown halved health facility births and increased stillbirths and newborn deaths
Collecting Hot Carriers: New Process Harvests Excited Quasiparticles
New findings on enzymes with important role in SARS-CoV-2 infection
Research on metallic nanoparticles may lead to improved solar cells
Unexpected associations found between drug response and cell changes in brain cancer
USC joins $9m global sustainability research program
Lack of COVID-19 Lockdown Increased Deaths in Sweden, Analysis Concludes
Global abundance of palm trees
Study: Dying Stars Breathe Life Into Earth
Palm trees most abundant in tropical forests in Americas
New solar forecasting model performs best
Novel function of platelets in tumour blood vessels found
Molecular simulations show how drugs block key receptors
Yanwen Zhang: Finding big picture for radiation-resistant materials
Hjärnäpple to Sara Mangsbo
Increasing levels of violence in Africa
Brain tumours are attacked by body’s own defences
Ancient enzymes can contribute to greener chemistry
New research provides hope for treatment for aggressive brain tumor
Temperate insects vulnerable to climate change
New understanding of contact between Stone Age cultures
New Form of Magnetic Order Discovered in Element Neodymium
DNA in Dead Sea Scrolls: a new approach to their history
Studying psychological effects of pandemic