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Disrupted immune cell navigation in lymph nodes of breast cancer patients
Antibiotic resistance from random DNA sequences
Interdisciplinary collaboration provides new answers about immunity after Covid-19
Faulty metabolism of Parkinson’s medication in brain linked to severe side effects
Oral contraceptive pills protect against ovarian and endometrial cancer
Genome sequencing for more sustainable herring fishery
Grants for research on impact of AI on people and society
New analysis method for predicting risks and effects of immunotherapy
Promising treatment for premenstrual dysphoric disorder, PMDD
Diabetes in dogs may indicate elevated risk of type 2 diabetes in their owners
No mortality increase with paclitaxel-coated balloons and stents in peripheral arterial disease
Researchers contribute to local infection control
Researchers highlight major flaws in EU refugee policy
Working to reveal secrets of earliest animals
Mobilising diabetes research
Genetic diversity in practice
Rare species of small cats inadequately protected
UB researchers develop a compound to create new antibiotics against multi-resistant bacteria
New semiconductor coating may pave way for future green fuels
Rapid testing for antibiotic resistance
240 mammals help us understand human genome
Chronic stress causes genetic changes in chickens
Swedish, Finnish and Russian wolves closely related
Antibodies – for better or worse
Component testing for EES facility can begin
Prize-winning innovator focused on immunotherapy
Magma ‘conveyor belt’ fuelled world’s longest erupting supervolcanoes
Invisible fungi revealed by their genetic material
Gene expression changes in brain of tame domestic rabbits
New method for treatment of Alzheimer’s disease
New model to provide more accurate predictions in drug treatment
Large tides may have driven evolution of fish towards life on land
Large tides may have been a key factor in evolution of bony fish and tetrapods
All vessels are different – new knowledge on their building blocks can lead to better treatments
Taking shortcuts to new virus and cancer treatments
AI methods of analysing social networks find new cell types in tissue
A tiny jaw from Greenland sheds light on origin of complex teeth
Bioceramic implant induces cranial regrowth
Black Lives Matter brings sharper focus to situation in Sweden
Numerous health benefits to sauna bathing
Gabriele Messori: understanding rapid climate change
Nitric oxide a possible treatment for COVID-19
Atom-Billiards with X-Rays: a new Approach to look inside of Molecules
Soluble ligands as drug targets
New high-speed test shows how antibiotics combine to kill bacteria
Chalmers maintains highest reputation in Sweden – again
Large-scale European initiative for battery research starts up
University collaboration in global health