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ERC grant for research into extreme weather
New investment in research into AI in Swedish workplaces
ERC Consolidator Grant to research on superconductivity
Donkey Orchid Uses UV Light to Lure Bees
Keen to see more applied environmental policy research
Worms, bacteria and fungi help reduce carbon dioxide emissions
“There wasn’t one Soviet Union – there were a lot of Soviet Unions”
Laser beams can divert lightning strikes
Climate change influences infection via ticks and mosquitoes
Early tastings shorten breastfeeding
3D printing for better healthcare
Long road into work for highly educated refugees
Airway Mucosa Antibodies Durably Protect Against Covid
Perseverant bacteria challenge antibacterial treatment
How fat takes over lymph nodes as we age
More obesity in three- and four-year-olds during pandemic
As We Age, Fat Invades Lymph Nodes
Desire to experiment provides starting point for new virus test
Cryo-EM Uncovers Tiny Details of ‘Giant’ Viruses at High Voltage
Scandinavian wolves carry many harmful mutations
Y chromosome loss linked to men’s increased risk of severe Covid
Men’s Risk of Severe COVID-19 Tied to Y Chromosome Loss
Atopic dermatitis in dogs linked to certain parts of genome
Young people with cancer may experience problems with sexuality and fertility
Environmental DNA uncovers 2-million-year-old ecosystem in Greenland
Groundbreaking new approach for early detection of multiple cancers
New method for multi-cancer early detection
Political exclusion risks undermining democracy
Nobel Prize-winning literature often published by small publishing houses
Scientists: Madagascar’s unique biodiversity in grave danger
First WISE PhD and Postdoc projects approved
DNA sequence enhances understanding origins of jaws
Old World flycatchers’ family tree mapped
Family tree of Old World flycatchers mapped
Course developed at Uppsala University wins ENLIGHT award
Svante Pääbo’s path to Nobel Prize began in Uppsala
Warmer brain-irrigation fluid in surgery more efficacious
Advanced biotechnology focus of new EU project
Tablet computers make preschool children’s play less creative
Conference: 30 years of EU citizenship
Two Uppsala researchers receive major project funding
Discovering way to sustainable workplaces
IceCube neutrinos provide new view of nearby galaxy
Yao Yuan speaks at conference in Rome
Donation towards new advanced microscope and competence centre
Why conflict parties cease fighting
Energy crisis may lead to greater efficiency
Stem cell protein facilitates relapse of pediatric brain tumours