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Study: Dying Stars Breathe Life Into Earth
Palm trees most abundant in tropical forests in Americas
New solar forecasting model performs best
Novel function of platelets in tumour blood vessels found
Molecular simulations show how drugs block key receptors
Yanwen Zhang: Finding big picture for radiation-resistant materials
Hjärnäpple to Sara Mangsbo
Increasing levels of violence in Africa
Brain tumours are attacked by body’s own defences
Ancient enzymes can contribute to greener chemistry
New research provides hope for treatment for aggressive brain tumor
Temperate insects vulnerable to climate change
New understanding of contact between Stone Age cultures
New Form of Magnetic Order Discovered in Element Neodymium
DNA in Dead Sea Scrolls: a new approach to their history
Studying psychological effects of pandemic
Björn Olsen: Our biggest enemy is forgetfulness
Social graces and etiquette vital for Carl Linnaeus
Dead Sea Scrolls “puzzle” solved with DNA from ancient animal skins
Millions of euros to interdisciplinary research around extreme weather
Miljontals euro till tvärvetenskaplig forskning kring extremväder
Dead Sea Scrolls “puzzle” solved with DNA from ancient animal skins
New test method can offer safer dosages of hydroxychloroquine
Cold-adapted enzymes can transform at room temperature
New project to analyse novel coronavirus in wastewater
Tests provide new picture of spread of virus
Intensive hunt for drugs to fight COVID-19
Ethical choices in a pandemic
Uppsala chemists part of international COVID-19 collaboration
Gene flow between species influences evolution in Darwin’s finches
How gene flow between species influences evolution of Darwin’s finches
AI – a New Tool for Cardiac Diagnostics
Lymphatic vessels in mice and humans: alike yet different
Large variation in personality traits among patients with social anxiety disorder
She studies AI as existential media
Researchers take pulse of a sleeping supervolcano
New study can contribute to a better understanding of type 2 diabetes
Life in Quarantine – how to cope
Mental health and brain research must be higher priority in global COVID-19 response
Artificial intelligence reveals hate and extremism online
Major efforts in diagnostics and research on Coronavirus
New technology reveals inner secrets of ear
Coronavirus communications not always received
Researchers developing a virus spread model for Sweden
Olle Lundin: Knowing where law draws line
ERC grants for astrophysics and physical biology researchers
Antibiotics masquerading as a natural compound in flower
New climate-smart battery promises sustainable energy storage