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Antibiotics masquerading as a natural compound in flower
New climate-smart battery promises sustainable energy storage
If schools close, parents can help provide structure
Ulrika Winblad: Health care debate characterised by simplified rhetoric
Inventing Sustainable Batteries of Future
Care hygiene teaches us to avoid infection
Male rivals risk having offspring with a greater number of harmful mutations
Alterations in cellular degradation hubs can lead to cancer
Careless cancer cells may be susceptible to future drugs
Björn Olsen on coronavirus: “We need smart strategies”
Chlamydia bacteria live a lonely life in Arctic Ocean
Thousands of teeth tell long history of sharks
Ancient sea reptile remains rediscovered in museum collection after 75 years
One step closer to understanding human brain
Super telescope reveals galactic battle
New insights into evolution: why genes appear to move around
Uppsala University involved in a European initiative to map uterine cells
Environmental Law requires collaboration between scientists and lawyers
David Sumpter creates structure in apparent randomness
Growing knowledge about heart disease
Big data creates new potential for heart research
Uppsala University in European initiative for new antibiotics
Hidden oxygen gas has prevented higher voltages in batteries
“Health care needs to be better at detecting anxiety among young people”
Working together for sustainable development – but how?
Digital (bad)habits present new challenges to addiction researchers
Epilepsy drug inhibits brain tumour development
Correlation found between loss of chromosome Y and genetic instability
First evidence of feathered polar dinosaurs found
What is consciousness?
How variable are molecules of life?
Mechanism for formation of new blood vessels discovered
Does dietary red and processed meat intake associate with type 2 diabetes risk?
Women’s deep belly fat more strongly linked to diabetes and cardiovascular diseases
New reagent will benefit patients with rheumatic disease SLE
Powerful links between music and emotions
Genealogy of important broiler ancestor revealed
How herring adapted to Baltic Sea
Novel method identifies right individual exosomes
Paper filter that can clean water in Bangladesh
Paper filter from algae could save lives
Studies of fungi provide new knowledge of harmful mutations in cells
Solar energy becomes biofuel without solar cells