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Nuclear should be considered in energy mix
Job done Sellafield plant safely completes its mission
Australia’s Energy Commodity Resources 2022 released
Proposed change to how Hinkley Point C stores radioactive waste
Mining Reform Interagency Group to Hold Public Listening Sessions, Extends Comment Period to Gather Feedback for Reforming Mining
ARPANSA updates radiation dose conversion factors
Magnox Reprocessing plant achieves final milestone
Over $3 Million Awarded in Record Resource Grants
Non-proliferation Treaty Safeguards Agreement with Iran E3 statement to IAEA, June 2022
There and back again: tale of carbon’s travels through Earth’s interior
Researchers Develop New Method to Enrich Uranium in Seawater
Ames Laboratory earns Historic Chemical Landmark designation
Researcher using 3D modelling to help with Ranger Uranium Mine site cleanup in Kakadu
Third Capital Mining director charged with dishonesty offences
Victory Goldfields Compelling Iron-Oxide-Copper-Gold Target Identified
Periodic volcanism triggered multiple Jurassic extinctions
’45 years of unfinished business’ resolved with handback of land at Kakadu
Robotic ‘dog’ Spot in biosecurity risks pilot
E3 statement to IAEA Board of Governors on Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, March 2022
Directors of Capital Mining Limited charged with 22 dishonesty offences
CSIRO’s SWIRLFLOW technology hits 25-year operational milestone
Researchers take closer look at stimulated Brillouin scattering
CNSC renews Cameco’s nuclear fuel facility licence for Cameco Fuel Manufacturing Inc. for 1-year period
Is Vesuvius taking an extended siesta?
Commission amends Orano Canada Inc.’s uranium mine and mill licence for McClean Lake Operation authorizing expansion of JEB tailings
Researchers propose new explanation for Moon’s magnetic mystery
2021 WA Gold Medal Award
NPT Safeguards Agreement with Iran E3 statement to IAEA, November 2021
Where does gold come from? New insights into element synthesis in universe
Efficient Uptake of Uranium Realized by Layered Manganese Thiophosphite Intercalated with Ammonium
Quick detection of uranium isotopes helps safeguard nuclear materials
Scientists Propose IAP Process for Separation of Aluminum Alloys
Remarkable variability of actinide tetrafluoride electronic structures
Small modular reactors should be part of Australia’s energy mix
Metallic complexes made from cyclic molecules
Limp logic of safe nuclear waste storage
E3 Statement on JCPoA 19 August 2021
Canada providing additional funding to support essential air services for remote communities in Saskatchewan
IAEA report on Iran producing enriched uranium metal E3 statement
E3 statement to IAEA Board of Governors on verification and monitoring in Iran in light of UNSCR
Uranium Resources & New Discoveries
Greenland Minerals fails community test over controversial rare earths and uranium mine plan
New Penn State laboratory to perform mineral dating method key to Earth research
Scientists Report Remarkable Enhancement of α-particle Clustering in Uranium Isotopes
Iran to start Iranian enrichment up to 60% E3 statement
Native communities hit hard by mining legacy
E3 Statement to IAEA Board of Governors on NPT Safeguards Agreement with Islamic Republic of Iran, March 2021
E3 Statement on JCPoA 12 February 2021