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Greens support findings and recommendations of majority report into Tobacco Harm Reduction
Vaping could nearly triple chance of smoking in teens
FreshLeaf Analytics Welcomes TGA’s Final Ruling on Low-Dose Over-The-Counter CBD
Vaping decision closes loophole
New vaping laws take effect today
Update on nicotine scheduling and proposed restriction on importation of nicotine for use in e-cigarettes
E-cigarette use among young people has fallen for first time in Wales but declines
ARA ends relationship with Australian Retail Vaping Industry Association
Vaping up, cigarette use down, among Canadian youth
Access to nicotine-containing e-cigarettes
“Our youth are becoming nicotine addicted by something that tastes like
World-first study to explore impact of e-cigarettes on lung health and exercise
TGA to make low dose CBD available over counter
Research finds surprising number of young people want to quit vaping
Vaping legislation passes
Years of inaction from Government on vaping
Health Canada confirms ban of advertising for vaping products wherever they can be seen or heard by youth
Medscape: E-cigarettes tied to lower sperm counts
Updates made to public activities – COVID-19 Directions, South Australia
Prescription Nicotine Based Vaping
AMA supports Australian Government’s stance on e-cigarettes and vaping
Funding for Tobacco and Vaping Cessation Projects through Substance Use and Addictions Program
Smoking ban introduced for Bayside beaches
New resource offers support to help smokers to quit
WCPO: Health officials still concerned over vape use among teens
Smokers turned off by plain packs, survey shows
Quitline providing critical support to smokers at increased risk of coronavirus impacts
Government to regulate vaping
E-Cigarette Use Among Teens May Be Higher Than Previously Thought, Study Finds
Government is failing to deliver on vaping
Give up smoking and vaping in new year
Statement from Minister of Health on Introduction of New Cannabis Products into Legal and Regulated
U.S. Air Force warns Airmen of electronic cigarette risks
Time for action on vaping regulation
How safe are e-cigarettes?
E-Cigarette Liquids Are Deadly For Kids
Study: high e-cigarette use among lesbian, gay, bisexual adults
Yeah, nah to National’s vaping offer
Vaping ban in place to stay in India
Penn State Wilkes-Barre hosts Executive Management Series
Public needs clarity around vaping
Mysterious Vaping Illness Characterized by Fat-laden Cells in Lung
First e-cig death confirmed
Vaper Empire Releases Infographic Explaining How To Buy Nicotine E-Cigarettes And Vape Juice
Minister’s head in clouds on vaping
Juul users inhaling chemicals not listed
Youth in Canada and U.S. vaping more than ever
Prohibiting smoking in cars with children soon to be law